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Monday, July 28, 2008

Attn: Anyone in the Pool

In case you were swimming yesterday and found a piece of skin... 

It's mine.  

P.S. Be careful swimming too close to the bottom. 


Elizabeth - Elizabeth-Michelle.com said...

Oh my lands. I hope it doesn't hurt as bad as it LOOKS like it does.

maven said...

That looks awfully deep! Ouch!

Unknown said...

It kinda looks like a miniature Spain

Red said...

I'm sorry you hurt yourself but that's gross. Totally caought me off guard.

Apex Zombie said...

You know now someone in Vancouver is going to search every hotel pool for a piece of Hurley skin...

Rachel Snyder said...

OK, this post is bad enough. Then I read what that last poster said, and all I can say is...Eww Eww, EWW!!

elainemarieg said...

That's just gross! Thanks for the ultra close-up.
I was having lemon meringue pie. Not any more :/

p.s. please don't let it get infected.

Audra said...

yikes that looks painful. i hope you have some antibacterial stuff!

Alice said...

Don't you like us? Your faithful readers? We come here all starry eyed and Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

Britt said...

Oh no! Just think of all the people who will be trying to sell fraudulent Jorge Garcia skin chunks on e-Bay now!!

bertas said...

Aaah I didnt even have coffee yet... :P

Honestly there could have been a bit of a warning :)

Anonymous said...

Well.. Ive seen a lot worse, I can still drink my coffee after seing that. Is it "just" holiday in Vancouver or are you working on something you just havent told about yet ???

Boyhowdy said...

Egad, another shark attack! Waitaminit...you're in Vancouver & not O'ahu yet, right? Umm, is that a steelhead bite?

On another note, if any of you have not had the utter pleasure of experiencing Joss Whedon's brilliant web-exclusive sci-fi musical "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" (starring the most awesome Mr. Neil Patrick Harris) yet, it is currently featured @ hulu.com for FREE. Run, don't walk, to catch it!

Mara said...

OMG. How did you do that???

FinoBlogger said...

Pulpo you're right! I can see me now in my town!

Jorge, you have Google Maps in your hands!!


redelf said...

Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch!!!!!

Unknown said...

Yikes!!! That looks painful. Keep it clean and use Neosporin Plus, it kills germs and pain.

Topanga said...

Hey Desmond Pen.. at least it wasn't cherry pie you were having.

Jorge... I think that's going to leave a scar. When I was a kid I scraped my knuckles like that on the picket fence in front of our cottage when the mini-bike I was riding didn't have brakes. It left a scar. Hey.. but the upside is that it makes me look tough... like I don't take no crap from no one. (the silver lining to a lifelong disfigurement)

Debra said...

The teacher in me thinks that totally needs a Snoopy band-aid. *nod, nod*

Randy said...

Ouch! I think it looks more like France than Spain. But it mostly looks like it hurts.

IslandLaurel said...

Hey I did happen to find some skin in the pool... oh wait, I'm not in Vancouver... sorry!

elainemarieg said...

I hope your hand heals fast!

Jodi said...

Ummm Ouch.

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

i bet that little kid in the room down the hall was crying earlier because he had swallowed it.

of all the people in this town who have wanted a small piece of you. a photo, an autograph. and HE got the skin. damn. he's lucky.

Unknown said...


I wonder if this can be connected to the land slide on the sky-to-sea highway near Whistler, BC. There must be a connection somehow!

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

@ Fat Lazy Guy: Wonder if it'll show up on eBay.

seven said...

apparently there are people who have never, ever had a scrape before.

Line said...


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Anonymous said...

Poor Jorge!! That looked like it hurt!!!!

BTDub - this is my first comment (but you know that, lol) I just wanted to let you know that you're AWESOME and my favorite character on LOST!

-Jenni from Texas!