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Monday, September 29, 2008

Capilano Suspension Bridge

The good news is you get a discount on the ticket price if it's raining. 
And you get a free disposable parka.
The bad news is it's rainy. 

Kind of a bummer you're not aloud to throw anything down. Because I happened to bring one of those little plastic parachute guys. (Would've been sweet.) He never saw flight. I even chickened out throwing him off the balcony of the hotel. 
And here's the hotel. Kinda rustic.

Like I'd really put my hand so close to a giant owl's beak. If I saw an owl that big I'd probably pee. Then run.
Here I am visiting the Ewok village of Endor.


Unknown said...

Hahaha, it totally looks like an Ewok village. Where are the flying stormtroopers?

Whittaker Woman said...

Hey George, I have been following you and your travels for some time. I must say you have to stop! I keep adding places to go and see to my 'must see list'. This bridge looks like so much fun. I had an experience like this this summer when we went to a bridge and a huge storm rolled in before we were able to actually go out on it. Such bummer. Anyways take care. I look forward to traveling with you. :) H

Petra said...

Any chance that owl is the elusive Hurley Bird?

Please Type Legibly said...

Those suspension bridges used to scare the daylights out of me. I went on one when I was a little kid, and I remember that it didn't feel....solid under me. Too bad the test flight didn't go through. One small step for man, one giant leap for dollkind....LOL...Have a good one.

Topanga said...

A few years back a lady threw her baby off that bridge. She said she slipped and accidentally dropped him. The kid was okay after bouncing off a few trees on the way down. No major injuries, believe it or not.

The Ewoks were really filmed around there, weren't they??

The Real Deal said...

I've been on that bridge. I was in high school, and me and my friends got yelled at by park rangers or whatever for shaking/swinging the bridge to freak the girls out.

Guess it's not safe or something. =)

Honeybell said...

Those are some beautiful pictures! I admit, if I were on that bridge, I'd pee. Then cower and wait for someone to retrieve me.

magnus_the_rhino said...

What hotel is that? It does look rustic- backwoods deliverance style, but in a good way. I'd love some info!

Jay said...

Cool place. Nice shots. I really like ones where people place their hands in random places. I think I have one with my hand inside a giant nutcracker's mouth!

sixfoottallrabbit said...

I've been on the bridge too! This is my claim to fame!!!

Jodi said...

That hotel looks SO cool. About the owl, I would pee then run too if I saw one that big.

Dolphin Boy said...

did you see Yoda master Jeti Knight squwak by in the jungle?

kfcworker said...

hey jorge good to see you were able to make it to the capilano bridge.. i love it there, just amazing how far up you are, did you ever make it over stanley park to see all the interesting artists and their work they done in the park and ever get in at the aquarium?

James Hernandez said...


Indeed I have a respect for Owl's especially since this past year I mistakenly mistook one for a feral cat. It was near midnight and I saw this "cat" on the ground over what I thought was a squirrel or other small vermin. I was approaching it stealthily to give it a quick when the head turned 180
degrees around and I saw the distinctive beak of a barn owl. Needless to say I reversed course quite quickly.

Jason said...

I can almost smell the woods coming through on your post...AHH! Refreshing.

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

My ex-boyfriend won one of those little parachute guys at an arcade once, while on vacation. I kept it as a souvenir.

I love the Ewok Village comment... hehehehe.

redelf said...

Ewoks kick ass.

Man I love throwing things off of bridges, and rocks in water or floating things down rivers.

Mom2haylil said...

That hotel looked more like the set for Jacob's cabin...

RJMann said...

Your blog is awesome... You are awesome and your girlfriend is gorgeous... okay, I hate to do this... but the village isn't called Endor, they are on the Forest Moon Endor. I have no idea what the village is called. Now - I know you could care less, but I had to do it.

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