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Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Fuse

Is it me or is the fuselage impossible to get on right now?
I went to check it yesterday and this morning. And I can't even get there.


Memento said...

Jorge the fuse is down currently.

Also you may be interested that you have been nominated in the darkufo season 4 awards as best actor and a lot of your lines for funniest lines and scenes

DarkUFO Season 4 Awards

I voted for you !!

Sonny aka sunloc said...

yeah its down for me too, maybe they update the site for the summer, i use Darkufo forum more now. nice group of people. great work is season jorge.

shar said...

I haven't been able to get on since the finale. I thought it was just because of heavy traffic, but maybe not.

melissa said...

Hi Jorge!
This was passed along in the Lost community on Livejournal this morning:

'I'm sure a lot of you are members of The Fuselage message board. One of their mods asked me to let you know that they have not shut down!

The data center where their server lives had a fire earlier today, shutting down their generators and forcing them to shut down all their servers. (We're talking thousands of servers!)

The company has let its customers know that the servers are not damaged, but it's going to take some time getting everything back up. They don't yet have an estimate.'

Thanks for making me laugh on a regular basis, btw! :)

Cheri said...

Jorge, this is what was posted on the LOST community on livejournal last night about The Fuselage:

I'm sure a lot of you are members of The Fuselage message board. One of their mods asked me to let you know that they have not shut down!

The data center where their server lives had a fire earlier today, shutting down their generators and forcing them to shut down all their servers. (We're talking thousands of servers!)

The company has let its customers know that the servers are not damaged, but it's going to take some time getting everything back up. They don't yet have an estimate.

Erin said...

My blog is hosted in the same data center, its been down for a while b/c of the fire. Hopefully not for too long!

Unknown said...

hey Jorge, Karri the site admin posted this over at her lj, i said id pass it on to ya ! ps, great job on hte finale, what you guys do is mind blowing, i love you all !!

Fuselage and all server sites down

Feel free to pass the word along to anyone that might be interested. Unfortunately the building that the server is in went boom. Here is what they have to say...

Dear Valued Customers:

This evening at (5/31/08) 4:55 in our H1 data center, electrical gear shorted, creating an explosion and fire that knocked down three walls surrounding our electrical equipment room Thankfully, no one was injured. In addition, no customer servers were damaged or lost.

We have just been allowed into the building to physically inspect the damage. Early indications are that the short was in a high-volume wire conduit. We were not allowed to activate our backup generator plan based on instructions from the fire department.

This is a significant outage, impacting approximately 9,000 servers and 7,500 customers. All members of our support team are in, and all vendors who supply us with data center equipment are on site. Our initial assessment, although early, points to being able to have some service restored by mid-afternoon on Sunday. Rest assured we are working around the clock.

They are estimating we will be back up and running later today. Keep an eye on http://forums.theplanet.com/index.php?showtopic=90185 That has the latest info that we will get about how the repair is going. Luckily this didn't happen on Thursday or Friday. :)

Anonymous said...

I just love that you call it The Fuse :) You are such a rockstar to the Lagers.

~amy aka hijinx

Avinash said...

The IMDb forum is amazing! Next time you're on IMDb log in to the Lost Board to check out all the crazy chaps on there!

Anonymous said...

You can try lostpedia.com, they have forums that are fairly popular as well :)

Carencey said...

(aka carencey)
Thanks for checking, Jorge, you rock. :)

The last from the update thread, which is loading pretty slowly itself --
To keep you up-to-date, here is the latest information about the outage in our H1 data center.

We expect to be able to provide initial power to parts of the H1 data center beginning at 5:00 p.m. CDT. At that time, we will begin testing and validating network and power systems, turning on air-conditioning systems and monitoring environmental conditions. We expect this testing to last approximately four hours.

Following this testing, we will begin to power-on customer servers in phases. These are approximate times, and as we know more, we will keep you apprised of the situation.

We will update you again around 2:30 p.m. this afternoon.

They just HAD to turn that failsafe key, didn't they. lol!

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

Oh, so THAT'S why I haven't been able to access it since yesterday. (Actually, I think I heard about the fire but didn't pay attention.)

Hey, Sonny, thanks for the kind words about the DarkUFO forums -- I'm an admin there (Bella). :)

Rachel Snyder said...

I have to second both the IMDb and Lostpedia forums. They're great fun and seriously eat into the time that I should be writing :-/ Hey Avinash, do you post often at IMDb? What's your user name? I'm NYCub :)

James Hernandez said...


I have no idea what you are talking about. What is the 'fuselage'?

Unknown said...


I'm from Brazil
I love lost
I love you
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send a hi to me
many kisses for you


Unknown said...


I'm from Brazil
I love lost
I love you
how can you know? without you know ....
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Unknown said...


I'm from Brazil
I love lost
I love you
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MG said...

i love you hugo reyes! ;)
kisses from argentina!

Topanga said...

yea, some giant server place in texas had a fire and has messed up the internet. i can't get into some of my favourite places either.

and to top it all off, my keyboard is giving up the ghost on me too. every time i hit the shift key i get a mess of letters like this ..9f];7.. and internet explorer opens itself into a new window. and i hate internet explorer. i'm a firefox believer.

Topanga said...

9f];7aybe ];7hk2i should try the darkufo forum. hmm

Topanga said...

oops, crap.. sorry about that last post. i used the shift key out of habit.

shift key.. i wish i could quit you

Unknown said...

Jorge you are way too cool. In the meantime just mosey on over to the dark ufo forums. Right now it is kind a slow because of the award nominations. You would be more than welcome over there, even if you remain anonymous. It is a great community =)

Unknown said...

@topanga you definitely should.

Jaime Pavez said...

Hey Jorge!!!
Greetings from CHILE!!! your father's land.

Nice Job in LOST.

Saludos y un abrazo.

sofia said...

Hi Jorge!!! I love your work!!! It would be cool for you to sometimes answer questions as you do in the fuse... It would be cool!!!

Captain Mustapha said...

While the Fuselage is down, everyone can post messages on Jorge's blog! :)

Carencey said...


the latest update available says some of the sites should be up and running by tomorrow morning, the other batch *maybe* by tomorrow night. I don't know which group the Fuselage is in, unfortunately.

Captain Mustapha said...

This is weird. At about the same time The Fuselage went down, my car window got stuck in the down position, then my secretary noticed that one of my computers was "making a very loud noise," then a brief 1 second power outage crashed my server. Later, while I was cloning the server drives, there was a huge hailstorm and my car window was still stuck in the down position. The wind forced water under the doorway.

Anyway, tonight everything but the car window is working again and there was no data loss - so maybe that's a good omen for The Fuse.

kinky_willow said...

Hey Jorge,
Just discovered your Blog and its rather amusing!
I read one of your older posts about advance wars on the DS, and wondered if you play any other video games, old or new and what you favourite are?

mirwin101 said...

With the Fuselage down, now would be a good time to fire that xbox 360 back up! I played through the Lost video game. It was kind of short. Why didn't you do the voice acting on the game?

Carencey said...

From Karri's (Fuselage admin's) livejournal -- For everyone following the great server explosion 2008 here is the latest update...

We are on the second floor!!! (That makes sense to all following along) We actually have power back as of this morning. The problem is the name servers were on the first floor and were relocated to other datacenters, which is neat and all BUT... they used an older backup to restore things. An older backup pointing to the old server we had like 2 weeks ago? So now we are trying to get that sorted which will hopefully happen soon.

So we're in the first group to get power, but the site moved to a new server during the break before the finale, and apparently the datacenter used a backup which pointed to the premove server. argh. (At least I think that's it. I don't speak tech so well!)
when things start to come alive again, it may help to try www.thefuselage.net and www.thefuselage.org as well -- depending on your provider, that might go through faster.

Unknown said...

HI Jorge...
I'm From Argentina, and here some guy find you taking a bus in Buenos Aires... jajja... I Know it's not you. But... It's your clone man!!!
visit this page:

And Congratulations! Your caracter is the best in the serie.
PD_ ¿DO you Spek Spanish? BEcause my English sucks...

Unknown said...

Sorry, It didn't come out well, again:

Unknown said...

they use ProBoards, which sadly had a fire. most of their boards are closed right now.

Carencey said...

the fuselage is back up! right now I can get in on thefuselage.org, but not thefuselage.com.

Captain Mustapha said...


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Annarella said...

Hi Jorge...I'm Anna from italy... I love lost and you are one of my favourite character.... These foto are very beautiful!!! YOU ARE THE BEST... if you want to leave a comment on my blog I'll be very very happy!!! BYE KISS

meri y charly said...

Jorge, te informo que tienes un clon argentino.
Mira este site:
Un abrazo desde Argentina!

Unknown said...

un saluto dall'Italia! You are great!

Celebrity.Fan said...

The fuselage is down again ;( or my comp is wrong ;)

Capmaster said...

Fuselage has gotten crazy anyways.

You should switch to Lostpedia's forum: http://forum.lostpedia.com/

Much saner atmosphere, and the moderating staff isn't nearly as vicious there.

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