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Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Ireland:random pics II

Not only is it scary to drive in Ireland. Apparently it's also scary to walk. I think I shot this at the Cliffs of Moher.
Hey Chef! Sorry 'bout the thumb.

This toilet is a free for all! I walked into it and locked the door behind me because who knows who would walk in. I noticed a piece of string with handle on the end of it. Kind of like those plastic pieces you hold onto at the end of a kite. Not knowing what it does, and being the curious mind that I am, I pulled it. Apparently it's an alarm for someone should they "fall and can't get up." So naturally I bolted to the car and took off.

It took us forever to find this Dolmen. We were trying to find it as we drove through the Burren. Thought we had passed it somehow. Turned around. Asked a random guy. He said we were on the wrong road. Turned around again. Gave up and continued on our way. Presto the Dolmem shows up a few hundred feet later. This is me say "There it is! Found it!"


Unknown said...

cool you made to our lovely cliffs of moher. and the portal dolmen, u realise there are lots of people buried right under your feet in that pic, thousands of yrs ago !

Cara Chapel said...

Poulnabrone dolmen FTW! I guess they've finished the OPW construction they were doing to make it an official public site when I was there in 2007... I wish you could still walk right up to it like you used to be able to.

Your pictures brought back a lot of wonderful memories. Thanks!

Cara Chapel said...

Poulnabrone dolmen FTW! I guess they've finished the OPW construction they were doing to make it an official public site when I was there in 2007... I wish you could still walk right up to it like you used to be able to.

Your pictures brought back a lot of wonderful memories. Thanks!

Ack said...

The Cliffs of Moher is the best place I've ever been! Absolutely gorgeous.

Avinash said...

That alarm system in toilets can be problematic. Especially if you're "doing the Han Solo" and confuse it with the flush...

IslandLaurel said...

Rofl! Who exactly does the alarm notify I wonder?

Petra said...

Okay, so I have recently watched the entire series of LOST - bringing my hubby up to date (from the beginning!). All I can say is that when I saw the photo of the cliff danger sign, I thought of your scenes with Cynthia Watros in "Dave."

For myself, I have no fear of heights, but for OTHER people, I get overly scared. Watching those scenes gave me really heartache! Then I saw the bonus footage on the DVD's and felt MUCH better!

: ) P

lostinphilly said...

Dear Jorge: All these Ireland pics are really making me want to arrange a trip there! It looks really awesome there! You were standing on my ancestors! Slanche!!

redelf said...

I would love to get lost and play with toilet alarms in Ireland.

Tasha Who? said...

I remember the first time I saw one of my grandmother's shots of Dolmen... I immediately thought "PI!"... but I'm a dork, sooooo...

And I can't even imagine what kinds of situations have happened to have an "emergency string" installed in a public restroom... I'd like to think that I'd be well beyond the capability to pull it, before I'd have a brigade running in on me during one of my most personal moments.

Amélie said...

Just to funny. I had the same adventure, but never found it, we have turned around 1/2 hour on the town.
And i had a collection of picture of signalisation like this, some are just crazy.
Looking your blog remind me a lot of souvenir.
You made a complete tour of Ireland ?

Jennifer said...

I just want you to know that I cannot stop giggling about pulling the alarm in the bathroom. Running for the car and taking off is EXACTLY what I would've done. I hope you waited to pull the alarm until AFTER you were finished in the bathroom :)

Kristi_ said...

Well, sure! If you run toward the edge of the cliff you might fall off said edge. Color me obvious! lol Your pictures and comments always crack me up. Thanks.

Please Type Legibly said...

I'm ROFL at the mental image of you bolting for the car while the toilet alarm was going off.

Jodi said...

HYSTERICAL you bolted after pulling the toilet alarm!!! I would have done the same thing.

I have to tell you that I always wanted to visit Ireland and all these pics are just feeding the desire to go. I think you had me at the butter museum awhile back. LOL!

White Rabbit said...

Just got back from Ireland myself, and I thought of you when I saw the ridiculous signs at the Cliff of Moher. There was one that looked like it was proclaiming "No walking on water."

I'll have to dig that one up.

Maureen said...

I have a pic of myself in the exact same spot! LOL Everything at the cliffs was so new when we there last year. We visited a number of years ago when the kid was 6 months old and there were no barriers whatsoever. You could go right over to the edge. So hubby, with baby tucked into his coat to protect him from the wind, went very close to the edge to look down. I could see my whole little family getting swept away. So different this year with all the shops and the big barrier.

Topanga said...

Next time I travel I'm going to pay more attentions to the signs.

R E said...

Hey Jorge, don't know if this is old news to you but have you seen your Argentinian doppelganger?

Scroll down and you'll see bro.


Saludos de Paris.

R E said...

oops now here's the direct link.


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