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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Taller Ghost Walt

Or is it...


Unknown said...

I love it. I hope he's a regular next season or at least in season 6. He's a talented young guy.
Thanks for the great acting this season Jorge.
My favorite line of the finale:
"Checkmate Mr. Eko."

FETTS said...

OMG that scene was so amazing! But like everyone else I wished he would have asked Hurley for the money he owed him...

I really hope Walt will be on the Turbo Action Team that treks back to the island!

alturi said...

they grow up so fast...

Tony Killen said...

I was so glad to see Malcolm back.
I'm not too sure if he's a ghost, I'd raise the point of you having your arm round him, but you did the same with Dave..

Lisa-Maladylis said...

thats a great photo of you and Malcolm I was so happy to see him back on the show. He's grown up so much ! Great photo !

maven said...

Great to see Walt again! And great pic! Thanks.

BTW: I'm a quilter, Jorge, and I finally am working on a LOST-themed quilt. Check out my preliminary pics: Lost Quilt Blog.

Jason said...

Thanks for a great season, and an entertaining blog. When my wife and I watch and our 2-year-old is with us, she always says "Hurley" when she sees you...and she doesn't know the names of the other characters.

Rhea said...

Walt's awesome! Hope he plays a more integral part in the next season because he seemed very important in the first two.

I love watching child actors grow up (as long as they aren't growing up out of control...)

Debra said...

To borrow from an awesome friend of mine, "what -is- his mother feeding him????" ;)

That scene was a great surprise!

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

mmmmm, cuban sandwiches and potato chips.

and fruit rollups and sushi! i miss that day.

Anne said...

Maven: great idea for a quilt. I think as long as you don't re sell images and it's for personal use the picture police aren't going to come after you!
I shipped some great fabrics back fro Hawaii last week but have no idea what I a going to do with the other than two baby quilts for a 2 year old and a 4 day old. Such wonderful prints over there!

Are we going to have to do a rescue on that poor wee dog?

The dog toy looks like a Billiken.
(Alaskan good luck charm (also Japanese)

Honeybell said...

That really made me realize how long Lost has been on!

And made me feel old. Thanks a lot Malcolm David Kelley. :|

Sweet Caroline said...

Dude! Another great season...now I am hungry for saltines...lol.

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

That kid is HUGE. I saw him on some On Demand interview thing the day before the finale and I almost fell over. He looks like he's 25! Good-looking, too.

I hope he's a regular next season. The Walt story has always intrigued me.

Miss Scarlett said...
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Miss Scarlett said...

Sawyer gets some pretty great lines - but 'who am I (or was it we?) to question Taller Ghost Walt?' is hands down my favourite.

And Dude - you owe that kid some money.

-jrh said...

I am so happy to have found your blog! You are truly one talented dude, and that kid standing with you is, as well. Loved the finale, and cannot wait until next season!!

Vova Lisishin said...

Is that Walt? I can't believe.
I like LOST

Boyhowdy said...


Bianca said...

I just wanted to congratulate you on the best season yet and for your hard work in entertaining us.

Considering how many scenes you had in the finale, I imagine you must have been so busy these past few weeks, yet you still find time to blog for your fans.

Two weeks ago my husband had surgery for a type of skin cancer on his scalp and had to go under general anesthesia and be doped up for a few days after (he's fine now). But his main concern: that his surgery fell on a Thursday and he'd be too drugged out to watch Lost that night!

Thanks for being part of making the best TV series in history and for being such a nice guy in real life. I hope you and Beth have an awesome Summer break.
Take Care,

(P.S. Maven your quilt is incredible! You're really talented!)

Looby_Loo said...

It's so strange seeing him all grown up.
But where's Vincent!?!

It's weird to think that on island time, he's only a few months older, but in real life it's like 4 years...

And when are you gonna pay him the money he won?

Anonymous said...

Walt must have done some time traveling 10 years into the future! I guess those are the concequences of moving the island :D

Unknown said...

ça va être dure d'attendre jusqu'à l'année prochaine!

DrDegroot said...

Waaaaalt! That was a perfectly played scene...so heart-breaking.

I have a theory that Hurley will figure the whole mystery out and snap out of his depression, rally everyone and save the day! He is becoming a chess master capable of winning the game.


Anonymous said...

I think its all in Hurleys head, LOL. No... Im half way though watching the finale and now the damn site doesnt work anymore - I feel like crying !!!! Here I was really caught up in my little Lost world (he he) and poof... nothing. I feel really sorry for myself right now :o(

JFC Official said...

Thanks for sharing!

Malcolm is great; glad to see him back!


Topanga said...

Awesome quilt Maven!! Oh no!! You reminded me of the "Not Penny's boat" scene. ~wah~

It was great to see Walt again. Did Hurley lie about Michael still being alive? I kind of get the feeling he didn't get off the freighter before it blew up. But then, what's dead on 'Lost' doesn't necessarily stay dead and who knows what 'living' is. By the way, I'm glad Ben stabbed that goon in the throat even if it did blow up the boat. Hopefully he wont be back .. like eye-patch guy did.

Hey! What if the Island is like the Black Pearl and everyone on it is the treasure and the people on the island are like immortal corpses like Capt. Barbossa and his crew who wont really live/die until all the treasure/people is returned to the island. :-o

redelf said...

its scary how fast they grow!!!!

Anonymous said...

He looks so grown up - where's our little guy Walt?! The scene you had together made me tear up, as did your sad little, 'Checkmate, Mr. Eko.' You were fantastic in the finale, can't wait for next season!

Wawa said...

Awwwwww. That's really sweet. Are you able to tell us if he'll back much next season?

I think you totally should have posted your fake out spoilers. That would have been AWESOME!

Enjoy your hiatus!

john (not lennon) said...

Jorge, I'm really interested in seeing what your character is going to do when Sayid brings you to Ben to bring you back to the Island - Do we finally get to see Hurley "Hulk out!!!"? LOL!

Enjoy your break man.
If you get the chance and are even remotely interested, we've an album you can download for free at our blog.

www.kate06.skyblog.com said...

Malcom is very tall now :O

James Hernandez said...


I fear that Hurley is actually misleading Walt in order to get him to come back to save his friends. And it ould be really nice to see Malcom back in some episodes in the final two seasons!

Patrícia Pedrosa said...


Wow, Malcolm cresceu *mesmo*.

wuidoks said...


chunky_lover68 said...

he's no punky brewster.

JustMe said...

Sí que alto que está! Yo pensé que iban a poner a otro actor haciendo de Walt jaja

Pomps said...

Oh my God! I can´t believe a super star has his own blog and let us see it (I´ve just realized). Thank you soooo much!
I´m very excited!, writing from Argentina. You should know Lost has a billion fans here hahaha, but none of the actors ever visited us. We don´t sleep during the season so we can watch the episodes almost live. Please, south exists! And Jorge: amamos tu Hurley, es un personaje tan tierno. Esperamos ver la 5° temporada YA! (I´m sorry, I really love Lost, think I´m a bit sick :P, I should go to Santa Rosa ;))

Unknown said...

I loved the finale! And while I did like your "checkmate mr. eko line", the best line by far was jack saying Desmond's line back to him: see you in another life brotha. LOVED IT.

Colleen Oakes said...

Would love for Walt to be a regular next season. Is Michael officially dead? (Wait...is anyone officially dead??)

Laura said...

Hi Jorge!!

I celebrate Walt´s return... but
I need to know...where is Vincent??

Jodi said...

I can't believe how much he has grown! He's not the same little guy who was playing backgammon a few years ago. Now I feel I'm getting so old.

Satu said...

Thanks for amazing season finale!

Unknown said...

como pasa el tiempo, Walt ya es un hombre

Sniperktm said...

Hello Jorge, i'm a italian fan of lost. All the season are beautiful but the last is simple wonderful.I'm sorry beacuse my language is bad. Actually i'm studying english and i hope that i will succeed your language better.
But it's all so difficult. Bye Bye

Oli said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalt!!! :D

Phill said...

I really wished he would have asked Hurley for the money he owed him!
Jorge you were great in the finale

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