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Friday, September 12, 2008

Then we stayed in a CASTLE

The trip's other big turn-around (aside from replacing the flat tyre) was the night and day we spent at Dromoland Castle. 
The place was pretty sweet. 
The first thing we did? Have tea.
Lots of hunting trophy's (heads) all over the place. 
Though nothing like the museum of death we stayed at later (another blog).
Man these pots are huge!


Unknown said...

dromoland is the only 5 star hotel and country club in my county, president bush stayed there a few yrs ago when he was here, did u see his name scratched into the bed post !!

Anonymous said...

That looks like a huge styrofoam cup!! And what is it with castles and dead animal heads??

Dolphin Boy said...

Did you ever stay or stop at Ashford Castle? Not far from where they filmed "The Quiet Man" with John Wayne. (conamaera sp?)Actually some scenes where shot on the property.
Now that place is sweet!

Jodi said...

That castle looks BEAUTIFUL!!! I would love to stay in a place like that. I could do without the wall of death though. Blech!

Enjoy your weekend Jorge!

Tasha Who? said...

That's it... once the gas prices go down, I'm starting to save for a trip to Europe!

Laurie said...

what an amazing trip!! also wanted to say Congrats on the award tonight....you looked great!!

Mattia Paoli said...

Hunting trophy's (heads) are not fun. :/

Koshka42 said...

you know, it's all about the tea...

Ralph- said...

"Man these pots are huge!"

You said it Tiny E, that's why you're the Tiny King!!!

Dr. B. said...

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redelf said...

nothing like dead animal heads to make a stay pleasant. their eyes follow you everywhere!

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