A blog by Jorge Garcia.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Do I really

mention poop a lot?
(Oh crap I just did it again.)
(Wait. Does "crap" count?)
(Oh crap.)


Cool Dad said...

That just shows the universal appeal of your blog. Themes that run common from Iowa to Burkina Faso. From Greenland to The Island.

An epic story of consumption and production that runs backwards and forward through time: Everybody poops.

Chrissy said...

Making me laugh at my desk. Where I'm supposed to be working. But no, I'm sitting here laughing to myself.
I'm sure this was all my co-workers needed to see to confirm I am crazy.

Carolate said...

Imagine the things you could find if you have a statics register for your page that tells you what kind of searches redirect to your page...

Ok, I'm too geek.


Rachel Snyder said...

*LOL* Well, if you really think about how many words and expressions are derived from the toilet, you'd probably have yourself quite a list. So it's not just you. You just happen to make a rather frequent point of bringing up the topic.

redelf said...


James Hernandez said...


You should say the french word.... Merde! Sounds classy!

Kristie (J) said...

I just found out you have a blog! And your as funny as yourself as you are as Hurley - Cool.

pasza said...

You can always say "kupa", but it's in Polish :>

crystalia said...

Chrissy - Totally with you.. Just busted out laughing at work.. Had to hide it as a sneeze.. Kinda.. :)

Jorge, you are too crazy.. :) In a good way.. Not in a need-to-mention-poop-all-the-time way.. I mean.. Ummmmmm.. Nevermind.. :)

MrsDesperate said...

My kids call poos Number 2s.

Netanya Carmi said...

Don't know if you're a fan of "Scrubs" but since you like poop so much I thought you might like this clip.


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