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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Madrid: First Night

The day we landed in Madrid I had a talk show to do. It's called "El Hormiguero" (the ant hill).

The interview starts out with you and the host Pablo,

but then these two ant puppets pop out and take over.

They asked me to pick lottery numbers so that everyone in the audience would play the same ones that week.

Then we did some experiments with dry ice.
(Note the show's resident "Mad Scientist" has a Dharma logo, he said he's had it for three years on the show now.)

It was a pretty wild show but I had a lot of fun.
As it turned out mine was their number one rated show featuring an international guest, beating both Will Smith and Hugh Jackman. That felt pretty awesome.

I held that title for one whole day by the way, until I was dethroned by Miley Cyrus.
I didn't stand a chance.


Charles J. said...

HEY! Nothing to do with your BLOG but I just came from the SPINAL TAP concert at the Paramount theater here in Oakland, Ca. and they gave you guys (LOST) a shout out! BY SPINAL TAP! They said they were sorry we were all going to miss the show tonight. I've been reading you blog for some time and never thought I'd write you, but this was a must. Also, the show was awesome. They opened with an acoustic version of HELLHOLE and it just got better from there...and it was funny too. I still can't believe you got a shout out! Lucky Bastard!
PS I dated a woman in Spain for some time. They are a beautiful people. Get some Tapas and beer.

Unknown said...

Hi Jorge,
You are so kind summing it up as "pretty wild". That is a very weird show always, but that night they were definitely not inspired. A bit overwhelmed, some of us think.
I was lucky enough to assist to the next evening event. It was a lot of fun, thank you!
I hope you enjoyed your visit to Madrid.

NL said...

Thanks for coming to Spain, Jorge!! I loved your Spanish, it was GREAT and funny. As for "El hormiguero"..., lots of fans (including me) were a bit disappointed that night... We're sure they could have done much better work. They kind of "wasted" your visit, from the point of view of a fan...
Anyway, for us, yours will still be the number one rated show.
And of course, I played your lottery numbers, let's see what happens!!

Zar said...

Jorge...Belive me, you'll never be dethroned on our hearts.
You are too generous in your comments about "El Hormiguero".
It was a very, very, very bad interview. You deserve something better.
Also, the spanish fans do´'t give a fuck if you like to clean your ass with towels or not. It´s your privacy and if you want say it you have your blog...
Once again, we apologize...

We miss you dude!!

Akaith said...

So, we are waiting for the real night (after show) report! Did you visit any bar, Jorge? You liked them? There are more awasome things in Madrid, hope you enjoyed your vist in there!

Enrique Sánchez said...

Hi jorge.
i saw you in the TV show. It was fun.
I hope you had a pleasant stay in Spain.

IslandPearl said...

Didn't see that interview, but loved you on Jimmy Kimmel.

Griffey and Charlie said...

Hi Jorge!
Your appearance on El Hormiguero is on YouTube (shocking;)

What was that disembodied female computer-like voice saying?

p.e. those ant puppets are creee-peee!


Adri said...

Hi Jorge!

It was so nice to have you here :) And as they tell you above, you're being so diplomatic describing "El Hormiguero" as a wild show.

Pablo Motos' interviews are not very popular among some audience.. we just hate how he (and the program) do it.. they don't understand that a international guests doesn't get the jokes he does because they're impossible to translate..

But, anyway.. it's an experience too, isn't it?

Glad you had a good time ;) can't wait to read how you diplomaticly describe how insistent were the movie theatre attendants with questions they knew you weren't gonna answer xD

Again, thanks for coming! I had a really good time on tuesday and I think your a really kind, natural and honest :)

greetings from spain!!

FinoBlogger said...

Jorge... you're so generous with your comments about El Hormiguero. As I said yesterday... you're great dude!

I hope you'll come again to Spain, we'll be waiting 4 U in Barcelona. OK?

See U!

AFI said...

Hi Jorge, first of everything, thanks to come to Spain, I saw the interview, was not one of the best ones than they have done, but it is thanked for, that bring important people, I understand that outside thus, they could not either keep awake nothing of the series, begins this Saturday. The pain was the test of "Mariposa effect" , on the following day they returned it to realise with Miley Cyrus and left perfect, I do not know you would see if it.


That would have been fantastic that had left being your there. I have some theories exceeds that are Richard, who better than you to share them, I already guessed right with Miles.

A hug Duuude.

Anama said...

Yo vi "El hormiguero". Que pena que no saliera lo de Marron!!!!!

Lo hiciste muy bien Jorge!!!

Y muy buen español!!!!!

KambalaPowa said...

Jorge, gracias por venir a España!!

A los fans de Lost nos decepcionó la entrevista, pero tu estuviste muy grande (no lo digo por el tamaño xD)


NS said...

Madrid... Munich... Aren't you coming to Portugal also?! I'm make you the tour of your life!

Thank you


daroquio said...

Hey Jorge, I have to thank you for your stay in Spain. You were absolutely fantastic.

I am sorry because of the interview in 'El Hormiguero'. It was terrible (but don't worry, the program is always as bad as you see).

We hope you return one day and have a good interview in a program

Thank you one more time, Jorge

BerlyCrow said...

So what lottery numbers did you pick? Was it those creepy numbers You/Hurley have following him around in LOST? Just had to ask....LOL.

Verna Sauventreen said...

back to spain!!!
go to bharma^^
everybody here we love you

Pichake said...

Gracias por todo Jorge.Soy el borde que te pregunto por Libby en el psiquiátrico en el encuentro con los fans en el cine.Estaba muy nervioso. Estuvistes muy divertido y genial. Como siempre. Lo podeis ver en youtube:

Anonymous said...

Duuuuuuuuude!! Lo mejor de "El Hormiguero" fuiste tú porque el resto...

Un saludo!!

Michael Dines said...


I don't speak Spanish, but I can get the gist of most of what's going on. Looks like a fun show!

Jules said...

Jorge, could you pick some lottery numbers just for me? I think you're like a rabbits foot... or a horseshoe... or something like that.

Jodie said...

Well, if it makes you feel any better my 13 year old likes you way better than she like Miley!

venus said...

I watched the interview cause I'm a big fan of Lost and "El hormiguero" too and I can't understand what was about the interview cause Pablo Motos is a funny host, I watched Hugh Jackman and Will Smith interviews and its were amazing and funny and they were very kind and interacted very much with the host so...I don't know what happenned but the interview was not funny at all. I think that the rest of the events here in Spain were better for you, tell Josh Holloway we are waiting for him :)

kyra said...

Lo mejor fue cuando salió el loco de Marlow, no sabiá si correr o que le tragase la tierra.

Gary said...

ei Jorge, I saw you in the program from my home in Spain, jaja, were very well, congratulations, I very much admire your role on the series of lost, and you as a person, I hope you go well

El Profesor said...

Jorge, vaya galáctico estás hecho. A mí también me decepcionó un poco el circo que te montaron, ya que a veces lo hacen mejor. Pero verte en una televisión española fue un inmenso placer, además nos has venido muy bien ya que está semana no hay capítulo. Agggggg que me vuelvo loco.

Bueno un abrazo, y por favor, besa en la boca a Lindelof y Cuse de mi parte.

Afs said...

You are the best man! I'm from spain and I see you on the "el hormiguero". I hope you come back to another shows on spain to let us see you again! Best Wishes!

redelf said...

Awww...that darn Miley. lol
that show looks nice and bizzaro...I think I would have freaked when the puppets showed up.

Galicia1 said...

We enjoyed your visit to El Hormiguero. Now, you know how crazy they are.

But i'm a little bit disagree with the channel, Cuatro, about the promos of Lost: they are spoilering so much!!!

Come back soon!!!
Saludos desde España

Unknown said...

Hey Jorge! Are you comming to Portugal? Quite a nice country :D

.leah. said...

.hope you enjoyed your stay in madrid.
.i'm studying here for the semester and it's quite the lovely city.
.how much longer are you staying?.

Series de Bolsillo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nosotros said...


Just dropped in to apologize in the name of all spanish people for the dumbness of Pablo Motos. I hope you will enjoy the rest of your trip among us. When getting tapas, ask for: jamón ibérico, tortilla de patata, fritura andaluza, croquetas!

As for beer: dont u ever drink cruzcampo, aguila amstel. Instead try: mahou, super bock (portuguese but some bars have it).


Series de Bolsillo said...

Hi Jorge...

I feel sorry for you... I can't believe they made you go through that lame and sucking show (El hormiguero) Hehe... I'm from Puerto Rico, but I'm living right now in Madrid. I'm a huge Lost fan, so I watched El hormiguero that night just for you.. but believe me there were times when I was really thinking throwing myself out the window ;) What a lame program, it looks like they did the pre production for the interview 15 minutes before it began.. I hope the event in the movie theater was ok.

Love your spanish, it sound a little bit like J-Lo (No offense) Jorge from the block?? ;)

Un abrazo, y mucho éxito (I'mean more)


PS. Looking forward for the end of Season 6.. Or I'll never gonna finish my Thesis... I need to go back to the Caribbean... miss the beaches so much!!!

AMENMom said...

Boy, it seems like everyone who watches that show HATES it, but they keep watching, don't they? Kudos for beating out Will and Hugh. Miley's just a train that can't be stopped.

patricia said...

hey guapo!!!
sorry for pablo motos,he thinks is the best or very cool guy i dont know,apart from that,thanks for coming darling,i couldnt being in the audience i phoned loads of times and sent loads of mails but no one care,anyway hope we can meet one day somewhere
youre one of the best,well for me its you and the dead guy charly

Mariló García said...

Hola Jorge
Hi Jorge

Gracias por la entrevista y la foto!
Thanxs for the interview & pic!

Y feliz cumpleaños!!!!
& happy birthday!


Topanga said...

Oh Griffey and Charlie!!! Thanks for posting the link. I don't speak spanish but does it seem like the host is speaking insanely fast? I can almost pick out some of what Jorge is saying from my knowledge of french but the host must be on speed or something.

Anonymous said...

Jorgeeeeeee, qué maravilloso verte por España de verdaddddd, qué pena me dió no poder verte!!!
Respecto al hormiguero, espero que no sea la idea que te llevas de nuestro país, porque en mi opinión, esa entrevista y muchas otras que hacen son lo peor... La gente está indignada de que asocies eso con España porque realmente TE ADORAMOS!!! Y VIVA LOST!!! La mejor serie de la historia!!!!

almu said...

Thanks for coming to Spain!!!

I loved the show!!!

Campanilla said...

Jorge!!!! As you speak spanish I'm going to tell you that ERES EL MEJOR!!!!!!! :)

I didn't like the interview but you were just great!!! Seriously!!!

Despite of Pablo Motos, I have to say that El Hormiguero brought us the oportunity to know you a little better and, do you know what??? I liked what I saw!! Seriously, you're great.

By the way, I have read you on your blog for a long long time!!!! And I have posted you some comments by the name of Mara. My profile of that count guides you to my personal blog but I participate in another one. Its name is Perdidos Online (perdidosonline.blogspot.com) and I and my blogmates would be really happy if one day you decide to come and say hello!!!

A lot of kisses from Spain!!

Karen said...

You are like the world's Mr. Congeniality. Wierd puppets.

New Leaf said...

...ant puppets? O.o

Anonymous said...

FELICIDADES¡ Hoy es Sant Jordi¡¡ (Jorge en castellano)
La leyenda dice asi: En la edad media un dragon atemorizaba a un pueblo. Un dia pidio a los habitantes del pueblo comerse a una dama o si no mataria a todos los del pueblo. El rey decidio enviar a su hija.Cuando el dragón se iba a comer a la pricesa aparecio un caballero llamado Jordi y mato al dragón. Las lagrimas de la princesa cayeron sobre la sangre del dragon y salieron rosas.El caballero Jordi cogio una rosa y se la regalo a la princesa.
Hoy se regalan rosas y libros a la gente que quieres.

Justine said...

Haha, you looked thrilled to be talking to those ants. :) Yeah, if Miley Cyrus goes on, you're gonna lose that title, sorry Jorge :)

Díscolo said...

Hey, did you finally see "El Guernica"?

Felicidades de Jorge a Jorge

aims said...

Sweetie - I would never watch a thing with her in it. You on the other hand? UhHuh....don't get me started.

taburiente said...

Jorge (Hugo) eres el mejor.
Lastima la entrevista en El Hormiguero. Gracias por venir a vernos a España.
Cuando tengas a Ben al lado dale un buen puñetazo ;-)

Cristian Dorta said...

Jorge en España Te Queremos, Gracias por venir y la verdad es que no estamos contentos con la entrevista, pero a valido la pena por verte y saber algo mas de ti.

Te saludo en mi nombre y en el de la gente que frecuenta mi blog dedicado a Lost.

James Hernandez said...


Dude you were dethroned by Miley Cyrus? That's even worse than being dethroned by Billy Bob Thornton!

FormatoAvi said...

Hey Jorge Garcia, If it's really you, i've to say, that you dude, are the best!, you're one of my three favourite characters of LOST (John, Ben & You)
See you brotha.
Lucas from Argentina. Sorry if i speek bad, my english sucks!
My msn: teenage_politics@hotmail.com

Kaaru said...

Hello Jorge,

Te escribo en Español. Sentí vergüenza por como te trataron en el hormiguero. Normalmente Pablo hace eso... le gusta ser el centro de atención aunque tenga al lado a cualquier invitado con renombre.La entrevista que te hizo se limitó a hablar de caramelos de menta por un beso, a papel del wc... creo que podría haber ido por otro lado... en fin, espero que hayas disfrutado de España y que vuelvas pronto. Me encanta tu personaje en LOST eres grande en todos los sentidos!! Un abrazo

AN said...

Hey Jorge! Great post! I´m a man from Spain. I think you got a lot of riot in three days (too many events) but was fantastic to see you in Madrid. "El Horgmiguero" it´s a funny show but it think the most interesting questions appear in other interviews (I love yout taste about Guernica, for example). Thanks for come here, an ask Naveed why didn´t come with you!

P. S. Don´t give up with the spanish language, you speak it perfectly!

¡Abrazos amigo!

-¡¡¡!!!- said...

Hola Jorge, no suelo ver Perdidos, ¡ciento y pico episodios de masturbación mental no es lo mio!.
seguramento por eso protestan tanto por aquí sus seguidores sobre El Hormiguero que es pura dversión sin más.
Me caiste bien y he puesto una entrada en mi blog dedicada a tí:


Columbus Cheap Chick said...

Man, why does Hannah Montana have to ruin it for everyone??? Hope you had fun - looks like a bizarrely fun show

Meg said...

You know, I thought Don Fransisco was a wacky guy, I had no idea that the zany Spanish variety show was a whole genre.

Sora said...

I see you in El Hormiguero.
u're fantastic!
and I love lost!!

merylspider said...

Hey, You were amazing at the show. Didnt know you talk so good spanish, "El hormiguero" is pretty crazy always and I always wonder what foreign people think when they came. Glad your experience was nice. Hope you liked madrid and spain as well. Greeting from Spain

Unknown said...

We love you Jorge. In the serial you are the best.

Mark Scholl said...

How could you pick number for the lottery and NOT choose 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. =^)

Cosita Verde y Rosa said...

hey Jorge, i saw you at the show, was great and you were so nice, i really liked the interview (much more than Hanna Montana´s one, im a very fan of the programm and I watch it every day if i can xD)


Nieves Useros said...

Ya me gustabas y me parecías genial y super simpático en la serie, pero después de verte en el hormiguero, nos pareces mucho mejor a mi novio y a mí. Nos reimos un montón contigo, eres genial!

PsicoCine said...

Jorge saludos desde Spain! estubiste genial en el hormiguero, voy a jugar a la "lottery", esta semana , si toca algo, te lo cuento
vuelve pronto :)
Espero que te haya gustado España

Marga* said...

At least you say you had a nice time... but Pablo Motos did an awful job with you. You deserve so much more!!!

Fenris said...

Ei Mr.García! I liked to ear you speaking Español :) although fans of lost waited for a more professional interview by the part of Pablo Motos.

Thank you very much and say to Josh and Terry that they must to come soon :)

adRift said...

hey!I saw you on spanish tv! it's a humor tv program so... I think is normal the way that the interview was! I hope you really enjoy it and have a good time in Spain! Flipi (the mad scientist) is awesome!! he's a very mad man LOL and it's true that he been wearing a dharma logo for a few years! haha
Hope to see you again! thanks Jorge!! ;)

[*Sanwaxa*] said...


I waited for your program but just when it came I had to study hardly T_T (Thank Internet... xD)

I've been watching Lost since it started (well, I haven't seen 5th season yet, give me time)and I have two conclusions: screenwriters are genious and original version is much better than spanish.

I know Lost thank TVE (Spanish TV), but it was a sh** because they treated it very bad. I hope Cuatro treat it better.

By the way! You're not going to answer but... Why do you have a spanish name and surname? Well, I can try to answer it on Wikipedia... xD


Unknown said...

YOU WERE ON A SHOW WITH PUPPETS! Damn, if I had some kind of budget I'd demand you be on mine!!
SO AWESOME! *explodes with happy*

Queen Hallowdragon said...

YOU WERE ON A SHOW WITH PUPPETS! Damn, if I had some kind of budget I'd demand you be on mine!!
SO AWESOME! *explodes with happy*

Queen Hallowdragon said...

Sorry to post three times, now. Blogger threw me off and I had to log in again as Puppatoons.:/

LaFreak said...


Otro fan español que vió la entrevista y no le gustó. Pero no por tu culpa ;)

Un abrazo y sigue así.

PD: unos posts más arriba leí que un español te llamaba crack.

En España ser un crack en algo es ser el mejor (los diferentes slangs de los distintos países son una cosa curiosa).

Carlos said...

Hahaha, it was weird, yes, I was freaking out while watching "El Hormiguero". I laughed the most was when you had to say if the photo was an ass or an elbow... that was hilarious! Well, I'm glad you had a good time over here, I hope the next time you come maybe the person who interviews you doesn't ask to you things about your "personal care", hahahahaha.

Hugs, and take care, man!

jordichicletol said...


Yo tambien me llamo Jorge (Jordi)

Ah, y no pienses que en España estamos todos locos como los de El Hormiguero jajajaja

un saludo!

Panic said...

Ey dude! thanks very much for coming..the interview...ok i won´t talk about that.
but we love your spanish!and we love you, too.

Please come again, please, please, pleas...and come to Valencia! it's wonderful!

De todos los personajes de la serie eres el que mas gusta, y creo que es por que realmente tienes que ser muy parecido a tu personaje en la vida real. Y eso te hace encantador.
Ahora que he conocido tu blog voy a pasarme mas a menudo. Que me parece muy entretenido.

Sorry for writting in spanish, but i don't control my english at all!!!

un saludo y besos!

Anonymous said...

Some song suggestions for your "album"

Time in a bottle - Jim Croce
Father Figure - George Michael
Island in the sun - Weezer
Yoda - (Weird Al)
Strange Apparition - Beck
Run through the jungle - CCR

: )

PoNCh said...

Just watching the interview on YouTube. Jorge, you ROCK!

Ana DeBlogs said...

Hi Jorge:
El Hormiguero is a unfortunate program, Motos is a deplorable host, but you're fantastic!

People say you was brilliant with fans at the theater. Thanks for come to Spain.

I'll fill the lottery ticket with your numbers... if we won, I'll send you a gift!


Ivan said...

El programa estubo bien pero no supo aprovechar la entrevista, solo pregunto cosas que no tenian importacia. Pero, ¿a ti te gusto el Hormiguero?

DeMeNTia said...

hahahaha vi el show online, debo decir q me molesto un poco las preguntas tan tontas que hizo el presentador, lo bueno es que jorge es un tipazo y se divirtio con todas esas burradas, me encanto verte hablando español fue genial, tienes un poco de acento chileno, pero en general me gusto mucho ver una faceta distinta de mi personaje favorito de lost, un abrazo grande jorge y mcuho animo!

Carlos Jiró said...

Me encanta tu blog, es muy original. Tu papel en la serie es genial. Un gran saludo desde España.

Carlos Jiró

ati said...

ooohhh...te derrotó Hannah Montana??? Bueno, no pasa nada... aún estás a tiempo de convertirte en una bella cantante adolescente :)

Bueno, como bien sabes, en españa (y supongo que en todo el mundo) se te quiere mucho.

Vuelve pronto.

QB said...

Very nice interview. I'm spanish and you are one of my favourites characters in the show.

Go on with the script of the Empire... hahahaha.

elGalgo said...

Yo estuve en los ideal y me lo pase en grande. Espero que vuelvas para promocionar la sexta temporada y trete de paso a Kate.

OndinaSoap said...

Hi Jorge,
Thanks for coming to spain,i am very happy because i saw you in ´El hormiguero´,your spanish is very very good.
In you return spain you visit Liebana in Cantabria, is very beautiful.

Ana Caamaño Manjón said...

Hi Jorge!
I have a similar opinion as all the spanish people here about El Hormiguero and Pablo Motos. The show very often just sucks, and Pablo wants to be the star, he's not good at all on interviews, and the whole thing is chaotic and crazy, but not funny-crazy, just crazy. I only get some laughs with the antz, but the jokes are not very understanding for foreign people. But...you did it well Jorge! Thanks for coming!!!

tuseeketh said...


I'm spanish and I need to tell you this: El Hormiguero sucks, and Pablo Motos sucks more. The interview was shamefaced. I'm sorry you had to go through this.

I hope you decide to come to Barcelona some time!


sevilla said...

El Hormiguero is a very very very very big shit my friend.

Suketa said...

I think that the interview was not the best one in "El Hormiguero" but I enjoyed it so much. There is too much people who likes this show: it's funny, different...
I hope you enjoyed your visit!
Hugs Dude!

christina said...

te llamas como mi padree^^

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

¡Eres lo más grande de Lost!

Iris said...

You was amazing at the show! I had a great time with you.
As other people tell, Pablo wants to be the star in his show. (He invites a tennis player and he wants win...).

So amazing! What a laught!
Have great!!

Christina Bauer said...

A show with ant puppets? Weird! Glad you had fun, and of course you are so popular! We all love you, Jorge!

SERGI said...

Jorge. I'm embarrassed about the intervew that you had to endure in EL Hormiguero. I never watch this pathetic show, just when they invite a very interesting people like you. But, as ussually, they bring us a pathethic intervew whith a very lower level than the guest.
I wish somebothy makes you a better intervew to know you better and I hope that you don't think that all spanish people are like Pablo Motos. Thank you to endure that moments and congratulatoins for your job.

Unknown said...

Muchas gracias por asistir al programa!! ya teniamos ganas los fans españoles de ver a alguien de la serie más de cerca!!! estuvo genial!! y eres encantador. Espero que lo pasaras bien porque (yo por lo menos) me lo paso genial contigo.

IB said...

hi Jorge!

I never seen lost, but after your interviu in the program el hormiguero, i begin to see and... wow! the first season of lost i saw in two days!! it´s addictive hehe.

I like very much your role of Hugo good job!, you are very funny and friendly.
The best of interviu: YOU.ahh! godd spanish ;)

A greeting from Spain
(sorry for my english, is very poor)

Pili Ramone said...

Hi Jorge!
Sorry for the interview in "el Hormiguero"... sorry, sorry, and sorry... we apologize.

Well, I hope you'll come again to Spain, big hughs!

Cassandra said...

I watched the entire "El Hormiguero" interview online, and even though all the Spaniards seem to be embarrassed about it, there's something refreshing there! American TV in general and talk shows in particular are so totally slick and scripted. My Spanish is terrible, but I could sort of follow what was going on. And I liked the spontaneity--for example, the way the host guy had a hard time getting the "pompa" to work on the bowl with the dry ice. If you look at clips of the old Johnny Carson shows, you see that Johnny Carson was not afraid to do stupid things or do things where he had no idea how it would work out. And occasionally he seems unprepared for the guest. So yes, the host didn't take full advantage of Jorge as a guest, especially given that Jorge speaks Spanish! And the whole set with the dinosaur was really weird, because here they'd gone to al this trouble, apparently, to create this set, and then they didn't do anything with it!.
But the show had a refreshing spontaneity to it. So the people of Spain should not be embarrassed.

Pequeña Snorkel said...

Sometimes the show is interesting and in this occasion you were deserving a better interview, go you ask ...., cyrus! They were like heavy cockatooes. It of the lottery it was not bad, I believe that it has not touched, to part up to in the web of the mystery of bets the news goes out:http: // www.loteriasyapuestas.es/index.php/mod.noticias/mem.detalle/id.1781/relcategoria.302/? Utm_source=avisos*utm_medium=rss

You are very nice, thank you

Scoresdecine said...

Enhorabuena por tu blog. Tu visita a "El hormiguero" fue de locura, de verdad, pero muy divertida.
En cuanto a la serie, tu personaje es realmente brillante.
Un abrazo.

Jodi said...

They way you are looking at that ant is priceless.

Mark Kirby said...

Hi Jorge

WE hope you enjoyed your stay in Spain. We saw you on El Hormiguero (I show we never normally watch cos it's just too daft) and you were cool.

Next time you're in Spain, please call into the Canary Islands where you have loads of fans and will receive a warm welcome

Best wishes

Mark & Olga.

Lucía Pradillos Luque said...

Hi, Jorge!

The interview in "El hormiguero" was horrible but I admire that you was very polite.

Angie said...

Darn that Miley! You still rock in my book! :)

Xavi said...

Hi Jorge!

just thanks a lot for your appearence at El Hormiguero, i have to say that i'm very sorry the interview was so creepy!! pablo motos is really bad and the questions were really disafortunated. hope to see you in a good interview once again in spain! always contratulations for keeping us lost in LOST !!!

Xavi from Barcelona

Dan Carrodeguas said...

Arriba ese ánimo!

Katia said...

Hola Jorge,ante todo perdon por escribir en español pero mi ingles no es muy bueno.... Creo que estas siendo demasiado amable con lo que dices sobre el hormiguero,(o lo poco que entendi),personalmente no soy fan del programa,vamos que no lo soporto!!!,pero como venias tu merecia la pena,y la verdad es que me dio mucha verguenza ver la entrevista tan patetica que te hicieron,los fans de la serie estabamos esperando con impaciencia que hablaras de ella y apenas te hicieron preguntas sobre ella y se dedicaron a preguntarte tonterias.Enfin que deberian de pedirte perdon!.Espero que te gustase mucho Madrid y que algun dia vuelvas,(si puede ser con Jeremy Davies,Faraday me encanta!!!).Bueno,a pesar de la patetica entrevista conoci este blog y prometo aprender ingles para entender mejor y algun dia comentar algo...en ingles of course!!!

zirta said...

no sigo perdidos, si el hormiguero. la entrevista es mala. pero dejar de lamer el culo, no solo es culpable motos

Lolapower said...

Hola Jorge, como mi inglés es pésimo y sé que el español más o menos lo entiendes, prefiero escribirte de esta forma. Primero decirte que me encanta Perdidos, que soy fan desde hace sólo 5 meses, nos recomendaron unos amigos fanáticos que la viéramos pero no teníamos tiempo, pero mi marido tuvo un problema de salud y con la recuperación y el tiempo de descanso aprovechamos para engancharnos. De principio a fin, estamos enganchados, y aún no hemos visto la 5ª temporada... Tu papel en particular siempre me ha gustado mucho... Hurley es la típica persona de buen corazón que se gana a cualquiera... y tú nos has ganado. Decirte que tu paso por el HORMIGUERO a nosotros nos encantó... es un programa con un humor especial, y el que no lo entiende es que no tiene humor ninguno... vimos que disfrutaste, a pesar de no poder seguir los chistes de la misma manera, por no traducirse al momento... pero sinceramente, nos gusto mucho!! y estamos encantados de que hayas visitado España! Y gracias por tu buen humor! Te hemos conocido un poco mejor!!

Antonio Gilipollas Caraculo said...

i'm from spain and I've watch the program on youtube I like your spanish with a "you know" in the middle , xD it was so lol.Ahora anuncian mucho lost en españa pero la verdad es que el doblaje en español da asco¿Has visto la voz que te ponen?Los que nunca vean lost en version original nunca sabran lo bueno que eres ya que esa voz te desprestigia.Un saludo de un fan

marisa said...

¡¡ Hello Jorge ¡¡ I write from Madrid. Sorry if my english is not good.I saw "El Hormiguero" and I am totally agree with the rest. The interviu was very very bad, but good, at least that we follow “Lost” from the beginning we could see you in satisfied Madrid and we are happy about this, we admire you before and we'll continue doing it, I hope that you liked my city, assure you that there are many marvellous things, if at some time you need a guide to go to the most lovely places, say it to me, jajajaja.

Regards and congratulations for this wonderful movie and for your marvellous work.

Certainly every week I play to the lottery with the numbers of lost, but even I have not gained(earned) anything, jajaja

Regards from Madrid. MARISA

ValMo said...

Homigosh, that is AMAZING!

Unknown said...

Thankyou for beig so nice in Spain. It was a pleasure to see you, and know more about yoursef. Please come back soon.

Unknown said...

Thank you for being so nice in Spain and let us know more about yourself. You chose the craziest program of Spanish TV, but I enjoy a lot with it.

Unknown said...

Nice to see you in Spain. I love your spanish, come back soon.

Maribel said...

Hi Jorge! Thanks to come to Spain, I watch "El hormiguero" every day and i think they should have done better, but you were great and i hope you had fun in Spain.


Yem Goizueta said...

Que pesado todo el mundo quejándose de las entrevistas, yo creo que el programa es divertido y las entrevistas van en consecuencia, para cosas serias ya tenemos el día a día, no?
A mi me encantó, es uno de los mejores programas de EL Hormiguero que he visto, gracias por ir!!!

Antonio Gilipollas Caraculo said...

el hormiguero es una mierda , mola mucho mas el intermedio, el hormiguero deja al humor español en evidencia delante de tantos famosos

Unknown said...

Hey Dude, I just wanted to say that not every people in spain is so stupid like Pablo Motos and our kind of humour is not at all so crappy and lack of fun. I am one of your biggest fans, man, thank you for being like you are.

Alpa Chino España.

cHaLo said...

I'm Spanish and I saw the Show.
You were great and funny.
For me the best moment was with the interpreter.

I think that you are one of the best famous that have appeared in this show. It was cool.

Ack said...

This show looks completely and utterly INSANE.

fry said...

Hi Jorge. You are very polite with your comments about the 'interview' they made to you.

You are an international celebrity, and a kind person too. You deserver smarter questions!.

They dind't know how to handle your visit, and they made a disorganized program, empty of interesting questions for you and full of madness and spoilers about Lost.

Thank you very much for coming to Spain!. I hope you had a great time despite these inconvenients.

See you in the island!

Kind regards from Spain :)

Ezawyn said...

Did you know Matthew Fox is coming to "El Hormiguero"? I just hope they make him a better interview that yours... I still feel ebarrassed for what they did to you...

Greetings from Spain! :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


ECE said...

Hey, I have just re-watched your interview at el hormiguero. HOnestly, You did fab! I think it is nothing so stupid to interview artists in a disconderting way the way Pablo Motos does. It helps bringing out the best of each artist, it's a way of seeing a bit of your real you. Some people interviewd by him just could not cope, they were pretending most of the time, like wearing a mask or something, you were just enchanting and authentic and I am glad. I am looking forward to the sixth season now, I can't wait...

Anonymous said...

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