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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

London Eye

Went to the London Eye.
That was fun. You can see everything. I just wish I knew what it all was. I mean Big Ben I could figure out. But anything else? 


Topanga said...

The London Eye is weird. It looks totally out of place around all those old buildings. People in my little town would completely freak if somebody took out a building permit for something like that. I wonder what sort of flaming hoops the developers of the London Eye had to leap through before getting permission to build it.

Looks like you had a great vacation over there, Jorge. I've never been to Europe. Maybe some day I'll have the chance. Got to put the kids through university first, though.

Jess said...

They are building one in Orlando near me!

I love the London Eye. Great views of Parliament, the river, London Bridge and Tower, and the Gherkin!

Anonymous said...

Haha, great shots Jorge!
Your posts always crack me up =)

Dexter Draper said...

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Anonymous said...

The London eye is completely out of place if you ask me... It wasnt there when I lived in London - but I would love the view, you also get a great view of the city if you go up the towers of Tower Bridge.

Looby_Loo said...

I'm going to London tomorrow on a college trip. I'm so excited - I love it so much. Apart from the grumpy people. And the weather. Ah well, I do live in England!

You can see so much from the London Eye. Despite my horrendous fear of heights, I still managed it!

James Hernandez said...


Your picture of 'London's eye' (millennium wheel) reminds me of the Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer movie. The eye collapsed under the onslaught of the silver surfer, and was saved by the fantastic four. It’s nice to get some perspective on where this stuff takes place, even if in a movie.

C'mon when are we going to see the Queen and Prince Charles? Surely you went to Mme. Tussauds while in Europe. I bet you grabbed her tush. :)

redelf said...

hehe I have pictures like these of my sons..they are called our them our "Clash of the Titans" pictures.

The London Eye...oooOoOooOo???

maven said...

The London Eye really sticks out like a sore thumb in "old" London!. As a visitor, it just seem to fit in with the rest of the "decor". But the view is awesome. You were practically staring at the London Bridge! LOL

Tony Killen said...

Did it prick you, Jorge?

Afontcu said...

Hey Jorge! First of all, sorry for my English, I'm from Barcelona...:P

Well, I found your weblog and I feel that I must follow you by RSS...The great Hurley in the best serie ever filmed had a blog! I couldn't believe it...But here I am, posting a comment to you that (I hope) you'll read. It seems unbelievable.
Precisely, few hours ago I was watching (again) the fourth season, the chapter where you leave Jack and go through the jungle with Locke...:)

Well, finally, I love your pics, they're always funny and also interesting. I'll keep on following you :)

Looking forward to watch the fifth season!!

diana said...

que buena vista!!!!
quisiera ir yo

Jason said...

Nothing like London. Did you make it to Abbey Road?

Miss Scarlett said...

The first picture is great --- you look quite ominous...or were you going for omnipotent?

Sue Wacvet said...

Now you need a tetanus shot.

Ian Symes said...

London fact: Big Ben isn't the name of the clock tower - it's the name of the bell inside. The clock tower is called St. Stephen's Tower.

Avinash said...

Ahhh...what a tourist you are. The London Eye looks good but I never really thought it was worth the money.

I've been on it a couple of times but it's cooler to just get the Tube around London and check out weird places that aren't very touristy... in Brick Lane, all the sign posts have Bengali translations under them.

TheUnity (Siv) said...

Haha, that must have been awesome. Loool, wish I was in the same box you were in. :)

I don't blame you for not knowing all the names, all the buildings look incredubly similar.

Hope you had a good time, can't wait to see you in London again. :D

antonella said...

hy jorge, i am antonella from italy... sorry for my english but it isn't good..you are a good actor and a great person,thanks to post all this message for us..
i am pleased to see the trips you are doing, i hope you're enjoying... Last week my parents were to montecarlo ,but they didn't see you :( I don't know where i have to post this message..so you know the console WII? i have it and i created a character like you.... for now it's all... have you an email where you answer to your fans? kisses from italy

Kristen said...

LOL The Big Ben pics are fabulous

Satu said...

Nice pics!

elainemarieg said...

My son 'pointed' out that you poked finger. I thought that you were looking confused about everything around you. Now I understand a couple other comments.

Anne said...

Lucky you! I really wanted to take the Chunnel but the baggage union was on strike! Had to fly over! Last minute too! And such a pissed off crowd in the station! Like a riot starting to happen! Lucky we had insurance. How did you like the taxi drivers? See a hole in the traffic and 8 cars aim for it? I lost ten years of my life there! Did you see the frog fountian at Versailles? My fav!ANd the police cars really do make that whoo whooo sound!

Ash said...


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