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Monday, June 30, 2008

More Disneyland

I totally forgot I got these.
Thanks babe, enjoy your video.


maven said...

You're definitely like a big kid, Jorge...enjoying everything in life!

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

sorry. i just wanted to cover up your crying face. i figured you didn't want anyone out there to know that you cry of fear on that ride.

Anonymous said...

Aw, space mountain was closed the last time I was at the Happiest Place on Earth :-(

Please Type Legibly said...

Sounds like a well-earned vacation to me. Glad you enjoyed it! :o)

Rachel Snyder said...

I hope the other people who were on the rides with you are LOST fans; if they are, I'm sure their copies of those pictures have a prominent place in their photo albums :)

alturi said...

both times I went to Disneyland, Space Mountain was closed....

The last time I was there, it was opening again in like 2 weeks.
I was so upset since everyone says its like, the BEST ride.

Mara said...

I wanna go to Disneyland... :(

redelf said...

you guys look like fun! Lots of yelling!

~Karen~ said...

I love Splash Mountain. Every month when I go to Disney World, I have to head over to this ride so I can get my "Song of the South" fix.

Good times!

Topanga said...

LOL! What's the guy in the front pointing at? It looks like he's looking up at something terrifying.

Kristen said...

I am SO not a fan of Space Mountain. If there's a picture in existance of me on it, I probably had my eyes closed tightly. LOL

Larkin said...

Splash Mountain is my own personal idea of Hell. They put you in this log, make you listen to these creepy songs sung by these frightening anamatronic animals, and then they dump you off a fricken cliff!

No thanks.

I hope you rode Soarin' though, even if you were at the little park. I work at the one at Epcot. :D

lyly ford said...

awwwwwwww disney, my home *-* oh you're like me lol a really kid ^^ it's so sweet :)

elainemarieg said...

I'm still wondering who that guy in the plaid vest is...
Is he Greg from The Wiggles :0)

boarexpert said...

What an old thing to comment on from me, but I haven't been here for months and was glancing back quickly at all your entries and piccies and that and had to comment on this as it reminded me of a time I was visiting relatives in America. We went to a theme park and went on the log flume - myself, my older cousin, and my younger cousin who was only about 5 at the time. She was a bit scared so I sat at the front, she sat in the middle and my other cousin sat at the back. We'd never usually buy those photos the rides take of you, but on this ride, as she was scared, my little cousin put her arms around my waist. And when we saw the photo on the screen, well... you know, with the gravity pulling you down and I guess forcing your hands upwards, my cousins hands were perfectly cupping my breasts! 'Course we had to buy that photo teehee!

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