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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Even THEY would drink it

Don't really know why I took this picture of the coffee drinking coffee in Monte Carlo. But then I saw this at the Guinness Store House in Dublin and they just seemed to go together.


IslandPearl said...

I dunno...that coffee drinkin' coffee looks vaguely disturbing. Cannabalistic, much?

Petra said...

It's kind of like the M&M commercials - where they're seen EATING THEMSELVES! Or at the movies, when the little "concession stand" trailer shows the popcorn, candy box and cup of soda in the front row of the theatre consuming themselves.

Three words...

: ) P

Larkin said...

Apparently, I need to become a TV star, so I can travel all over the world and take silly pictures. I'll get on that.

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

i wonder if we'll see a sign with a gyro eating itself in greece.

that seems kinda dirty.

James Hernandez said...


Now I want a beer. Un cervaza por favor!!

redelf said...

YEah for weird drinks drinking themselves signs!!

maven said...

I love how observant you are. You notice every little thing!

JaNoFReaK said...

Hola Jorge:

me da mucha envidia no poder conocer aun esos lugares que muestras en el blog.
Que sigan rompiendola con la serie y estamos a la espera de la quinta temporada.

Saludos desde Chile!

Please Type Legibly said...

Is that really a sign for "House Brand Coffee"? Gosh, everything does sound vaguely better when it's foreign....

Topanga said...

Beverage cannibalism!!

Lynn Faruque said...

I love your photos~~~I get to see the places you have been, through your eyes.

And by the way, Waikiki? You are so right!!

Beso, beso~~

~Karen~ said...

I've never seen coffee drinking coffee before...But I've seen a chicken eating a chicken sandwich once.

Anonymous said...

yay for drink cannibalism, then again, the first sign may be the pot drinking the coffee. The second pic def is cannibalistic!

Rasmenia said...

It doesn't surprise me that even Guinness can't resist the sweet, sweet deliciousness of...well, of himself.

I was just in Monaco about 6 weeks ago & am baffled at how I could have missed all of these wacky wonders that you've happened upon involving bizarre beverages & bears...but, I have a habit of not paying attention.

vAnEsA said...

HI, jorge!!!
i'm from Argentina because of that i 'm going to start to speak in spanish rigth now!! :)

Tu blog esta muy bueno, realmente pareces una persona muy simpatica!!
espero q sepas entender esta parte que escribo, porque en realidad no sé si hablas castellano!!

seguire pasando a ver que subis! un placer haberte encontrado!! =)

ahhhh! i forgot it!! EXCELLENT SHOW!!!!


Dexter Draper said...

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Thanks in advanced.

by the way, beer is much more superior than coffee. they should invent a kind of cof-beer. it would be a tremendous succes: how to get drunk and woken up at the same time.

Miss Scarlett said...

The Guinness reminds me of the man in the moon...

Colleen Oakes said...

Soooo...the Guinness is getting wasted...off of itself...kind of like certain celebs these days!! (not you Jorge, you are the bomb-diggity)!

seebrock3r said...

hey jorge it seems i'm the only italian wondering around here since everybody looks surprised at the hausbrandt sign (which is an italian coffee industry, and is very common to see it around here).
but, i have to say, that sign impressed me much when i was child...
anyway, here the 4th season finale aired yesterday and it was.. mmm.. kinda disturbing (i don't want to spoil here...)! anyway, you still are the best for me :)

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