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Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm kinda sick

to my stomach right now. 

Someone just showed me a video of a toilet with poop in it that would not go down. And then the steps taken to finally get it to flush.

But I am torn. I don't know what disturbs me the most about what just happened.

The fact that I just saw a stranger's fecal matter in a toilet.

Or the fact that this video was from 2002! The person showing this too me (Laughing the whole time I might add) has kept this moment or posterity. 

And it's not even her own poop. (That's right I said HER)
I mean sometimes I can see a sense of pride that come from a particularly special "movement" or maybe if it was something one of your kid's did that was especially cute. 

But this was a grown up's. And it was gross.


TheUnity (Siv) said...


Loool, you won't believe it but today I heard a story about a 'poop' aswell..and, well..it involved two girls. Hmmm..maybe the two stories are interlinked :P

Whatever the case, anything which involves having 'fun' with poop is..to say the least, disturbing.

Best wishes in overcoming your sickness..hmm come think of it, is it related with the sickness onboard the Freighter. Hmm, that's a question for another day. ;)

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

i don't care what you say. it's hilarious.

TheUnity (Siv) said...

Loool, hilarious in a very, very 'unique' way if you ask me.

Bethany said...

Jorge you post about poop a lot lol

Honeybell said...

I am very happy not to have witnessed this. I did recently see a picture someone took of herself half nekkid in her bathroom. It was supposed to be a sexy myspace type picture . . . until you see the fecoidal contents of the unflushed toilet in the background. THAT was pretty funny.

kb said...

You have a VIDEO of that?? How have I not seen it?

redelf said...

OOookkkaaayyy. Something else to add to my list of things I never needed to know about.

WatsonCrick said...

I have to admit that watching a recording of someone’s “waste” would not excite me either. It is maybe a good idea for everyone to check their own products and make sure it looks normal but sharing this information with a friend does not sound like a friendship supporting idea to me. But question is also why do we freak out about such presentations? Didn’t you have a dog? I guess you have no problem to look at its products, because you are getting used to it to, see it every day. I have poop scooped over 500 cats in the past two years (volunteer at local no kill cat shelter) and it does not bother me anymore to look at it. Maybe we need to change our view about our human end products; poop is as natural as nail clippings nobody freaks out about those... But again I would not want to show my poop to someone, it is sort of personal like nude pics or information about someone’s underwear. Nat

Topanga said...

Okay.. you mention poop a lot. Have you seen the "Two Girls and a Cup" video? I haven't seen it because I had the sense to first watch a video of people's reactions to the video and from that I knew better than to actually watch it myself. This was a decision I am comfortable with. However, since you obviously have an obsession regarding poop, perhaps you might enjoy? ;-)

Juniebun said...

Isn't there a website dedicated to people posting pictures of their especially spectacular poops? Damn! I forget what it's called!

Avinash said...

Wow, he's done it again. You make us wait 2 weeks for a blog update and then give us shit. Joking ofcourse, Jorge. Your blogs are bloody brilliant.

Rhea said...

I think it's most disturbing that someone filmed the event, not seeing a stranger's poop. yikes.

bignivanut said...

Ah Jorge, it's harlious! But then it does depend on your sense of humour!

Anyways, it seems that women can be alot grosser then men since there is a percieved notion that women should act a certain way and not be themselves.

lovelylorina said...

That door is sooooo Awesome!!!! I don’t have fancy HD so for me I could not see the cool carvings on it.
Glad to hear from you again kinda figured your were busy working! that poop thing is hilarious!

Dave Sylvester said...

Yes, poop is mentioned a lot these days. I wonder if dogs get this excited... however.. there IS more to the video 'Oh my gawd'... 'oooh May gawd'. Yes, there are accents!

maven said...

I hate to tell you Jorge, but you DO seem poop obsessed! LOL

Bianca said...

man you have some weird friends! my son is 4 and he always describes his poops for us "mum come quick I did a turtle poop!" or "mum, mum I did a carrot poop!" and sure enough he's usually pretty accurate in his descriptions! "soup poop" is the worst though...

as long as this doesn't become a form of artistic expression into adulthood and he's not presenting an exhibit at the guggenheim one day I think it's all ok... i hope!

Julie Phillips said...

I can't say I blame you there....LOL


Bad_Robot said...

Hey Jorge,

So good to see you back. I really hope you completely get over your illness real soon. Great pic of the door, btw. Thanks to u & all the cast & crew for working hard to give us some extra LOST. Cheerz'

You rock dude~


Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

oh man. i hate that a blog about my video sparked comments about "two girls and a cup". now THAT'S something to be grossed out by.

Anonymous said...

Well... it could have been me laughing - depending on my mood at the time, or I would have been disgusted, LOL.
Anyway... good to have you back here and Im looking forward to watch the new epi tonight (friday), Im so excited. Have a nice relaxing week end.

Fernando Espinoza said...

Hi Jorge, this post smells like shit, Im kidding I hope you get better soon, bye...

Anne said...

I have been sitting up for an hour reading your blog! It's great to see that you are a down to earth real and fun guy! We are off to Hawaii and other islands in a week and would love to wave to you but I promise to not get between you and your food! I too get grumpy when my ice cream is interrupted!
Your girlfriend has earned her sainthood! and you are such a sweetie. Take care!

vinyarb said...

Hey Jorge,

Good to see ya blogging. A LOST fan, all the way from Singapore, no less!

Anyway, poop fetish or not, seeing that someone commented that you post about poop a bit (hey, whatever rocks your boat, right?), I think you're doing a great job on LOST!

And hey! you found the cabin!


Captain Mustapha said...

Even more disturbing would be finding a strange dude in your bathroom wearing Aunt Judy's clothes.

and that happened to someone just recently!

getting ready to take a shower and finding a bunch of brightly colored machine tools in the bathtub is disturbing too

FFJewbacca said...

HURLEY: (Muttering) Mallomars.

Mr. Garcia, you have done it again.

I think that Hurley/Hugo is in my top 5 all-time favorite TV characters.

Awesome epsiode last night. Keep up the great work and feel better.

Anne said...

I think it all goes back to sharing the candy bar with Ben....

KMKGB said...

"fecal matter"

You are so polite :)

Why would someone record one's poop :S

There are crazy people out there!
Just be careful Jorge!


Cool Dad said...

it could've been worse. if she started pulling vials out of her purse, then i'd be worried.

celiine M. said...

hi Jorge! you aren't luckily to be sick :S
How your birthday was?
PS: I hope that you will recover fast!! :-)

poggy said...

Hi Jorge! It's great to find out you have such a nice blog!

Anyway, when I shared a flat with other four girls, more often than not our dinners ended with conversations on poop, or rather on how many times a day did we visit the toilet and whether what we just had for dinner would have later helped the process or not. Deep down, everyone is fascinated by poop! Especially their own. See, I'm here discussing a poop post and I could go onm and on!

On the other hand, I've seen stuff on the internet - regarding poop or... stuff I hope was poop - that has left me scarred for life. So, um, I sympathize with your experience.

Carolate said...


Ok, long time ago a friend told me that his poop has the "face" (yes I said the face) of someone we meet. I can't take that image from my head.

*Must fight visual*

Anonymous said...

Ok, but are you going to tell us what steps were taken to get it to flush? What kind of monumental turd was this?

Jodi said...

Kinda reminds me of when my best friend in all seriousness said to me that her "fecal matter" was in the shape of question mark without the dot. I was like "thanks for sharing that with me". (Ok, I didn't see it, but I still had to hear about it.

James Hernandez said...


Watch the ABC Message boards. I'm going to do a joke tangentially related to this on Monday.

Rachel Snyder said...

Hmm, would this happen to be the same "her" who wrote a blog about a cockroach walking across her boyfriend's lips while he slept? That one gave me nightmares :-P

crystalia said...

Hahaha you said poop.. :)

Unknown said...

lol. wow a blast from the past. I know the "her" in this story. I was there when it happened and when this tape was made.

tumbleweed said...

Was that video filmed at an all girls school? Because what you described happened at my school back in 2002.

Some girls spotted it during our lunch period & word spread fast. Apparently it was the size of a football.

I wouldn't know because it was such a phenomenon that the school had to lock the bathroom to stop the crowds. And people think girls aren't crude...

tumbleweed said...
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