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Saturday, September 27, 2008


First thing we did upon arriving in Vancouver was go to Granville Island. 
Stopped at the big farmer's market they have there and bought some produce for the room, like knobby little carrots. 
No parking is enforced by ninja.
There was an awesome sushi place about a block from the hotel. We ate there about five times.
Beth has an aversion to cilantro and coriander so that pretty much kills Indian food for her and pretty much us. (Except for Gulab Jamun) But there is still takeout. Here I'm having tandoori trout.
By the way when you finish with your fish remember to flush it down the appropriate drain.


allison said...

Aw, I LOVE Vancouver! One of my favourite cities for sure. Do you remember what the sushi place was called?

Petra said...

I grew up in Victoria, across Juan de Fuca Strait, and have family in Vancouver. Beautiful doesn't even BEGIN to describe it!

Can't wait for more photos.

: ) P

Jodi said...

Thanks for sharing some of Vancouver with us. That picture of you with the fish is so funny.

I have to agree with Beth on the Indian food. I have an aversion to it too. I'm a wimp with alot of food choices. The only sushi I can eat is the one with imitation crab.

Looking forward to seeing the rest of your journey.

Topanga said...


Just a little subliminal advertising. =)

Unknown said...

which Vancouver? BC or WA state?


and if you're so close, why not come down, or up, to Tacoma. we've got the Glass Art museum...

seven said...

yeah, i hear toronto rocks too :D

vancouver sushi is apparently the best in canada. i know more than one person whose taste for toronto and montreal's attempts has been ruined by it.

glad you're back.

redelf said...

Man I need to go live there, where everything is enforced by ninjas and fish live in the sewers!!!

anonymous said...

i'm allergic to cilantro (tastes like soap and makes my throat itchy!) but i don't let that stop me where indian food is concerned; since i can't get it in restaurants without cilantro (coriander seed doesn't seem to bother me at all; just the green leafy growth) i hunkered down and learned to cook it myself. i am proud to say that i now make a better butter chicken than i've ever had at an indian restaurant! not to mention a generous handful of other dishes. it's not as hard as it seems - there's just a buttload of ingredients so the recipes look pretty intimidating.

next time you're in texas, come over for some authentic indian; me & beth can eat it sans cilantro and yours will be chock full :)

Please Type Legibly said...

Love the ninja parking sign! LOL

kfcworker34 said...

hey jorge.. not sure what else you did in vancouver, i live about 8-9 hours north of vancouver.. love the city.. did you ever get over to stanley park/aquarium while you were there? How about capilano bridge (that's in north vancouver, look up capilano bridge on the internet), if you ever go to vancouver again go to those places it's so awesome. At the park there's alot of artists who sit there and draw, paint, and there's carriage rides that go around the park.. and there's also tourist buses too, there's also alot of statues and totum poles to look at.

James Hernandez said...


No wise cracks about Canada. Vancouver is not part of Canada so I don't care what you say about 'it'. By the way, that was the boniest trout I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love sushi too! Even my 9 year old son loves it!

Love the no parking sign!

lostinphilly said...

we need some ninja-enforced parking here in Philadelphia, terrible parking problems!Glad you had a great time in Vancouver, gotta go there soon.

Camille said...

Y are you in vancuver? i wanna go there really bad it looks like a lot of fun!! but what are you there for?

Unknown said...

Oi Jorgeeee! Que viagem legal hein? Está aproveitando bastante... Visitando mercados, experimentado a culinária de Vancouver. Fico feliz de saber que está se divertindo... Beijos da sua fã do Brazil... Fique com Deus! =)

Tiffany Noélli said...

Oi Jorgeeee! Que viagem legal hein? Está aproveitando bastante... Visitando mercados, experimentado a culinária de Vancouver. Fico feliz de saber que está se divertindo... Beijos da sua fã do Brazil... Fique com Deus! =)

mahsa said...

hey Jorge.i really was looking for a way to tell you how much we love you.how much we talk about you.and i wanna to tell you your a wonderfull artist. i wish i was there and had a ending like mr.artz but i was there with you even for a little while:D
im from iran.we really love your role at lost.
i will be veryyyyyyyyy happy if you just send me an email.i wont forget it for the rest of my lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.wouls you do that for me?
my email is misa_tish@yahoo.com
good luckkkkkkkkk

Kelipso said...

Hey man, next time you're "home" on Oahu, you should come get some Indian with my husband and me! Its our FAVORITE food, and we've found a couple decent hole-in-the-wall type places in the city :)

AllBlueZoo said...

that Ninja sign is classic! LOVE IT!

Tasha Who? said...

Wow... I thought my mom and I were the only people who thought cilantro tastes like soap!

We're both thinking about heading to Vancouver for a vacation next year... funny that the sushi shot sold me!

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

sooooo craving the gin kaku roll right now. that thing was so damn good!

Anonymous said...

Ninja! hahah

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