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Friday, September 5, 2008


Is in stores now. I wrote the foreword (it's the best part actually). 

Ralph from the Dharmalars did an interview with the guys at www.geekscape.net. Check it out.


NewLeaX said...

Hi Jorge) really love your blog and amazing photos.
I wonder if there is any RSS possibility in your blog?
You know... RSS could make it easy for some people to check your stuff.

Anyway thanks a lot for your positive lifestyle)) and for your work in Lost of course)

Avinash said...

Jorge, you and me - a hotel room in Vegas? Maybe a drunken night? One thing leads to another, eh?

Sorry for the irrelevancy of that. When I find something that I can't make a witty comment on, I tend to go for sexual jokes.

NewLeaX said...

Avinash you're sick I believe...
Though I'm not a native English speaker and I might understand or write something wrong but man it's XXI century and if Jorge Garcia have this blog I believe he wants to be close to his fans and not like "Mister Your Highness..."
I don't see any harm in asking just RSS for this BLOG. I never interfer in private life!
And if you see in everyting sex may be you have to switch off you computer and meet with some girl and have a good time? Then you won't see in every world what are you really interested...

Sorry Jorge... I really don't want this rude discussion, I just don't expect such answers especially from people that I wasn't asking for.
If I said something wrong, just... maybe just forgive me?))
And again... I was asking about RSS possibility... If you'll be so polite to aswer and to make it work (I hope), I would be really happy.
Good luck and thanks in advance)

Hernán Koala said...

@newleax: maybe using your brain might work. avinash is just being funny. all blogs in blogger have RSS feeds, and you can find the link to them in the address bar. it's an orange square with two white lines and a dot in it. good luck with that.

Maestra said...

I couldn't see the foreword:(

Please Type Legibly said...

@newleax - Avinash is a regular commenter around here, and I would imagine that if we know he is just cutting up, that Jorge does too. Actually, I don't know Jorge in real life, but he doesn't strike me as the kind of guy to be put off by a (very) slightly off-color joke. So no worries....

Have a great weekend, everyone...

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

i think it's hilarious that all of these comments have absolutely nothing to do with the book.

that's what justin gets for not having ME do the foreword.

Ralph- said...

I picked up the book on thursday and will read it today while i am at work by myself. I did read Jorge's foreword and it is pretty hilarious.

Beth, you can do the forward for my book.

Avinash said...

Sorry for my insensitive comments. My sincerest apologies to those without a sense of humour.

I tried to find the interview and references to the foreword on geekscape and through Google but didn't manage too!!! :(

Tasha Who? said...

*snickers* I love the net!

I wasn't sure exactly what I was looking for while doing a search for "The Roberts", until I came across a comic books application for Facebook... I was sold at the summary of decrepit serial killers in a retirement home.

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