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Saturday, July 12, 2008

La Tour Eiffel

So the first thing I wanted to see upon arriving in Paris was the Eiffel Tower. Which was a good idea because it was still a little early and the line was only this long:
This is the sign for the security line. It appears that an Irish guy helped them translate it. 
When you get there you put your bag in a tray just like you would at an airport. And you walk through a metal detector just like you would at an airport. But instead of x-raying your bag the guy just takes a look inside. As I was getting into the elevator I got my first of many warnings about pickpockets.
This is a warning to make sure smokers don't light the filter end of their cigarettes I think.


redelf said...

That would have been a perfect opportunity for a really good water balloon fight with the people in line. Everytime I see a view like that I want to drop something wet on those below.

Henry López said...

Hi Jorge. I am Henry, from Peru. I am fan of Lost and your person Hugo. Where are you From? From Chile? Bye

Saludos desde Lima

Debra said...

They're letting Tanks through at the Eiffel Tower, but they're going to shake people down for a fingernail clipper or some spare change that got stuck in their pockets? ;) ;) ;)

Hmmm. France. Not unlike America in their big ole wtf super special security measures. ;)

Thanks for the smiles!

Unknown said...

As long as you're in the neighborhood Jorge, I highly recommend restaurant "Chartier" in the 9th Arrondissement. Great food. Fun place. Open late. Waiters scrawl orders & your bill on the tablecloth. YouTube this place. There's a taxi shortage in Paris, so call ahead, or metro it to "Grands Boulevards" station. Enjoy / Doc Waxman

Kelipso said...

Ahhh I miss Paris! Though I think I must have gone on a good day because I don't remember much of a line at the Eiffel Tower. Speaking of... that's where my husband proposed to me - at the top! Thank goodness it was in 2003; pre-TomKat hahaha. When we were up there, a HUGE thunder/lightening storm happened. Yeah, it was a little freaky LOL.

maven said...

Hope you enjoyed the great views from up there!

Samara Sparrow said...

i wanted you to know i spent most of my 8 hour shift at work reading your whole blog. Yes, the whole thing from the first one to the most recent. I'm gonna make it part of my weekly routine. I'm a HUGE fan of Lost and don't know how much longer i can go without a new episode. Hugo, Swayer and Charlie are my absolutle favorite but everyone is awesome. I look forward to further reading :)

Petra said...

Irish translation! LOL

Thanks for the regular chuckle, Jorge.

: ) P

Dolphin Boy said...

"Tanks?" Sounds like pidgeon to me!
Mahalo for sharing your travel images!

Unknown said...

Yo, weird question, but were you in Tampa, FL near the beginning of the year? At a bar called Czar Bar? If not then you have a serious doppleganger

Audra said...

those are awesome.

echi said...

lol hugo i really love your blog cause it's real so funny! and it would be like that even if you werent a television superstar! i think you're a great "normal" guy :)

Topanga said...

LOL! The French don't pronounce 'th'. Word that start in 'th' come out with a hard 'T' sound so 'thanks' is pronounced 'tanks'. In fact they don't even pronounce 'h' when it's on it's own. They use it in their spelling but it's silent. So your character on "Lost" would be pronounced "'ugo" or "'urley".. only with a French inflection.

Mind you, I'm not making excuses for poor translation and spelling. Google has a great language tool and I'm almost positive they have the internet in France. ;-)

nelsoncisneros said...

Te dejo un saludo cordial.

que bueno saber que tienes un blog en la vida real, de verdad no pense eso, y pensar que llegue aqui navegando y paseando por la blogosfera,

Para ti todo el exito que mereces en tu carrera.


pd, Paris... Una ciudad bellamente inolvidable ..

Luc Lewitanski said...

"Hmmm. France. Not unlike America in their big ole wtf super special security measures. ;) "

I have to disagree. It's only true in the most visited paid monument in the world. Otherwise, France is more relaxed.

If you're still in Paris, try 1728. Awesome retaurant.

Apex Zombie said...

"En Francais, wee do not smoke like zese Amereecan pigs! Non. Wee smoke zee proper way!

*takes puff*

Mmm, je suis in flavour town! Oh hoh hoh hoh hoh!"

Please Type Legibly said...

Tanks, Jorge - I enjoyed this post! ;o)

Rachel Snyder said...

That line to go up la tour looks almost as long as the line I had to stand in at the Bon Jovi concert tonight to use the port-o-potty (figured you might appreciate that bit of info ;)).

Miss Scarlett said...

I love poorly translated signs! One of those little perks in international travel.


Fat Lazy Guy!
"Mmm, je suis in flavour town! Oh hoh hoh hoh hoh!" Hilarious.

James Hernandez said...


HA! The French call that a tower?! They should go to Toronto Ontario. We have a real tower called the CN Tower, whch also overlooks the Skydome. Let the frenchies try and talk back now!

john (not lennon) said...

you're a gas ticket Jorge!

Hannah said...

Paris is fantastic.
You have to get a Brie and Salami Sandwich on a baguette. It is ridiculously good.

Patricia said...

I have seen that you have been pretty busy traveling around the world...is that what you do when you are not on the set?? because if yo do, i like your job hehehe.

I wnt to paris 8 years ago on september and I dont rememeber lines that long...anyway is worthy!!

Greetings from Mexico

Liz said...

'Open your bag, Tanks.' Hilarious!

~Karen~ said...

Love the pics!
TANKS for sharing!

wordlife17 said...

Yes - we Irish gave a thing about "th's" and our inability to pronounce them. Love your blog. Love Lost. Keep up the great work.

Andrés said...

andresHola Jorge.
No se si te diste cuenta que creaste una ilusion optica con la foto que dice "attetion aux pickpockets..." leelo rapido y vas a ver como parce que la foto baja.

Andrés said...

Hola Jorge.
No se si te diste cuenta que creaste una ilusion optica con la foto que dice "attetion aux pickpockets..." leelo rapido y vas a ver como parce que la foto baja.

Pomps said...

What´s wrong with French ppl? Not only they don´t even try to write in English correctly having 1000 of tourists each day but also their cigarettes are weird hahahahahaha. Awesome pics, congratulations. Cuándo vas a venir a Argentina Jorge??!!! Al menos sabes donde queda Buenos Aires? (no mucha gente nos conoce!) Kisses!!!! ^.^

Anonymous said...

you saw the eifel tower? dude you should have gone to germany my homebase! i would love it

Kelley said...

I have having a blast catching up on your blog! I have been to Ireland (though none of the same castles and pubs as you) so those posts were fun, but I am trying not to overload you with comments... So I kept my smiles to myself when I saw the first beret pics. And with the Irish joke on the word, "Tanks." But your comment on the sign warning smokers not to light the filtered end of their cigarettes cracked me up--for real laughing out loud--so I had to stop to tell you how funny you are.

ly said...

Garcia, you've so many nice insights hehe, glad i enjoy this little trip of yours, by the way...Brazil...we have many beautiful things here,
see ya

Unknown said...

i know all this happened a hundred years ago (well, at least 6 months), but i'm new here and slowly reading it all through :)

So, I was pick-pocketed when up the eiffel tower! .. but i caught her (sneaky little cow).

tanks for the giggles! ;p

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