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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Other Stuff I Saw In Paris

This guy. How about that for self expression?!

This whole trip I've been taking pictures of street signs and walking lights. 
I took it for the posture of the guy. But I kept it because someone stuck a piece of gum on his privates. 

I also discovered that the Coke in France was sweetened with sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. 
Making it  in Paris.


Mrs. D said...

so what's the difference in taste? Or were you bouncing off the walls?!

nitroglicerino said...

Are you going to wear that parisian cap for the rest of the trip? :P

Liz said...

I love the little green you-can-walk guys. They're all doing the stride of pride across the street.

Topanga said...

The fellow is conforming to the non-conformist way of life. Doesn't matter what a person does, they can still be pigeon-holed into a group. So with that in mind, why bother with the self-mutilation?

Here in Canada we sweeten with glucose/fructose and/or sugar so we're extremely specific about it (not).. at least that's what it says on the side of the Pepsi can and everyone KNOWS Pepsi is better than Coke. ;-þ

Jordi said...

I love coke with Bacardi :P

One question, ¿do you understand spanish? Because your name is from Spain and in the previous one post I wrote you in Spanish.

thanks jorge!

ps: my name (jordi) is the same that your name (jorge). Jordi is from Catalonia.

Jordi, a fan from Catalonia, Spain

The Westerfield Family said...

Dude, you are hilarious!
Is abc sending you around the world? Or are you just traveling? I am actually curious if you read the comments? That would take a lot of time. Thanks

lostinphilly said...

Lucky you, sitting, relaxing, and enjoying a nice cold coke in Paris. Can I trade places with you??(lol)

Gabriela said...

you look really good with this beret.
i'm sure you wouldn't have to use it here in brazil. by the way, you have to try our coke. it's the best in the whole world!


Avinash said...

I think the green 'walk' sign is a little less unsettling than if it were to be an image of Insane McCrazy from your first photo.

Unknown said...

You can buy Coke made with cane sugar here in the USA, if you know where to look. Many grocery stores now import it from Mexico and keep bottles of it in the Latino food aisle.

seven said...

that dude is hot.

TakesaVillage said...

Isn't that one of Keamy's men after he tangled with smokey?
Jorge, looks like you are having the best vacation ever.

April Bible said...

You caught my eye in curbed
I started to like you in lost
But finding this blog? *love*
Please be my best friend.

James Hernandez said...


Coca-Cola? Dude you are in France, where is the Dom Pérignon?

Kaileigh Blue said...

The Beret cracks me up. I used to wear one to school all the time. (I'm totally not french.)

Apex Zombie said...

Coke is sweetened with sugar in little old NZ as well.

Sue Wacvet said...

Hey you can get sodas without high fructose corn syrup at walgreens. Says right on the outside of the bottles "No High Fructose Corn Syrup." And you should see about getting some "Dublin Dr. Pepper," which is the original formula made with imperial sugar. If you can't find it I can send you some. E-mail me at sme617 (at) gmail (dot) com.

pocketpears said...

i simply LOVE your blog. i am studying in Europe and just got back from Paris. you can check out my pics if you want ... there are a couple pics of me and you from the few times I've met you back in Hawaii. Aloha! Oh, the link: http://pocketpears.blogspot.com. ciao!

Enasni said...

I've been to Paris myself a few times and if you get the chance, you should really go and see the Sacré-Coeur. Great view over Paris from there and the atmosphere is really good!

Are you only travelling France or are you planning some visits to other countries? Let's say The Netherlands for example... :)

Afontcu said...

Well, this man remembered me one of the Others....:P

From a fan to Jorge, from Catalonia :)

llquadro said...

Jorge! I'm new to the blogsite, but have read your blog (lurking from the outside) for quite a while! Just wanted to say hi and let you know how much I'm enjoying your latest trip! My hubby and I love to travel also, and will be in Oahu this November over Thanksgiving! One of our "bucket list" things to do is travel in Europe! Keep up the good work!

redelf said...

Okay that guy was SCARY!!!

Anonymous said...

Oui Paris!
I too wanna know about the taste of the drink...did it taste better or worse?

Anonymous said...

When I traveled to Australia I took pictures of their signs as well. Very polite they are, instead of "Yield" the signs said, "Give Way". Although that story isnt as good as the gum-crotch man. :)

Unknown said...

Hello Jorge!! Nice pics you have!!!
Please, come to Chile!!
We have snow here!!!


Amanda said...

It's been so exciting keeping up with your world travels, Jorge!

Mexico also uses real sugar, and in the US, around Passover, the Kosher Coke you find near the seasonal food (it often has a different colored bottle cap for a 2 liter) is real sugar too.

I know this because for whatever reason, my husband is obsessed with importing real sugar coke or stocking up on it around Passover (even though we aren't Jewish).

Anyways, keep posting pictures and have a safe trip wherever you're headed next!

Lauren said...

that guy looks like tons of guys i see on the street here in NorCal. we attract a lot of eccentric vagrants.

and hey, good news: many candy bars in Europe are also made with sugar instead of HFCS, which is not only good for the planet but also extra tasty.

Unknown said...

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WholeWideWorld said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
WholeWideWorld said...

My American husband says Coke over here (we're in Norway) taste way better because of the sugar - what do you think?

moc815 said...

Ok... so the mom has to come out for the HFCS post. :)

When you get "home" or someplace like it... sometimes you can find coca-cola sweetened with sugar in the latin food section. My Costco actually sells it by the case. It is bottled in Mexico.

oops... I see someone already posted about it. Thought I knew somethin'. Guess not. ;)

lyly ford said...

awwww in france my country and i can't got to paris right now
too bad...i hope you've had good trip here :) and i'm intrigued about the difference for coca for you and me...

Miss Scarlett said...

Is it better than Old-New Coke?
Looks refreshing either way - though I really prefer water lately.

The stories that Gum Crotch could tell...or feature in.

Lissa101 said...

That dude makes me think of Locke meets punk. Hee hee.

www.kate06.skyblog.com said...

Oh God Jorge! I'm always missing you!
Last May I was in Paris for the first time and of course you weren't there! And a few weeks ago i went to Ireland and I just missed you another time =(

I hope you had fun in Paris, it's an amazing city...Did you take a fly-boat by night? Because it's just...WOW Beautiful !You should try =D

Lots of love from France, Eva ♥

natasha said...

heeeeeeeeey dude
you rock!
please jorge
i will realli like to say you sth

send me an e-mail to natutat@hotmail.com

you are amazing!you really are

pinkpills4yoursanity said...

man that reminds me of jimmy saying that Hurley should have a catchphrase..."It's Hurley time..."

Mambo Girl said...

I too am fascinated by little guy walking signs. My husband and I call him the "Walkman'. Whenever we're in a different country (not as often as you are, snivel, snivel), we take pics. :)

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