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Monday, April 20, 2009

Almost forgot: Catch me on the Bonnie Hunt Show Tomorrow (Tuesday)


Kati said...

Hey! I'm going to watch the Bonnie Hunt show tomarrow! I can't wait to see you! I also wanted to know if you would comment on my blog, just click my glowing name above this comment and it will send you to my blog, there place a comment on my last post. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!


Unknown said...

I love Bonnie Hunt!! Congrats on this...

Jennifer said...

I'll have to see if I can find that show on the Tivo...

... but all I can think is Wow! She sure got cozy for that picture!

stu said...

Alas, it won't be on in London. Your picture turned up for my friend the other day though - thanks for mine too!

marlamuppets said...

LOVE it. bonnie hunt is so awesome.
i love the pic of you and her. darling!

Petra said...

Bonnie Hunt is a hoot - I can't wait to see it. Thanks for letting us know!

: ) P

glodaca said...

Yo te veré esta noche en la TV en España :D

Emily said...

Oh neat! I just saw the intro to that show today but I've never watched it... I love her in movies though, I'll give it a watch.

Phrank said...

I'll make sure to set my DVR!!

abbreviated said...

I always forget she has her own show. I adore Bonnie Hunt.

I might actually have to watch it.

Jake Brownson said...


Did you trip or something?


Tammy said...

Hope you had fun-Ill set the DVR :)

Cindy Lou Who said...

I love her show - will try and catch you on it

Unknown said...

See you tomorrow in Spain!

I hope I can give you a comic parody of LOST in the preview of the series tomorrow!

Iberostar said...

Great! I will watch the show!

JimPel said...

That's awesome! Bonnie Hunt is fun. I thought you were just in Germany! Man you travel fast!

Does she film in NYC?

Laurita said...

Hi! I'm from Spain and I'm not going to be able to catch you on that show... BUT I'll see you tonight on "El Hormiguero"!!

I hope you have a good time here on Spain, even if it's for a (very) short time... You travell really fast!
Lost has a lot of fans here, and so do you!!

Love, Laura.

Flae said...

Hi! I'm going to watch "El Hormiguero" (Spain TV Show) today!
Can you post any picture of your trip to Spain?
(So sorry for my very poor English) :S

Hoku said...

Sorry this has nothing to do with Bonnie Hunt, but had to tell it!

I was watching last weeks episode of Lost, Some Like it Hoth, when there on my big screen was my next door neighbor! She played the caretaker for Miles mother, who opened the door for him. I almost fell outta my recliner I was so startled, cuz she kept it secret. We had a laugh last night when I ran into her, because she had no idea I was such a fan of the show.

Shows you what a small world Oahu is!

Christina Bauer said...

Bonnie Hunt is fantastic! Can't wait to see you on her show! Thanks for the heads-up, Jorge!!!

Christina Bauer said...

Bonnie Hunt is fantastic! Can't wait to see you on her show! Thanks for the heads-up, Jorge!!!

jsky said...

Hi Jorge!
I have just received your letter with four autographs on it!
Thank you so much, you are so cool!

Tonight i'm gonna see you on a TV show in Spain ("El Hormiguero").

Thanks again, you and LOST rules!

King J, Queen M, Princess E and Princess M said...

I saw the preview for it today when I was watching for a minute. Looks good.

New Yorker wannabes said...

I love Bonnie Hunt in movies lol
Has she stopped making them? Well I wish someone will post it on youtube cause in Greece it is a bit difficult to watch...bad reception heh heh!

Take care Jorge lol
Peace and love

Arashi said...

i'm watching the tv show, El hormiguero right now, and you're awesome!!! you're spanish is great better than my english :p greetings from Spain!

Aureliana Daza said...

rigth now Im watching you on tV, Spain hehe ion "Hormiguero"

Almudena Díaz said...

I'm watching you right now in El Hormiguero, TV Cuatro (Spain). You're a funny guy! Way to go!

Álvaro said...

Just watching you in the Spanish TV show "El hormiguero". You're awesome dude!

Berchy said...

jorge you were great in hormiguero Madrid!!!!the translator loves ya!!!

Mary the Kiwi said...

Hola Jorge!!! Just watching you i the Spanish TV programme "El Hormiguero". Funny to see you are not "Lost". Have fun in Spain!

Amat said...

Ey Jorge!
What about your experience in Spain?, tell us!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jorge!! i'm just watching you in the Spanish TV program "El Hormiguero"!! I hope you'll enjoy this days in Spain!! And, ehy, i'll play with this lottery numbers! i hope it won't give me bad luck as the numbers in Lost!! hahaha



lil_yuna_dreamer said...

Yo estoy viendo el ahora mismo hormiguero! jeje Jorge didnt know you speak spanish soooo good!!! Hope you have fun with the ants! ;)

Lola said...

Hey Jorge!!! you're cool, dude!!! Be careful with that guy, flipy!! he's completely nuts... he would burst the whole studio out!!! watch out, haha.
see ya

Gaby said...

See you tonight on The hormiguero, good luck

lil_yuna_dreamer said...

JAJAJA no se ni lo que escribo! I'm watching el hormiguero right now. Following the cable eh? HAHAHA

Sophielynn said...

I´m watching you on Spanish TV show "El Hormiguero"!!I love Lost and your
character,you speak spanish very well!!Do you like Spain??kisses from Spain.

Unknown said...

Hi Hugo!!
Culo o codo?? Que bueno!!!
A mi marido y a mi nos encanta tu personaje y después de verte en "El hormiguero" también nos gustas tu!!!!
Eres el mejor de Lost, sin duda!!!
Un beso enorme desde Barcelona!!!
Hurley for President!!!

andreu_24 said...

OMG, What a disaster "El Hormiguero".

This program uses to suck but today... hopefully Naveen couldn't make it and it was only you who suffered that.

Moreover some jackass with the island is .. (huge spoiler from the 5th season, and they haven't broadcasted the 1st yet).

Sorry Hugo.

Holden said...

Jorge, te he visto en el Hormiguero. ¿Culo o codo?
Es mejor el programa Buenafuente, tienes que ir.

Unknown said...

Hi Jorge! I just see you in "el hormiguero"... sorry man, they don't know how to make a good interview, they just do stupid things with their guest...


Tranchete said...

Hiya Jorge,

We are from Spain, unfortunately Spanish TV doesn't know how to make a good interview, specially at this show... we were expecting good questions or just questions!!!! What a pity!!! By the way, your spanish is great!!! Where do your family come from?

See you in the island ;)
Take care dude!

JorgitoCaraPito said...

Hey! I hope u have had a great day in Spain. u speak better spanish that here we speak the english.

Regards of a namesake

Unknown said...

Hello, Jorge.

First, I must say I look like a great actor and your actions have saved many Lost Chapters (like 5x13)

I have to apologize for any part of Spain for the terrible interview you have done in the TV show "El hormiguero" I found it pathetic that the interviewers will not have been able to show how you are.

They use to treat the foreigners like you. ¡This TV show sucks dude!

Excuse the bad time that you could pass.


Zemo said...

Forget the interview of "El hormiguero". The Spaniards are not like that. I hope that in subsequent visits you can take off the head the image you've taken after the disastrous experience.

You're a good actor, great character and enjoying much of the fifth season. Thank you.

Carlos said...

Hi Jorge!
As many people have told you, don't take with you the regretable image from Spain and spanish tv that "El hormiguero" has given to you. This interview must had been made by people that know what are they asking about. Sorry about that. Hope you had been treated right and had a good time in Madrid. See you tomorrow at the premiere of the pilot at the cinema. Thanks for your visit and don't forget to come back again before ths series finale!!

Marcos Rodríguez said...

Hola Jorge:

Lo primero quería decirte que me gusta muchísimo tu personaje en Lost. No me pierdo ningun capítulo y lo sigo desde que empezó. Supongo que será una experiencia fantástica el rodar una serie así.

Soy fan de Lost y fan de "Hugo". En mi blog tengo dos ilustraciones que hice de Lost. Tengo que hacer una tuya. Cuando la haga te lo diré para que la veas.
Sería un gran honor que vieras mi blog y me firmaras Jorge, me haría mucha ilusión.

Mi blog es: http://rodriguezmarcos.blogspot.com

Espero que te guste :)

Un abrazo desde España. Espero que tu estancia aquí haya sido agradable.

I see you in the Island!

Deprofundis said...

Pablo Motos is a stupid guy. Sorry for the interview and I hope you enjoy a lot the rest of your visit to Spain.

We love you, Jorge!!

Javi said...

Hello Jorge. Me ha dado verguenza ajena la "entrevista" que te ha hecho Pablo Motos en el Hormiguero. Te merecias algo mejor. Deberias haberle partido el hielo seco en la cabeza. XD

James Hamlet said...

Maybe it hasn´t been the best day for El Hormiguero, but I saw you a little bit short, you should have desinhibited yourself. A few days ago Hugh Jackman went too and the show was amazing, try to waths it on youtube. Greetings froms Spain, a shame you don´t come to Malaga, I bake the best carrot-cake around :) You may like it.

Topanga said...

Bonnie Hunt is by far THE best daytime talk show (and talk show host) on the tube today. I will be sure to watch.

Carolate said...

It's was not the best night in "El Hormiguero" and honestly, Pablo Motos is not the best showman but, you're great so I enjoyed the show.

I hope to see soon your pics from Spain.

Luv ya!

BTTero said...

Hey Jorge, I just want to say sorry about your interview in "El hormiguero". You didn't seem too comfortable there. The interviewer doesn't know how to make an interesting and original interview so he usually talk about stupid meaningless things. I Hope you have a great stay in Spain.

Enchanted said...

I wish I could see you on The Bonnie Hunt show but where I live I only receive ABC. Hopefully when I get the right antena I'll get more stations.

B said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
B said...

I've been taking a look at some of the posts (until 4th july 08), and i've laugh so much, that the only thing i can tell you is thank you for everything!!!
I will stay around!!

eggfooyoung said...

just saw you on best week ever! funny stuff!

Javier said...

Hi, Jorge! I'm sorry you had to put up with that TV crap called "El Hormiguero". They think they are very funny, but they are a bunch of shameless jackasses. Sometimes (very rarely) they do quite funny interviews, but obviously not today.

Despite that, I hope you spend good time here in Spain. BTW, this season you're being awesome!

GrumpyDad08 said...

Hi Jorge,
great show tonight here in Spain, you did an awesome job mate, Pablo Motos and the rest of crew at El Hormiguero are tough to deal with and you did so great.

And don't be ashamed, your Spanish was excellent, way better than my troubled english

GrumpyDad08 said...

OMG this country is full of freaks! just visit this to check it out.

These folks at "El Hormiguero" (literally The Anthill) are completely insane!

Anonymous said...

Jorge I´M SO SO SORRY por la entrevista que te han hecho en España,me da verguenza ser español.
Llevaba una semana esperando verte en la entrevista pero cuando ha empezado y te han dicho 3 preguntas que no importan nada,.nose......no preguntan nada de la serie,y no te hacen casi participar,un horror de experimento con hielo ,y peor lo siguiente.no pienses que los que te queremos como actor somos como los del programa,please.
y mira si son idiotas que no te preguntan sobre la mejor serie del mundo sino que despues el del experimento dice en voz alta que la ¨isla se mueve¨en el tiempo......
solo pedirte perdon en ¨nombre¨de todos los fans de Lost.
i´m Juan

Kizuro said...

Hi Jorge!

I watched you tonight on "El Hormiguero" and man... I was really ashamed. The ""interview"" was... there's no words to describe it.
Sorry about that, not gonna watch that show again.

I hope you spend good time here in Spain anyway, and remember that there are a lot of people here who really love you and your work!

Keep being that nice ;D

Anonymous said...

Jorge I´M SO SO SORRY por la entrevista que te han hecho en España,me da verguenza ser español.
Llevaba una semana esperando verte en la entrevista pero cuando ha empezado y te han dicho 3 preguntas que no importan nada,.nose......no preguntan nada de la serie,y no te hacen casi participar,un horror de experimento con hielo ,y peor lo siguiente.no pienses que los que te queremos como actor somos como los del programa,please.
y mira si son idiotas que no te preguntan sobre la mejor serie del mundo sino que despues el del experimento dice en voz alta que la ¨isla se mueve¨en el tiempo......
solo pedirte perdon en ¨nombre¨de todos los fans de Lost.
i´m Juan

Txiribi said...

Hi Jorge.

Our apologies for such a horrible interview? on the Spanish TV program. You looked like WTF is this and I was really embarrased of the shit questions you had to listen to.

I would have put all that cold ice in both the scientist? and the presenter asses and kick them as hard as I could.

I hope you'll enjoy the visit anyway, duude.

M said...

Well, I'm still home laid up with a broken toe.. not the worst kind of injury, but it's painful enough that I can't wear a shoe on my foot. I have enjoyed Bonnie's show when I've seen it, so I'm happy to tune in tomorrow to see you, Jorge. :)

redelf said...

oOOOO yes I will actually be home!!

Unknown said...

He visto la entrevista que te han hecho en "el Hormiguero". Realmente lamentable... Lo siento mucho. No es normal que el presentador acapare todo el protagonismo y haga semejantes (estúpidas) preguntas a la estrella invitada... Te merecías muchísimo más.

Marc said...

Hola, Jorge. Te escribo desde España. Ayer vi la penosa entrevista que te hicieron en "El Hormiguero". Espero que no te lleves una mala imagen de este país por culpa de ese programa. NO saben haces entrevistas, sólo saben hacer el tonto y me producen vergüenza ajena.

Nada más, sólo decirte que estáis haciendo un gran trabajo en la serie y que espero que entiendas todo el mensaje (hablas muy bien español :D)

Un abrazo.

david alandí said...

Hola Jorge me encantó verte ayer en el Hormiguero, eres muy cute! :D

Si que es verdad que el programa no es de entrevistas pero seguro que lo pasaste muy bien!!

A ver si haces algún post sobre España o sobre el programa!

Luis said...

hey jorge!! man i saw the show "el hormiguero" last night, and dude, i cant believe you didnt walk out, that was just shameful, it was not funny at all, the only good thing about the show was you, am going to the cinema tonight in madrid to watch the lost pilot for the 20th time hehehe, but it will be worth it cos i heard u were going to be there, hopefully i get to meet ya!! keep up the good work!!!

2 meses... said...

Hey Jorge,

My name is Carmen Rosas, I'm from peru but I live in Spain. Yesterday I saw u in the Hormiguero program, but I think was a bad interview. As a fan of Lost I was expecting more than bad jokes that the showman did. But I think it was a bad day and the wrong program for you. And Pablo Motos, " the showman "is a better interviewer , not as I saw him yesterday. Spanish humor is best !don't think that they are a little strange. On the contrary spanish people I think has a different humor and one of the best in the world
I hope you take a different opinio from Spain or a better idea, spanish people love you, and I love you too.

Kisses and good luck for you. I will follow you as a fan


Hugo said...

Hi Jorge.
Me llamo como tu en la serie: Hugo!
Espero que la impresión que te lleves de España sea buena.
La ¿entrevista? que te hicieron ayer en "El hormiguero" fue de todo menos entrevista. No saben hacer buenas preguntas.
Has de saber que somos aqui en España millones de fans los que agradecemos tu visita y nos encanta la serie.
Gracias por ser como eres!!

Hugo said...

Hi Jorge.
I like your name in the series: Hugo!
I hope you take the impression of Spain is good.
The interview ¿? you did yesterday in the "ant" was anything but interview. Do not know how to make good questions.
You know that here in Spain we are millions of fans and we appreciate your visit and we love the series.
Thank you for being as you are!

Esme said...

Hi, Jorge!
I saw in El Hormiguero last night. I hate that program, but I liked hearing you speak Spanish.
Sometimes you looked a little surprised by all the stupid things they were doing - and i don't really find them funny or anything.
Anyway, I'm loving the fifth season and I can't wait to see the sixth one! In fact, I'm watching all the episodes again!!
I think that your funniest line is: You've got some Artz on you (to Jack)
And I love when Hugo is surprised you say: "Duuuude..."
Hope you've enjoyed your stay in Spain and I hope you come back.

Zar said...

Hi Jorge!!!

Perdona mi inglés...Apesta
Spanish fans loves you. Although the TV just to know make fool things, we appreciate your visit and hope you've enjoyed.

See you soon, dude!!!!

vertigo said...

Hi Jorge!

Siento muchísimo que tuvieras que soportar tal semejante "entrevista" la de ayer en El Hormiguero. Todos los fans tuyos y de la serie estamos sintiendo vergüenza ajena. Te merecías algo muchísimo mejor.

Quédate con el cariño de tus seguidores españoles y con el jamón, la tortilla de patatas y el buen vino...jeje

Greetings from Alicante, Spain.

Oscar Sáenz said...

Hola señor Garcia. Después de la mala entrevista de anoche he abierto un blog para defenderle y criticar al entrevistador Pablo Motos.


Gracias por aguantarle anoche.
Un saludo.

Rekete said...

Hi Jorge!

Yo también siento muchísimo que tuvieras que soportar ese show espantoso, you know. Como fan de Lost que soy me dió verguenza ajena que te trajeran a este ridículo país a hacerte perder el tiempo. I'm so sorry.

Álvaro said...

Hey Jorge!

I'm not gonna say anything new here... "El Hormiguero" sucks, the host doesn´t know how to interview Hollywood stars, and he is one of the lamest hosts I've ever seen. He thinks he's funny but he's not.
You gave the best of you and we apreciate that.
Such a pitty that your only appearance on spanish TV was that.

You rock man!
Greetings from Spain!

Anonymous said...


First of all,i wish congratulate you for your character and your interpretation.

I saw all the episodes of the season one,two,three and four.
I will see the fifth season on may on tv pay,on channel Fox.

I don´t like ``El hormiguero´´,and I don´t saw the interview but the free tv in Spain is like the Pablo motos´s show,very stupid magazines and some good series,the exception and a lot of call tv with a very expensive prizes.

again,congratulations for your interpretation and your blog

Marichechu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ThE OyGReS said...

Hola Jorge.

Ayer ví tu paso por El Hormiguero en España... sinceramente, ese programa no era el más adecuado para tu paso por España... mucho payaso suelto, you know...

Y felicidades por tu español!!! Fue lo mejor del programa.

PS: Yo echaré tus números de la lotería.

Marichechu said...

Jorge!!! thank you for coming to Spain.It's great to have you here.

Jorge espero que disfrutes de tu visita a España y que hoy con los fans en el cine te lo hayas pasado mejor.

Maribel said...

Last night I saw the worst interview on a tv show in my whole life... I am really sorry because you could had the chance to talk about Lost and about a lot of things related at, but those stupid guys had not a better idea than talking about spoilers and stupid irrevelant things. Sorry for my bad english. Love you Jorge, hope you'll forget "El hormiguero" as soon as you can :-)

Sergio said...

Jorge, como español y como fan de lost te pido disculpas por esa horrible entrevista!

Espero que no creas que todos en españa tratamos tan mal a grandes actores como tu y a grandes series como lost.

Un abrazo!

Das Mutter said...

Too fun...she is an awesome lady. Hope you enjoyed my stomping grounds! :)

Jorge said...

Jorge, I'm sorry for the awful "interview" in "El hormiguero" yesterday.

Thousands of people in Spain love Lost, don't take this into account, please!

Best regards!

Ferrus said...

"el hormiguero" is a tv-show horrible!!

Unknown said...

Hola Jorge, soy español y llevaba un mes esperando con ansia verte en un programa español.

Al final todo ha sido una decepción por culpa de la panda de estupidos de "el hormiguero" que no han sabido aprovechar la estrella que tenian delante.

Solo te han hecho preguntas sin sentido y te han relegado a un segundo plano que no mereces tener.

Como fan tuyo y en representación de la gran mayoria de fans españoles de perdidos, te pido disculpas. Me gustaría ver una entrevista tuya de verdad en un programa español algun día.

Un abrazo.

Mr.Floppy said...

Jorge, I'm so sorry for your "interview" last night.

I hope you'll enjoy this afternoon cinema premiere.

mnbvcxz said...

The interview on el hormigero was the worst interview this program is shit and Pablo motos its the worst interviewer of Spain.. sorry for waste your time in this program.

Lucia said...

Like other people, yesterday, I saw the interview on "El Hormiguero" and I was REALLY sad.
I can't understand how you could go a program like that, I think it is one of the worst programms ever. You deserve better things, not that.
I am very sorry that you was there whole hour. I'm so sorry.


Jairo Velasco said...

Hello, Jorge lo que te han hecho en "El Hormiguero" ha sido horrible, pensaba que podían hacerlo al menos un poco bien, como con hugh jackman pero lo que ha pasado es que. TODOS LOS ESPAÑOLES FANS DE LOST SENTIMOS VERGÜENZA AJENA. PABLO MOTOS NO TIENE NI IDEA DE ENTREVISTAR y me di cuenta de los problemas de incomodidad que tenías with the microphone. And you have to speak in Spanish y sabemos que no fue lo mejor. Sorry. SORRY porque fuiste a pasarlo mal. Espero que tu impresión de España no haya sido mala, porque el programa si que ha sido. NI SIQUIERA TE DEJARON COLABORAR EN EL EXPERIMENTO. Por lo demás I want que sepas que you´re a big actor. You´re the best. Better, so better. than Pablo Motos Saludos desde Spain

Jairo Velasco said...

You have to go to the program "Buenafuente" is better than "El Hormiguero". Buenafuente is the best.
Take care.

Allie said...

Ok... I saw you on "El hormiguero" yesterday, I didn't see you very comfortable because, I think, the interview was very very very bad... You are a funny guy, but the show didn't it, the show sucks !

Your spanish is awesome ! (My english not, I know it)


Jairo Velasco said...

Esta e sla primera parte en Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3sKPEBWn4s&feature=related
Lee los coments la gente esta decepcionada totalmente.

Moochiecat said...

Got my VCR set for Bonnie Hunt today!
(yes, a VCR...no Tivo, no VDP..or VPD...or whatever that is)
I'm taping Jorge old-school!

eliqueang said...

Hey Jorge, you were great on Bonnie Hunt! Made my morning :)

MissBeaHaven said...

Just watched your interview on Bonnie Hunts show. I am so impressed by you imagination. You could write a craft/living mag or book. I am thinking of using your osyter costume this Halloween.

Jaye said...

So I didn't know that Bonnie Hunt even had a show! After fighting with my TIVO that refuses to record anything I might remotely want to watch, I think I might have won this battle and hopefully (fingers crossed) get to see you on the show this afternoon when I get home from work. Unless my TIVO decided to record Charles in Charge again.....

fochinii said...

I have a problem and I think you can help me. Could you give me a cotact to Naveen Andrews, his email or something like that? I am his big fun. I like Lost very much. It is great. Of course I will understand if you can't give me this contact, because Naveen doesn't want to. Sorry, my english isn't probably very well but I am from Poland and I don't know it so much.

katie! (: said...

just watched it!
hahaha (:

Gus'Díaz said...

Hey Jorge! Whats up? Hey men do you have twitter?

Jairo Velasco said...

Para que veas que sentimos vergüenza. En el programa de TV "se lo que hicisteis" de la cadena la sexta, han PARODIADO y mencionado lo mal que lo hicieron contigo. Eso demuestra que al menos no toda la Tv en España es igual.
They did wrong with you. Not all the TV in Spain is the same.

Unknown said...

Hi Jorge, my name is Carlos and I am from Spain. I would like you to forgive Pablo Motos, he is the Worst interviewer of our Country, and I bet that he has never seen LOST. I saw last night "el hormiguero" because of you, and I am never going to see it again because they wasted the best chance they have ever had to show Spaniards, your life, your ideas and your opinions.

So, forgive us, not all the spaniards are so stupids xD

Unknown said...

... People is just fucking DISSAPOINTED with the fucking program. Sorry dude.

I would have love too hearing your english: eyyyy dude ;)

fibrowitch said...

You were so funny on Bonnie. I love that you make your own Halloween costumes. And you were willing to show those pictures to the world!!

Ivan said...

Hey Jorge! I'm from Spain and I see ''El Hormiguero''. Pablo Motos no supo entrevistar y se te veia incomodo hablando Spanish, but you're the best actor. Espero que te haya gustado Madrid y España. Saludos. :)

cathescomicz said...

Sure, didya make it to Pizzaria uno?? that'd be the best way to start the Bonnie Hunt show. ;)

Leah said...

You did a great job on Bonnie! You are a very personal dude, and I liked that you talked about your gardening and creative genes...

AMENMom said...

Bravo--you and Bonnie were great. You should have a gardening show!

Ginny said...

You looked great on the show today!

marcia said...

Just saw your interview on the Bonnie Hunt show at Darkufo...
It was awesome! You were so relaxed, funny and looked great.

To the Spanish Lost Fans fellows... last time Matthew Fox came to France he was the guest of one of the most popular shows here... What a fiasco. The interviewer was awful, had never watched Lost and made all sort of embarassing questions ever, like did he picked on his nose on red traffic light, did he change his underwear everyday, did he fart and so on... poor Matthew (although he played the game fine). I felt sorry for him. What a waste.
So then you see that unfortunatelly this kind of dreadful interviewers exist everywhere...

thoughts and ramblings said...

I saw the show. AWESOME. :) I was so proud!


Jules said...

Great to see you on the show! You're so cute in person! And because of you I bought Topsy Turvys some time back and only recently planted my veggies in them. Hope they turn out better than yours did.

Crank said...

Damn. I was gonna post this yesterday, but our area lost power as I was working on it (and about three other things on here).
Anyway, a bunch of Jorge's episodes of Becker are coming up on WGN in various market. Check his imdb page for the episodes you wanna look for and then find the episodes here:


I, for one don't think I ever saw him on there. I watched Becker for a while and always liked it. I have my Tivo setup to catch most of his upcoming ep's,. Probably missed at least one while our power was out for about 18 hours.

whimsymoon said...

I saw a bit of the interview! You were wonderful! I love the fishtank costume!!! You are just awesome!

whimsymoon said...

I saw a bit of the interview! You were wonderful! I love the fishtank costume!!! You are just awesome!

Christina Bauer said...

You were fabulous on Bonnie tonight! I'm always happy to see your face!

Christina Bauer said...

You were fabulous on Bonnie tonight! You always make me smile, Jorge!

Todd said...

Great interview Jorge!!! Had me laughing. Love the "No, its a new toilet seat Bonnie" LOL

odioapablomotos said...

Hola Jorge:

Lo primero gracias por firmarme la figura de Hurley a la salida del programa, me fui a casa sonriendo sin parar.
Y me sumo a todas las disculpas por la bochornosa actuación de pablo motos, para mandarle a una isla, si, pero desierta jejejeje

Lo dicho un abrazo y esperamos qué vuelvas porqué aqui se te aprecia mucho...Namasté

Jodi said...

Saw it...and loved it. I was laughing when she showed the Halloween costumes..adorable! Very creative with they oyster. LOL @ the part about the toilet seat being new. You crack me up!

I probably wouldn't be able to keep a straight face with you either...

Laurie said...

I`m just a tad late in replying :) I watched! You were great!!
Funny enough I was in Walmart a week ago and saw those funky planter things you use for your tomatos I bought one.. now if only I knew what to do with it lol

Take care

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