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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Munich Talk Show

Here's a picture from a talk show I did in Munich. They main difference between German talk shows and Spanish ones? No ant puppets. 


Paul Spooner said...

Dude, when are you coming to the UK?

Dr. Megan said...

No ant puppets? That's sad.

Enjoy your European trip, Jorge! I love the blog. :)

Megan @ adventuresofacarnivore.com

Cordelia Naismith Dumakae said...

Oh!Please, don't think that "El hormiguero" is something usual in Spain. I still feel shame remembering it. You are a great guest for a talk show and they didn't make an only good question. Waste of time. You were very polite. Otherwise I enjoyed your "meeting with the fans" at the cinema, you were great and funny!

Unknown said...

Jorge, "el hormiguero" is not a talk show, it's a hilarious show.
Look at this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2AMVjejzdc

Freak said...

Well, that maybe no the funniest part of your job, but someone has to do it, I guess. As they say in spanish: es un trabajo sucio, pero alguien tiene que hacerlo...
I bet german talk-shows are more polite than spanich ones...
You always do nice because you are a nice person or at least you seem to be.

Kezwan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kezwan said...

Wow hi Jorge
its me :)
i was on the event in munich and i take a picture with you pls klick on my profil and you will see the picture.
this women is a speaker of the german Priemere
nice day jorge and i hope you answer me :)
bye bye

Anonymous said...

Todo el mundo haciendo la pelota diciendo que el hormiguero es una verguenza, y al él le encantó.
Sobre todo Trancas y Barrancas.

Estuvo todo el programa descojonao' vivo.

Hérika e Ariano said...

Every elegant in Show!
You know Brazil? It is a beautiful country and very exciting, it will be very well received!
Hérika and Ariano.

Unknown said...

Jorge, I have a present for you:

Sébastien Launay said...

Hey dude you're my favortite character of the show ! I'm french and I wanted so much to see ya in Paris last week-end for the Festival Jules Verne !
have you planned to come to France ?


Bachamer International said...

Is there a way to see a video of that show? Couldn't find it (but according to my man, I am search engine challenged).



PoshDrosofila said...

Love your shoes!

Avinash said...

Dammmmmmmn, that is one tasty interviewer.

Sora said...

Really, I think "el hormiguero" is very funny!

Hugs Jorge!!

JohnLeMay said...

Spanish talk shows seem, what's the word? Unique.

Clare said...

Ha ha ha! Yeah Im sure German talk show are a little more straight and to the point!

Lu said...

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Christina Bauer said...

Hope you had fun in Germany!

groovymom said...

No puppets is always a good thing.

Any pictures of street signs on this trip? I love when your travel blog includes pictures of obscure street signs!!!

Great 100th ep!!

Enjoy your day!

Verna Sauventreen said...

estas seguro de que no habia puppets en ese programa???
la presentadora, se parece bastante a un puppet!!!

psychobirdgirl said...

hey jorge, a guy came up to me at the Baskin Robbins on King st. last night and asked me for your autograph, he thought I was you, which is strange, since I am not in fact a dude.

feelisgood said...

This is a guy from Ukraine :-)
I do not have cable TV. That's sad.

Andrés said...

I'm spanish and sorry for my bad english, I see you in "el hormigero" (ant hill) and this program is very popular in spain, is a humor show, no is a serious show, in spain we have very kind of show. I read in this blog very bad things about "el hormiguero", if there are people that never see this program, please shut up, I see Jorge was kind in this program, often Jorge laught. sorry for my bad english

redelf said...

You look cute and comfy dude.

Seabiscuit said...

No ant puppets? Those crazy Germans.

Cosita Verde y Rosa said...

Jorge, you know Spanish ones are batter and funnier than german´s!!!

(P.S I have one of the ant muppets at home, hohoho xD)

J-Zombie said...

hola jorge,muy bueno el episodio 100 de lost,sencillamente genial,saludos
4 8 15 16 23 42

Jules said...

Any chance we can watch it online?

Trude said...

...and horrible chairs.

ReNaTo UêGa said...

Hey dude! Please, come to Brazil! Do you like soccer? Do you like samba? Hummm... I don't like samba but... soccer yeah! lol... Hey really, I love LOST and your character is amazing! Hurley is great! In both sense! lol Sucess dude! Always!!! Hugs Jorgeman =)

drallabg said...

Wow.....travel bug! Beware of the "Boar Flu" kinda wishy-washy...Dude!

The Boss Man said...

Jorge, I'm just leaving a comment to let you know that you are my fucking boy. You are a great guy and your character is incredible. If you feel like responding at all to this, my blog is


even though I just started it. Thanks alot, your show and character are great and have more than likely changed my life.

Awesomely and Dudely,

Ross Parks

JohnLeMay said...

Jorge/anyone: What is the name of the song at the end of "Tabula Rasa"? Thanks, John

Jill said...

I love this blog Jorge.
Thank you for taking the time to let us all share little bits of your world

The song playing on hurley's CD Player at the end of Tabula Rasa was WASH AWAY

I got troubles, lord, but not today
'Cause they're gonna wash away
They're gonna wash away

And I have sins, lord, but not today
'Cause they're gonna wash away
They're gonna wash away

And I have friends, lord, but not today
'Cause they done washed away
They done washed away

Lord, I've been crying alone
I've been crying alone
No, no more crying alone
no, no more crying here.

We get lonely, lord, but not today
Cause we're gonna wash away
We're gonna wash away

I got troubles, lord, but not today
Cause they're gonna wash away
This old river's gonna take them away.

ReNaTo UêGa said...

Yes, the song is: "Joe Purdy - Wash Away" =)

JohnLeMay said...

That song is awesome. Always fun to find a new artist to follow!

Zeph Daniel said...

just found the blog--kudos for communicating with fans and all.. brave, awesome. Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the show this year especially... you and O'Quinn are the two vital ones--the story hangs on you both, more than any other. Cheers from New Mexico. z

Vicky said...

no tocó nada jorge no acertaste los numeros, yo que pense que me harias rica y famosa...:( jejeje
que gusto da poder escribir en español xD

James Hernandez said...


Sehr gut? Nien! :-)

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