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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Munich First Stop

On the way to the hotel in Munich we stopped to see surfers riding the standing wave on the river here at around 10 o'clock at night. That water HAS to be cold. 


Jairo Velasco said...

Para que veas que sentimos vergüenza. En el programa de TV "se lo que hicisteis" de la cadena la sexta, han PARODIADO y mencionado lo mal que lo hicieron contigo. Eso demuestra que al menos no toda la Tv en España es igual.
They did wrong with you. Not all the TV in Spain is the same.

PoshDrosofila said...

hey Jorge, this is really cool!
In Montreal we have kind of the same in saint Laurent River and it is super cold...
Take care

Austin_Gurl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Austin_Gurl said...

That means you're not filming Lost! ARGH! I don't want it to end!

Petra said...

Totally awesome, dude. LOL

: ) P

Topanga said...

That's where those cruise ships got the idea.

So what happens to the surfers when they fall off? How far down stream are the swept before they can get to shore?

Oscar Sáenz said...

Hey Dude,

My opinions of the worst interview ever!!! It's not your fault!!


Tú eres bueno, amigo.

Shelley Senai said...

Dude - That's so crazy! I've never seen anyone surf on a river before. Safe travels!

Snowbird said...

That's pretty amazing. I guess if you aren't near the ocean, then a river has to do. Enjoy your trip.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jorge!
It was nice to see you yesterday on spanish Tv...
It was really nice to see how you were standing there while the people did all that stupid things they usually do. I don't know if you know it, but while speaking, they all unveiled a lot of spoilers (they're starting LOST this sunday, though we've watched it here in Spain in another channel till now)...
As Jairo says, it was really a shame what they did with you. Well, no "with" you but while you were there.
Take care man! You're great!

M said...

Are the waves natural or created by some machinery?

Just finished watching your segment on Bonnie Hunt's show, you were wonderful! My daughter stopped studying for her Latin final to watch as well. Loved seeing the photos from your garden and the costumes you made as well as hearing about the season finale. We'll be looking out for the scene w/Sawyer you mentioned.

As always, Jorge, you're funny, and insightful.

Catherine said...

Hey, that's at the Prinzregentenbrücke. The river is called Eisbach (=Icestream), so yes it is cold. Surfing on Hawaii must be better but we take what we can.
All the best from Germany!

calcetinrayado said...

¡Hola Jorge!

Soy de las que sintió vergüenza por el programa de España ("El Hormiguero") en el que te invitaron...

By the way, I liked so mucho see you in the spanish tv. I'm a Lost fan and Hugo is an authentic character!


Sonia DeHume said...

Hey jorge!

Your visit to the program "El Hormiguero" in Spain, has caused many controversy, so the people think that they wasted the time having to a star as important as you are, besides the spoilers that they revealed to the people who scarcely begins to see the series in this country, has caused so many angry.

We want to know how you actually felt in this show? and what you think about all that, of this controversy?

sorry for my english

dequesi said...

The "interview" at El Hormiguero was not only stupid, it was also boring! What was the point of taking you there if there were planning to ignore you? What was the point of recreating the island if they didn't plan to do anything with it? Anyway, thanks for your blog and for your great work, you've been great these last few episodes, as always! Keep on, dude!

Igna said...

Thank u for coming yesterday to Spain. However i fell shame about the behavior of the TV program with u. You deserve a different thing.

Eres más crack que Messi!

Unknown said...

Jorge, ni caso a la entrevista que te hicieron, que mala que fue! donde estuviste ayer en el programa el "El hormiguero" siempre son así de idiotas, estamos aconstumbrados nosotros ya jajaja

Wiccababe said...

oh wow, how cool is that!! and it must be bloody freezing :)

Cindy Lou Who said...

WOW - cool!

Josh said...

that's sweet you got to see that first hand...I've seen some other clips of that on youtube before too...

Eugen Caitaz said...

This is not are you go surfing there?:)

Avinash said...

omagod, are you liek the guy hoo plays jack in titanic??? i am big fan frum czech republic. in my country we raelly like you.

Just messing with ya.

Unknown said...

wtf, I just drove by that spot like 2 hours ago on my way back home from university!!!

mimiau said...

Oh my lol!! It had to be REALLY cold xD.

Well, like other people said, it was a shame what "El Hormiguero" made to u in the Spanish's interview last night. I'd like to be in Madrid to c u there, in another moment maybe =)

Take care dude,

Daikrieg said...

As a Spaniard, and a Lost fan, I must say I am really sorry about the ludicrous, pathetic and embarrassing show you had to deal with last night in El hormiguero, in Cuatro. That show used to be OK time ago, but last night I couldn´t believe what I saw.
We have really, really bad TV shows here in Spain, and they have been all exceeded by last night "interview". Don´t you please think wrong about this country, most of us are not mentally handicapped (even though you may, with a reason, think so).
Looking forward to the next chapter...

vayankeegrl said...

I've been there! It is so cool, and definitely very cold. I was there in the middle of summer and the surfers were still shiverring in their wetsuits. The guy I went with lived in Munich but was from Hawaii. Apparently he went there every day.

I think it's made by a wall built in the flowing river.

Radek said...

Igual que tantos otros, lamento mucho el desperdicio de entrevista que te hicieron en el hormiguero, mereces más, y no un presentador que solo se preocupa de ser el único protagonista.

You Rock !!!


Hi Jorge!!! Bueno q tanto ingles.. creo q debes entender español!! Encontre este blog de casualidad, espero q sea tuyo realmente... de ser asi mi comentario es para felicitarte (auqn este cansado de escuchar esto pero bueno jeje)me encantas en lost!!! te super felicito!"!! soy estudiante de la carrera de actuacion y la verdad es q te admiro mucho!!! Saludossss!!

Aureliana Daza said...

Wow!! i dont konw very well but... they are surfing on a river?????

Cynical Siren said...

I pretty much have that exact same video. I stood and watched those guys for like an hour and a half. Surfers, even river surfers, are hotties.

Updates about Hanna said...

That looks like a lot of fun!

Marga* said...

I saw you yesterday in El Hormiguero and I feel ashamed for what they did. ¡No supieron aprovechar que te tenían allí!
Y por no hablar de los spoilers, ¡¡cómo se les ocurre dar tantos detalles que pasan en la quinta temporada cuando todavía no han empezado a emitir ni la primera!! Muy mal.
But... how did you live it? Did you enjoy it? Be true! :P

SideWinder said...

Hi Jorge, another Spanish fan here. Just like most of the Spanish fans, I am ashamed too of the treatment you received yesterday at "El Hormiguero". Believe me, they act the same way with every international guest they have (right now they are doing the stupid experiment thingy with Miley Cyrus).
I hope you had a good time in Spain and wish to see you around some time in the future.

Anonymous said...

¡Hola Jorge!

Soy de las que sintió vergüenza por el programa de España ("El Hormiguero") en el que te invitaron...

By the way, I liked so mucho see you in the spanish tv. I'm a Lost fan and Hugo is an authentic character!


Justin Shady said...

That dude is way more hardcore than Hawaiian surfers.

akpavlick said...

Jorge, that thing *is* cold. I was there one July when it was as hot as can be, and the water was so cold that I couldn't breathe for the longest time from the shock, once I jumped in. It was actually really painful! I can't imagine what it would be like out of high summer. But, isn't it a fun spot? Unexpected, in what one thinks of as a pure urban environment.

Sydney said...

Hola Jorge, vi tu entrevista en "El Hormiguero" pero no me gustó mucho. Pero me alegro de que hayas venido a España y espero que vuelvas otra vez.

Un saludo

Javi Lacomba said...

Well, I am spaniard too and I would say that you should be the one to say if you had fun or feel comfortable in that interview in Spain.

But, anyway, Spain is much more than TV channels and many people loves the show here. I hope you enjoy "El Prado" and the rest of your visit!!!

Welcome and come back soon!!!!

Kristianna said...

Just caught your appearance on Bonnie Hunt--watched it just to see you--and it was great.

Joaquín said...

Hola Jorge , la verdad es que la mayoría de los españoles estamos avergonzados con el trato que te dieron en el programa "El hormiguero"
espero que no te haya afectado negativamente sobre los españoles.

Un saludo y mucha suerte ^^

Ciberdiego said...

Hola Jorge! A nuestro criterio la entrevista del Hormiguero estuvo desaprovechada, con lo que vales! Nos ha encantado tu gran forma de ser y tu gran sentido del humor, esperamos verte pronto en España, aquí la gente te quiere!! vuelve pronto!!

Anama said...

I watched "El Hormiguero"

Jorge, Spain loves you!!

Lost forever

ialberdi said...

Hi mate!!!

Forget the interview in Hormiguero, that show is a shit.

You are really great!!! Hope to see here again!!!

Christina Bauer said...

"That's cool!" Very well said, Jorge! And yes, that IS pretty cool!

redelf said...


gabriel said...

Amigo Jorge, soy de argentina mi blog es http://argentilost.blogspot.com/ y lamento mucho la entrevista patética que te hicieron en El Hormiguero, no toda la gente de España es asi de patética. Un saludo a todos los españoles y un gran abrazo a tí. Mucha Suerte.

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

Woah! I have never seen surfing on a river! How cool!!

whiterabbita said...

Crazy and cooooooooool!!!

FinoBlogger said...

I feel... shame.

Sorry Jorge, I hope you know that in Spain another kind of TV is possible...

You're great dude!


Mr.Floppy said...

Thank you for your autograph, yesterday at the cinema!

You were so cool! :)

JimPel said...

That is unreal! I never even knew that existed.

Miki said...

I know everyone has apologised for the pathetical "interview" they made you in El Hormiguero xD, just wanna let you know that that show does not represent Spain not even one bit!

Keep up the good work, man!

Unknown said...

a mi me gustaría que Jorge posteara en el blog que le pareció el trato recibido en "el hormiguero" y que tal le ha parecido españa.

Ana DeBlogs said...

About your interview at El hormiguero... ups, how embarrassing! In all these comments you can see it's one of the most stupid programs in spanish TV. Naveen was lucky canceling his visit. Please, don't get a false impression of us.

Postscript: Beth's blog is awesome. Congratulations on her writings.

Please Type Legibly said...

That water looked cold to me....but the Pacific is, too, and I see surfers all the time out there in the mornings. Dedication. Wow.

Rumbero said...

Lo del hormiguero fue fatal... pero lo de traductora!! Fue lo más genial que he visto en años!! Divertidísimo!!!

W. said...

I know that spot quite good. The school I went to is about 100m away from it.

YES, the water is cold. Actually the small river is called "Eisbach" (translates roughly to 'icy creek'), just to give you an idea.

The wave is formed by the geometry of the spot. The water comes from under a bridge (actually it's within a subterran canal for about 3km) and hits some bump, gets directed upwards and forms the wave.

If one falls into the water you can get out about 20m down.

Here is another video, where you can see the bridge.


W. said...

Here's another video:
VideoNote the sign: Actually bathing and sufing are prohibited, but I never witnessed a policeman or other official to step in.

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Canzonett said...

There's a guy who actually has made a feature film about this wave. A must-see movie for anyone living in Munich, I guess ...