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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ireland's Last Leg

So from Clifden back to Dublin. We looked at the map and pointed at what looked like the halfway point. That was a town called Athlone. Not much info about Athlone, we were on our own looking for a place to grab a bite. We stopped here. But it was a big mistake. We walked in and they informed us that they were currently out of Guinness because their delivery didn't come in. Okay maybe that was a red flag. (Or a red car, they seemed really popular in this parking lot.) Beth made the biggest mistake by ordering the chicken curry. I tried to warn her. 

When we finally got to Dublin we were exhausted. Look at the map. 
We did this all in one week. We should have done half. We ended up just staying in the hotel the rest of day. The next day we flew home.  Whew! So that was my Irish trip. Next up Vancouver...


Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

and then i couldn't even find a gas station hot chocolate either. that day was the pits.

VeggieMeg said...

Oh, so close but you didn't go to Achill? You'll have to do a tour of northern ireland too and definitely check out Achill Island and Galway. Achill is the most beautiful place I've ever been, EVER, and I've been to a LOT of places!

Glad you enjoyed your trip, Ireland is quite an amazing place.

Please Type Legibly said...

Sorry the chicken curry didn't work out so well for you, Beth. And not having Guinness should be illegal (says the girl who likes Guinness! LOL)

Jodi said...

All of that - I would have been exhausted too. But just think about all the awesome memories you have now.

Camille said...

i dont get it why are you in ireleand or wherever you are? are you filming for lost. cause you live by me which is pretty cool, but i have never seen you but my friend who lives right by me is your neighbor and she sees you all the time. how cool is that!!!

Dolphin Boy said...

Many thanks for taking us along on your Irish countryside journey. Thrilled to read your Ireland posts! What fun times you had!

wordlife15 said...

Dude, next time you're there you need to check out Newgrange, a neolithic passage tomb in Co. Meath. It's by far the coolest historic monument in the country - much better than those dolmens you visited. I might be biased since I'm form Navan (county town of Meath) but seriously, it's awesome! Hope filming is going well for the new season.

Kaline said...

Greetings from Hono, HI. Since you're on your way to Vancouver, make sure you check out the Capilano Suspension Bridge (capbridge.com). Yep, a suspension bridge; it's a must!! And then when you get hungry, the BEST tapas restaurant is La Bodega (labodegavancouver.com). My husband and I make it a point to visit this restaurant when we are there. You won't find anything like the two above here on the island!

redelf said...

Gold color mini vans seem to be popular here, there were about four of them parked at the high school yesterday. I thought for a moment there was cloning going on.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Can't wait to hear about y Vancouver trip!! Hope you post as much as the Ireland shots! :)

camus343 said...



lostfan58 said...

Thanks for sharing all of your vacation pictures! I really enjoyed looking at them.

And your comments are always awesome!

Topanga said...

Vancouver? bah! That's the wrong side of Canada. Nova Scotia is the right side. Next time come east. British Columbia aspires, unsuccessfully I might add, to be as good as Nova Scotia.

nanner said...

I just LOVE your blog! :)

Tess315 said...
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bookieboo said...

Are you going to Limerick, otherwise known as "stab city?" I was there years ago and had a great time at the pubs during St. Patrick's Day weekend. Unfortunately, that year they canceled St. Patrick's Day from foot & mouth disease in England, but we still had a blast there. Have fun on your trip. I just found your blog and will be following your travels as a true Lost fan!

Sam said...

I think you've seen more of Ireland than I have and I'm from there. I think it's time for a road trip.

GolddustQueen said...

Thanks for your contant updating on the site. I read you blog from time to time at work and enjoy your adventures and most of all: the hilarious and creative pics.
So have you been to Holland as well on your trip? I'm curious to know if you've also visited my little old country..?

Actually, some friends of mine and myself have created a 'Daily Lost Quiz'. You should check it out, it's really funny and lowkey (and I admit: a little nerdy and silly, but oh well, whatever let's us take a break from work, right?).
I guess you know the answer to all the questions... :-) but if you wanna be in on it: be! :-)

Well, have a good one and keep up the funny posts and, of course, your work on Lost!

Greetings, Olga

Lyn said...

Hi Jorge,

Fab blog!
You guys seemed to have a great time in Ireland (apart from your flat) Next time you cross the pond you should so come to Scotland, you'd love it!

I noticed in one of the earlier posts you're not too keen on spiders. You should invest in one of these -


I have one(and have bought several more for other people) and it is awesome!

Petra said...

I see another blogger has a Daily LOST quiz - that is fun! I created a fun LOST quiz at the DHARMA Wants You site. Here is the link:



: ) P

Hannah said...

You're so lucky to have been in Ireland. It's one of the many trips I have planed. And I would agree a pub in Ireland that is out of Guinness is a bad sign. :)

Camille said...

Thank you so much!!! I am so excited I sent you a picture for you to sign and I just got it back signed. Thank you so much that meant the world to me, I really appriciate that! :) And, I just got back from Camp Erdman with my school, and OMG thats where the "Others" cabins in LOST are. That was amazing, and I had a great time! Thanks for everything!


AlliE said...

Yo from kailua, i c uve been havin fun in ireland n all dat, but isnt it lyke freezin cold??? i would so rather b in hawaii chillin on da beach, ya kno??? haha me n my friend were in lanikai da oder day n we were keepin n eye out 4 u, but then we remembered u were in ireland!!! lol, cum back soon!!!

Topanga said...

When Jorge doesn't post in his blog for a while I always hope it's because he's busy filming "Lost" (yea!!!!)

Unknown said...

I can't believe that you were in my home town, Athlone! But what I really can't believe is that you picked quite possibly the biggest dump in the country to stop at!!! Of all the places in the town you could have visited! We have boat trips up and down the longest river in Ireland and Great Britain (The Shannon) which runs through the centre of town; we have an 800 year old castle; best of all, we have the oldest pub in Europe (and quite possibly the WORLD! Guinness World Record review pending!) Jeez, I sound like I work for the tourist board!

Please don't let your experience in Biddy freakin' Mulligans colour your view of Athlone!

Anonymous said...

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