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Sunday, May 25, 2008


One last thing from San Jose:
Mike Hampton of Hot Zombie Chicks... 
drew a picture of Hurley as a zombie.
Pretty sweet! Almost as scary as the time I really turned into a zombie. 


Avinash said...

Stop stealing my 'sex face', Jorge.
Nevertheless, I am thoroughly disturbed by the top two images...

Anonymous said...

Neat !!

redelf said...


Carolate said...

Cool!!! I love zombie things. I never bored to watch 28 Days Later, again and again and George Romero movies.

Kisses (And don't drink the water...)

Lisa-Maladylis said...

That's just great, love the drawings and photo of you.

Topanga said...

LOL! Hot Zombie Chicks. Think of the weirdo who would have a fetish over hot zombies. It makes me think of that old Hall & Oates tune, "Maneater".

I remember when comics were 0.12 cents. Am I dating myself?

Bloggero Fantasma said...

Wow, I love zombies. By the way, carolate, some purist of "28 days/weeks later" wouldn't like to hear that you call the "infecteds" of the movie "zombies" xDDDDD.

Greetings from Spain!

Un saludo colega :D

felipecab said...

I am your fan!!
I'm from Brazil!!

Please Type Legibly said...

A lot of fans of the show keep calling for a zombie season, Jorge. You should pass this sketch along to the higher ups for consideration! LOL As to the sketch (icky!), love is love (I guess), whatever form it takes (right?).... ;o) Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.

Anonymous said...
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Gevalher said...

To me the picture was freakening!

But the drawing is cool too!

Carolate said...

*bloggero fantasma

The infected look like zombies, so I treat them as if they were. I know they're not zombies but I love that kind of films anyway.

Like Resident Evil video games.

Jorge perhaps someday you should act in a film of zombies.


Miss Scarlett said...

Avinash made me forget my own comment!!

James Hernandez said...


Dude you look like a Klingon about to go to war. I'll give you a Klingon sounding name, Graciorjea.
It means "my crotch really itches in these tight Klingon threads"

Nervioso said...


Captain Mustapha said...

That would make a great prop for a scene with a woman giving a description to a police sketch artist. "Is this the man you saw??"

"Yes, Yes!! That's him!!!"

crystalia said...

Hahahahaha! That's awesome! Really, how often do you get someone to draw you as a zombie? :)

rod said...

Not that it has anything to do with jorge being a zombbie, but i found this out in the net...


We're still trying to find out if that was really jorge riding in a bus aroud buenos aires, or just some poser.

bignivanut said...

avinash, LMAO!

Unknown said...

We made a poster parody of Lost. In spanish it's Perdidos, so we made Podridos (Rotten).

Kinda zombie island.

Yogi of Halo said...

YES! Thanks for posting this Jorge! Glad you dug it. Hope your doing good man, I have a sequel to Hot Zombie Chicks out now, I'd love to send ya one. Everyone else, check out my site!

Anonymous said...

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