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Saturday, April 11, 2009

So I went to the dentist recently.

And they took x-rays. And as usual they put that lead apron on me.  When did this thing become a turtle-neck? And what about my neck from before?


Nena said...

Great. We're all going to end up with throat cancer because they failed to cover our necks before.


A. Boyd Campbell, II said...

Did you ever wonder why they thought it was ok to irradiate your face and head, but not your chest?

Petra said...

Maybe you got the special turtleneck because of your exposure to radiation when Desmond turned the fail safe k...

Oh no, sorry. That's just pretend. Sorry, sometimes I have a hard time remembering that! LOL.

: ) P

ps - I am sorry. You are probably tired of the LOST jokes.

Michael J. Epstein said...

Even more importantly, what about your brain and eyes. I don't have any teeth to look at in my brain, but they don't wrap me up in mummy lead!!

(The truth is, I am pretty sure the apron is just to make you feel like they are doing something to protect you, the X-Ray cannon must be pretty directional anyway.)

john (not lennon) said...


you know we're all thinking of the scene with Desmond and Daniel


Calandra said...

Your neck should be fine!

Unknown said...

My guess? This is to protect your thyroid.

Robin said...

It IS to protect your thyroid, because "Thyroid cancer has the fastest rising incidence among cancers in the U.S." http://www.checkyourneck.com/ontherise.asp
For some reason, all these people are getting thyroid cancer all the time, and they are just NOW thinking "Hmmm... this is weird. What's up?"

I should know, because I was diagnosed last year at the age of 23. And I never once got a lead neck thing when I went to the dentist.

Sucks for sure!

Dan'l said...

The "turtle neck" is to protect the thyroid; radiation in the body accumulates in the thyroid. I wouldn't worry about it unless your exposed to other sources of Radiation.

Kristin aka Trekkie Gal said...

GAAAAH! I've never had the neck thing at the dentist! :( I'm going to make sure I get one next time they take x-rays though.

Michael Dines said...

What about your arms?

Unknown said...

oooo! Good point!

Avinash said...

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By the way, I'm not really gay. but I have nothing against gays. But I think you're great. You are amazing. I want to cuddle you. You look more cuddly than a kitten.

When I think of you, I think of a kitten. One of the few things one would like to have sex with and then cuddle. Joking. I'm straight. But you're amazing. yeah.

Unknown said...

I had braces at 19, and by the time I was 21 I had thyroid cancer. They took tons of X-rays and never once put a lead collar on my neck. So George, I guess it's true...celebrities DO get better care!

Cindy Lou Who said...

I just went to the dentist - and mine didn't have the neck guard??? Does that mean I'm gonna get some horrible disease from radiation? ;o)

Moochiecat said...

Way to rock the lead apron, Jorge!

randyman said...

I can say with a good deal of certainty that I have never before heard the phrase "rock the lead apron".

But you do indeed.

fjg said...

Well you are all lucky to get an apron. I live in Australia and we don't even get an apron let alone a collar!!
My solution, say NO to X Rays.
Did you go to Bernard for your dental needs? (sorry, can't get Lost out of my head..)

Jen said...

Yeah, it's for your thyroid. :-)

My oldest child was born at 24 weeks, and she only weighed a pound and a half. When she needed x-rays, they couldn't take her out to get them, so they'd roll a big machine in to her.

The nurses would always wear a lead apron, but everyone else in the big open NICU wouldn't have one. So, every time they had to x-ray a baby, I wondered if we should be afraid of the rays shooting all around the room?

The babies didn't get aprons, either. They were so small that it just wasn't practical. Sometimes we tell her that the x-ray exposure is why she's got a twisted sense of humor, but really everyone knows it's because of her twisted parents... ;-)

Tammy said...

Web Md, hell no, Dispatches from the island.
I learn so much here-things I didnt know, like why my thyroid is screwed, and that people can be a just a bit wacked. You gotta love blogs!

Tammy said...

BTW, Happy Easter.

Lola said...

Yup, it's for your thyroid. The dentist I've been going to for the last couple years is the first place I ever got this extra bit of protection. Especially worrisome since I had really jacked up teeth as a kid and probably got more tooth x-rays than the average child.

Movie Star Wife said...

Jorge, please tell me you are doing something cool for Easter. Perhaps dressing as a big fuzzy bunny? I bet you decorate some cool Easter eggs. I hope you post some pics like you did with the Halloween pumpkins and the Christmas gingerbread house.

Yep--prevention for thyroid cancer. My husband had it. However, he has practically perfect teeth so I know he didn't get lots of x-rays. I'm always wondering how he got it. He had to have been exposed to radiation somehow.

Happy Easter!
I hope the Easter bunny is kind to you and brings lots of goodies.

Chris said...

John (not lennon),
The Desmond and Daniel scene was exactly what I was thinking. Desmond says "What about your head?"

Emily said...

When I first looked at the picture I was like, "Why's he in an astronaut suit?"

Anonymous said...

wow-- i rarely go through the comments, but these were quite insightful.... Perhaps the lack of space suit lead neck all those years is why I got the thyroid cancer too... never would have ever even thought about it. Thanks.. and thanks Jorge for your fabulous posts, humor, and genuine-ness in the wicky weird world.

Eugen Caitaz said...

You look like an astronaut on here!!!

redelf said...

Well...I was just diagnosed with hyperthyroidism caused by a nodule on my thyroid. I have heard that lots of xrays to that area can cause that, though my doctor is not sure if that is the cause of mine or not. That is why I am going to see an expert in a few weeks to see if I have to have surgrey.

Paul Spooner said...

Whenever I am at the dentist and they take X-rays, all I can think is: are these ever going to be used to identify my body...

I know its morbid, but I can't help myself...they always use dental records in CSI and stuff...

ValMo said...

They used to make them in fun, gender-specific colors. What happened to that? Can't they put anything fun on them or use a fun pattern of gortex or whatever is used on them? Maybe paint a skeleton on the front?

CherokeeLikeMe said...

Tell me about it! All sorts of Thyroid/Parathyroid Diseases & Disorders are on the rise...not just cancer.

Essential Amy said...

For some reason I really like the lead vest. I always get a little sad when they take it off. I find it very calming. At any rate, I am glad to see this modification in them to protect the thyroid. I am going to make sure my dentist has these new ones.

zar63 said...

OMG..I just had some dental work done. The dentist is great, almost no pain. But, every few minutes he was asking me if I was ok. My mouth is numb from shots and he has his hands and who knows what kind of metal objects in there and he's asking me if I'm alright. Like I can answer him...lol
We got it worked out now. If I kick him really hard in the straddle I'm not alright, otherwise he can proceed. :)

Tania said...

Huh. I've never had any kind of protection for dental x-rays - and I go to a private dentist, not National Health.
I guess, in the UK, dentists don't think lead aprons are necessary. Maybe one or two x-rays every 6 months isn't enough to do harm?

Radioactive Tori said...

I had thyroid cancer, so I am glad they are finally protecting people from that. Cancer is no fun, especially when it could possibly have been prevented! When my kids have any kind of xray, they always look at me like I am crazy for requesting the neck protection but I don't care if it helps prevent something bad!

Anonymous said...

That is to protect the thyroid. radiation in the body accumulates in the thyroid. Anyways, looking good in this posture.

masonexcell said...


I just had a dentist appointment today, my crown cracked and had to get it repaired and had to wear the turle-neck lead apron as well.


Throat cancer is excatly what the nurse told me. lol

Mireia said...

I'm from Spain and everybody is saying that the interview that you have yesterday in Spain (El hormiguero show) was really bad. A lot of people say that there were no interesting questions. They say you felt really strange during the show. I want to know what do you think about it because this show is a humor show.

Verobe said...

A.Boyd C. As a dentistry student I have to answer to you, we irradiate the head, yes but not the brain or another important organs. Is very important to protect the chest because some X Rays can get to it and it is dangerous.
Sorry for my english =(

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