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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Roberts (Creepy)

Hey a buddy of mine wrote this comic book about what happens when serial killers get old. And as if it wasn't creepy enough he said that him and the artist actually used some of their own blood in the cover art. That's pretty gross but I'm sure it won't be on the actual printed cover. But I wouldn't lick it just in case. In fact as a general rule I wouldn't recommend  licking any comic book covers. (Oh man I just know one of you is going make some disgusting remark about Liberty Meadows or someone).


KMKGB said...

Oh, yes that is the most useful thing I have ever heard today.

Let me note down that:

Don't lick any comic book covers!(especially deviant looking ones)

Thanks Jorge :)

İnanç Karagöz
Istanbul, Turkey

Justin Shady said...

I thought you were going to say that people shouldn't lick comics in general, to which I was going to say that I've already licked Margaret Cho. Then you mentioned "Liberty Meadows," which is by Frank Cho. See how that's all related? Yeah, me either. Anyway, thanks for the post, Jorge! If anyone is interested in learning more about the book, check us out here.

crystalia said...

The whole "using blood in paint" is always a little creepy, but for the genre of comic book... yep yep, seems to be fitting.. :)

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

woo-hoo! the roberts! now i wanna go to roberts on howard and have a mogul of cottage cheese.

justin, meet me there on monday around 3pm.

Justin Shady said...


Topanga said...

Great talent there but have you tried telling your friend about red ink? It might save him an ounce or two.

Rhea said...

That looks way to scary for me. My 11 year old's biggest fear is about robots coming to life...so I won't share this with him. hehe

Anonymous said...

Who would lick a magazine cover ?? Oh well, depends whos on it.... or maybe not, did it once as a kid, and I didnt like the taste of it, LOL.

Unknown said...

I think you could have forgotten to write the part about the blood..

redelf said...

I keep my comic book licking to a Xmen comics and the once in a while a good vintage Iron Man or Fantastic Four. The flavor has that niced age texture and such.

Carolate said...

Maybe next comic should be about a Chocolate maker, and I promise to lick every page.

Sounds good the idea of The Robert's. Gotta read it.

WatsonCrick said...

The life of a serial killer that got old…lol…that sounds like a fantastic setting. Reminds me of the movie “Robin and Marian” (1979) with Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn. They showed Robin and Marian aged and world weary, too tired to get up in the morning, having pain and aches. Looking forward to read your friends comic! Great idea and awesome drawings judging from the two here presented!
I only kiss my comics, can that be considered as safer reading?

Kaileigh Blue said...

:O Licking comics would depreciate the value! For shame!


JohnSteib said...


What current comics do you read?

John from Wisconsin

Bvol0315 said...

Back in the 70's KISS donated blood for their comic book ink.

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