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Sunday, June 15, 2008

More to come

Hey folks! Travelling a lot right now. I'll have a bunch to post when I get back. Don't want to do it now because I don't have access to my pictures. But Naveen and I were in Monte Carlo. I think I'll be seeing Terry tomorrow here in London. Here are a couple links for now.


This one I thought was funny because she has her own logo and "watermark" (I gotta get one of those.)



Cool Dad said...


Sue Wacvet said...

Let your fans design a logo and watermark for you. Sort of a contest. You just have to figure out how we can get them to you. (I get extra credit because I thought of it!)

Please Type Legibly said...

The first pic totally looked like you and Naveen got busted. And you both cleaned up nice. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest!

sergio said...

Nice party! I missed, too bad! Hehe. Keep walking! (Johnny Walker)

David in Setouchi said...

Did you stop by Paris a couple of weeks ago?

I saw a guy who really looked like you at a café, but I was like "nah, it can't be Jorge, he's in LA."
And then I learned you were in Monaco, so maybe you stopped by Paris on the way ?

(actually, I hope it was not you, I'd be so mad at myself not stopping and say hi if it was you (didn't dare to disturb))

James Hernandez said...


Geez living on the island has helped you appreciate the better things in life. I used to prefer taking a whiz out in the backyard when I was younger - didn't have to take off my shoes to get in the house or wash my hands. Just me and nature!

redelf said...

That first picture is fantastic!!!! Made me laugh!

Anonymous said...


There's a SUPER easy (and FREE) way to design an awesome watermark for your photos. If you're interested, e-mail me at jbarton@wyan.org

Rachel Snyder said...

Nice pics! Hope you're having a great time over in Europe.

Unknown said...

Love that picture of you and Naveen! Any chance of still traveling in July through Italy???

Miss Scarlett said...

1st pic is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are having a nice vaca! I look forward to hearing about your travels as I bake here in central cali :-)

maven said...

Looks like you guys are having a great time! (We were wondering where you've been! LOL) I'm sure you'll have a ton of wild and crazy posts when you get back.

LS asphyxiated. said...

Throwing my hat in the ring for the list of fangirls that would bend over backwards to design a watermark for you. ;) You should look into that!

Jenninhawaii said...

I just started reading your blog.. it is really funny. I love the first picture. What a character you are. I do have to admit it kinda feels kinda weird to read about you because I also happen to be your neighbor. I'll be sure to say hi next time I see you out. :o) Keep up the good work.

Mara said...

Jejeje, the first one is great! didnt know Naveen smoked! :p
Muchos besos :)

Line said...

Can´t wait to see new photos :D

Crystalia said...

I absolutely love the pic of you and Naveen! I couldn't stop laughing! You silly silly dudes! :)

Looby_Loo said...

You're in London!?
I might have to come and stalk, errr I mean say hi to you!

Well I would if I had the time...

Anonymous said...

I like the first one with you and naveen... quite funny. Have fun in London.

Anonymous said...

Hi jorge

Dash it all, I was in London end of April. Missed you by "that" much as Get Smart would say.
If you have a chance go see the #1 hit west end musical Hairspray with Michael Ball as Edna. You will love, love , love it. I am certain you will be up and dancing by the finale song.
LA California

moc815 said...

Oh... it looks like you and Naveen are making some watermarks of your own... har har. :)

White Rabbit said...

Jorge, you look smashing in a suit!!

Laura said...

I just love the first picture. You guys both look awesome!

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