A blog by Jorge Garcia.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Then we went to the Queen Mary

Hey! I can see my house from here.
Ah my drink has arrived.
(A lot of these blogs are really just to show my mom what I've been doing.)


Avinash said...

Your mother? I see...

Mrs Garcia, if you're reading this. Please know that you have given a gift to this world like no other person ever has.

The gift of a charming and hilarious man who doesn't hesitate to show us photos of his used foot pads.


john (not lennon) said...

God bless Mama Garcia!

Jason said...

So, Jorge, are you constantly hassled for autographs when you're out seeing the sites? As long as you can enjoy yourself...

Annemarie said...

I think that my mother is just about the only person who reads mine.

Meghan said...

Don't we all start writing our blogs for our moms?

Shari said...

I'm so glad you keep your mom in the loop of your travels. I sure am enjoying them. Thanks for the blog! Pure joy each time I read it!

maven said...

You're a very good son!

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

i'm glad you posted that first queen mary pic. i was my fave. especially since you can't see justin's snaggle face!

you look good too.

James Hernandez said...


You just can't get good service these days! Hope you didn't leave a tip.

elainemarieg said...

Thank you to your mom!
I am blessed to have 4 charming sons. And one beautiful daughter.

Terrence Paquet said...

If my Mom read mine, I'd have lots of explaining to do... although it's really not what you think.

Terrence Paquet
Author of My Penis & other short pieces.
Really... it's not what you think.

Terrence Paquet said...

If my Mom read mine, I'd have lots of explaining to do... although it's really not what you think.

Terrence Paquet
Author of My Penis & other short pieces.
Really... it's not what you think.

Mara said...

In the first pic you look like an egypt jejeje

redelf said...

Hi Jorge's Mom. (oops I typed a bad word in my last post!! Bad Laura!)

OoOoOoO the ship looks fun!!! I love ships though I have never been on one!!

Justin Shady & Wayne Chinsang said...

i hate you, bethany.


- snaggle-faced justin

Anonymous said...

Oh isnt that sweet - thinking of your mum like that... My mum doesnt even know how to turn on a computer... But if she could, I wouldnt have to worry about her reading my blogs, 'cause I do them in English and she doesnt understand anything but Danish, LOL.

Betsy said...

I love these day-to-day kind of posts. It's an awesome way to keep family up to date. If I had your kind of travels, I like to think I'd be doing the same thing.

b said...

it was my birthday!

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