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Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Day I Lost a Whole Outfit

July 24th 2008.
I lost a whole outfit. 
It all didn't happen at the same time either. 

Okay. I was in the car waiting for a meeting I was going to have with a director. And while I was waiting I thought I'd fix my bluetooth. 
A piece broke off inside it and now when I snap it together it doesn't stay together in my pocket. So I figured if I can Krazy Glue it together and it still works then I won't have to replace it just yet. The Krazy Glue I opted to buy was the one that has a brush in the lid for precision gluing in hard to reach places. Now the trick to this type of gluing is that it requires two hands (one to hold the bottle the other to hold the lid with the brush attached).
However I also needed two hands to snap the two parts together. Okay so that's four hands. Of which I only have two so my hands are doing double duty. So I have my bluetooth and the bottle in my left and brush-lid in my right and trying to get around to the other side as I was applying the glue I poured the bottle of glue onto my stomach.
The first reaction is "Damn!"
The second reaction is "Oh my God! That burns!"
I pulled my shirt away from my body and tried to wipe anything on me with the bottom of the shirt. In an instant they were both dry. And crusty. I tried to separate the two shirts which were now glued to each other. 
Well, neither of them made it. Luckily I was traveling last night so I had luggage and clothes in the trunk. And since I was parked by a dumpster I could dispose of the shirts. 
A quick change and I had my meeting. 
Then it was off to the airport. And just my luck, as I bent down to remove my shoes in the security line I felt my pants split. Now at this point I don't have access to my clothes. The luggage was already checked. So I had to take my flight with split pants. Luckily my t-shirt was pretty long. Do you think anyone noticed?


Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...


That sucks for you, but it made ME laugh.

Bianca said...

Hahahahaha! That post was hilarious! Maybe with the jeans it just looks like a new trend? And I'm sure your disposing of clothes in a dumpster didn't look suspicious of something at all...

booradley said...

Man, I'm really sorry. I Krazy Glued my favorite pants last year and I only just threw them out because I was hoping if I pretended nothing had happened it would all just go away.

Fepe said...

That's just too much for one day. Everything alright at the plane? Did a flight attendant shave your head by accident?
Did a kid tie your shoelaces together?

Hmmm... let's see, anything else... nope, I think that's just about everything else that could happen in just one day :p.

Nor even to Hugo can this happen.

Carolate said...

The best for remove Crazy Glue is Nail Polish Remover.I Crazy Glued it one of my favorite sweaters and never throw it.

Next time trust in the power of the Nail Polish Remover.

A lot of kisses to you

Roman said...

I love this blog. Great actor on one of the greatest TV shows in history...just a normal dude with those normal odd things that happen every day. This brightened up my day so much. Keep writing.

Urban Fairy said...

you´re so cute ajaja =)

Anonymous said...

No I dont think anyone noticed your split pants...LOL. Thanks for sharing, you really made me laugh.

surr said...

at least you didn't glue yourself to the car?

Kristen said...

Nah, most people probably just thought you were sporting the lastest fad in fashion. LOL And, hey, it could've been worse... the pants could've gotten the superglue instead. ;)

Jodi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jodi said...

OMG Jorge you are so funny! Maybe they thought it was the latest fashion trend or you were starting your own trend. Something like that happened to me once but it was the middle of winter so I was able to tie a sweater around my waist. Good thing you had the long t-shirt & were wearing underwear cause that could have been bad. LOL!

I also once was trying to do a project and Krazy glued my fingers together. I also didn't have nail polish remover in the house. What a joy it was trying to unglue myself...from myself.

Red said...

Maybe you should have tried to superglue the pants??? Isn't the Super Glue under the 3 oz limit and therefore allowed thru security?

Apex Zombie said...

I think those are counterfeit jeans!

Topanga said...

LOL! Some days it just doesn't pay to leave the house.

But who's hands are holding the camera?? ;-)

chebucto said...

Dude! That's rough, though Krazy-Gluing in a car is kind of asking for trouble.

And the pants? Maybe it's the fashion karma police getting you after all that beret-wearing...

Marni said...

that is sooo funny and yet awful at the same time!

I split my pants in the exact same place on the way to a business meeting a few weeks ago! I had to walk into wally world and buy new ones... it was so embarrassing!

redelf said...

Oh my god...sorry that is hilarious!!!

When you have kids though that sort of thing happens all the time. Its like this weird twilight zone thing as you watch all your clothing, especially anything you ever considered your nice clothes, slowly begin to mysteriously dissappear, or mysterious stains and other odd discolorations appear and suddenly you realize you only have a nasty tshirt and sweatpants to wear and then your kids laugh at you.

Unknown said...

Too funny, Jorge!! I hate it when I find myself in one of those moments when it keeps going from bad to worse. Great comedy of errors!!! Thanks for sharing;)

Unknown said...

BTW, how's the bluetooth?

Anonymous said...

Super glue burns skin...learn something new everyday! :)

Pomps said...

Hey guys!! check this out: http://www.infobae.com/contenidos/381437-600795-0-Protagonista-Lost-viaja-colectivo-la-Argentina Pobre hombre!!! Mira Jorge si Lost es grande en Argentina! hahahahaha Son tan parecidos, no es cierto?. This man will never be able to walk without everyone looking at him. Do you have a lost twin in Argentina???? hahahaha luv ya!!

Pomps said...


IslandPearl said...

Man, I hate it when that happens! Especially in public.

Thanks for sharing, though. It's good to know you're not alone!

Dave Carrol said...

I wonder how many people were whispering behind you...

"I see Hurley's ass"

Betsy said...

Oh my goodness, that's just not right! Poor fella! I'm glad that your underwear didn't meet a fate similar to that of your shirts or pants. What a day. I'm sorry, Jorge!

CJ said...

i can see jorge's ass hehehe

James Hernandez said...


LMAO!! I can just imagine the variety of 'dudes' you used in that experience. You are awesome dude!

You shouldn't have thrown your closthes away as you could have sold them on an auction site for a charity.

Lauren said...

man, that's crazy. the pants don't even look like they split on the seam! it's too bad you spilled the krazy glue earlier in the day...could've put your pants back together.

Mom2haylil said...

I am pretty sure you could have purchased ripped jeans and a shirt already glued together if you shopped around a bit- maybe Abercrumbie and Fitch? LOL- that was very funny, you write with great "voice" I may have to share that excerpt with my students some day. Don't ever delete your archives.

Daniel Blasingame said...

dude, i've had days like that. keep on trucking!

Sue Wacvet said...

A good thing you hadn't decided to "go commando" that day!

alturi said...

the gods of textiles were not with you on this day :(

scyfox said...

Sorry to hear that.. but as other people said... it made me laugh xD


Miss Scarlett said...

Glad your skin didn't get Krazy Glued!

My skirt just split exactly like that at work this morning - madness. Luckily we'd been camping and I'd left my bag in the Van AND there was no one there yet. Just the mumbling homeless guy whose clothes were in better shape than mine...

quitus said...

this's a crazinest but Hurley's appears in a manga-comic. from Pluto's pages........
(fifth frame in first page; third frame in the second......)
lol looks same........

www.kate06.skyblog.com said...

Oh God!
That's so bad =( This wasn't your day =S
I came back from Ireland yesterday and had problems at the airport too...
guess what... my family gave me a hurling cross and It didn't go into my luggage...It was hard but I have it now ^^"

Hope you'll have better days than this one =)

Kisses from France, Eva

michael mitchell said...

Hey there,

I know you were at the Hawaii show in U2. My name is Michael Mitchell and I was the guy who got on stage and got to play "wild horses" on piano with them that night.

I remember thinking afterwards, "Wow, not only did I get to do that, the cast from my favorite TV show saw me!!"

I was just curious if you remember me. Here's the youtube video.

Love your work man, peace!
-Michael Mitchell

Cefenix said...

Have to go Dumpster diving...wonder what those would bring on eBay? Yeah, that sounded a little creepy...

fllyo said...

That stinks about your clothes. I spilled Super Glue on my fingers before when trying to make a Star Wars costume and it ripped the flesh right off. Nasty.

fu2clothing.com said...

Hey Jorge!

Thanks for taking the time to take a picture with us. Hope you enjoy your visit in Vancouver.

In case you were interested, the picture's here:


Thanks again!

- Adam

Anonymous said...

Hi Jorge,
HEy dude you just gotta get rid of those NUMBERS!!!!

I took a look at Adams photo with you, nice pic. To bad you did not have on that tee shirt in the photo Jorge, would have covered your split jeans and then some. hehe

Monkey said...

Love this blog!
My husband has an issue with splitting the crotch of his pants. One time it happened while he was at work...and going commando...That job assignment was ended shortly thereafter. We were always suspicious that it had to do with the pants incident.

Jan said...

Was it an Oceanic flight? Because, dude, I don't think you were supposed to get on that plane!!

Anyway, you must have had the four hands to take the photo of your hands holding the fabric, no? I'm glad you found the four hands.

Sassy said...

So did the Bluetooth get fixed?

Audra said...

that is awful but hilarious at the same time. at least you had underwear on?

Tiffani said...

Dude, next time buy the Krazy Glue Craft Gel! It doesn't leak all over... and I can use it with, yanno, two hands ;)

BB said...

Wow, your misadventures in traveling sound frighteningly similar to mine. I just got back from my European misadventures last week - memorable and fun though. Keep up the good posts - it made me chuckle. Definitely very cool that a man of your celebrity status is down to earth and posts every day shtuff. Kudos to you and to your success. LOST is my all time favorite show - couldn't imagine it without your character in it!

anonymous said...

reading this post, i laughed so hard i had tears in my eyes. a few years back some jerk hit my passenger sideview mirror and left it dangling from my car while i was about 40 miles from home. before the drive back i decided the "smart" thing to do was to superglue it back in place until i could get it to a body shop. i stopped at a gas station, purchased said superglue and worked my magic. since the mirror was sort of heavy, i had to hold it in place for a bit because it kept slipping. wish i'd noticed, while i was standing there holding that mirror in place for about five minutes that i'd gotten superglue from the middle of my index finger all the way to the palm of my hand... i spent the next two hours acting like i wasn't superglued to my car, trying to figure out the most graceful way to become unattached. i was unsuccessful. the clerk inside finally came outside and asked me what i was doing. i burst into tears and told him what had transpired and he went back inside and returned with a bottle of nail polish remover and freed me from my sideview mirror.

Fiona said...

Least you were wearing underwear... on both occasions. eek.

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