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Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Octopus Day!

Yeah I'd never heard about it either. I think the dog made it up.


Updates about Hanna said...

Happy Octopus Day, Jorge!

Julie said...

My cat Ivan used to have that exact toy! Lol

lisagh said...

Octopus Day can be traced back to the 18th century when villagers used to samba in the streets during the mid-April full moon in celebration to welcome the octopus back from their spring spawning.

What a glorious time it was. So glad to see you and Nunu upholding the tradition!

Penny said...

Not such a happy day for the octopus!

PoshDrosofila said...

Jorge, you are the funniest guy ever!
Hi from Canada!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I like your dog, and I will rememder octopus day for years to come.

@bloggerbrasilis said...

Hello Jorge!

I like your work in Lost,

I am a brazilian blogger,

My name is Luis Hipolito @ The Blogger,


redelf said...

We celebrate Octopus Day but with a green one. We also celebrate the much misunderstood "Bark at the next door Dobermans even though they could eat you in one bite until they go crazy Day."

Eugen Caitaz said...

You have a very good dog!

Catherine said...

It seems as if you dog likes to eat everything. ;)
Btw. Heard that you will be in Munich next week. Hope you enjoy your stay in Germany!

Unknown said...

Again... LMAO!!

Nikoli said...

What Penny said. I don't think that Octopus is happy.

Tammy said...

We celebrate the Invisible Fence Being off and the Garbage Can Full Day.

It's quite the party, confetti everywhere, plastic shredded, and packages torn. We don't ofer food, just the guests of honor get the food-they clean the food quite well, its the party goodies that bother me.
BTW-I HATE this Holiday almost as much as The Toilet Lid Is Open, Happy Hour!

fernando said...

Greetings from Brazil and congrats for your blog and artistic work!
; )

ValMo said...

Hmm...This looks suspiciously like "Happy Easter" with a different "creature". I wouldn't believe a word she says. ;-)
Happy Octopus Day to you, too!

Heather Cherry said...

The Nuners sounds a bit like a weedeater.

aims said...

Okay - your dog? is even funnier than you!

Ralph Roberts said...

Jorge, I´m a your brazilian fan!! Add this blog in my favorites!

Bye Dude!

R. Tosta


Emma said...

Okey, I'm sensing someone doesn't like octopuses.. or bunnies.
From now on Octopus Day will definitely be a tradition here in Sweden!
(love your blog by the way, it's the funniest ever!)

Avinash said...

I am a member of the Church of Octupism. Today is the day the Eight legged Christ died for our sins.

Cat said...

Seriously awesome. I wish my dog would play with different toys. Nope. Just the same toy for her. Makes a similar noise, but bigger, because she is a bigger dog. HAHA. I am lame.

Please Type Legibly said...

And a very Happy Octopus Day to you, Beth, and Nunu.....Sushi all around!

Cadu Cortez said...

Unbelivable man, Is that your dog?
I'm writing from Brazil and that's the first time I post U a message.
unfortunatelly here in Brazil We have Lost after 1 year, comparing to U.S.
Regards Hurley

Nicoli Miller said...

sou do brazil!!!!!!

eu amo o seriado e sua atuacao !!

beijos e se cuida!

Marcia said...

How Cute!!

Que Lindo!!

Marcia - Br

Kelly Deneen Raymond said...

Happy Octopus day! LOL. That is hilarious! hehe.

BTW, I must have told my husband that I visit your blog because he dreamt about you last night. ha!

Catherine said...

You have a lot of fans from Brazil! At least a lot who are reading and commenting your blog! :D

Márcio Vandré said...

And you, already bite your octopus today?
Good, man!
I admire so much Hurley.
Always make me laugh!

Lucas said...

My name is Lucas, I'm from Brazil anda I love Lost and Hurley!

Tae said...

There are times in that video when your dog looks a bit like a tiny, furry Cthulhu. A tiny, furry, cute Cthulhu.

iaintnopeterpan said...

Must be a Kailua dog thing, my dog is doing the same thing with her "JubJub" neopet toy as I type this.

Lynn Faruque said...

She's way more active than my doxie! I love it.

Much as I love the show, I start getting bummed about now, because I know that the final episode for the season is soon.

I love how Hurley asks the questions and IS the audience. He will ask something and we at home will be thinking "Yeah, what ABOUT that?!"


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I love how his tail is wagging the whole time, he's having a blast!

Zabarov said...

You are great!!!

Greetings from Brazil

nomad said...

Hey man i thought your dog was a vegetarian. yum beer batter with some salt,pepper. some hot oil to deep fried and some tarter or red sauce,YUM.

Iberostar said...

As long as it isn't New Shoes Day or I hate that pillow on the sofa day. So cute!

Unknown said...

Olá...como vai???
Olha só, estamos começando a assistir Lost...ainda na 2ª temporada...e cara, você é muito legal...adoramos seu personagem...Parabéns!!!

Angelz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Angelz said...

Hurley e o melhor o personagem e muito bomm bjz...ele não pode morrer na 5 temp....valeu

Unknown said...

Jorge, you are soo cute!my name is Ana Maria,"Ana for you"..I don´t know speak english.I´m your big fan!I´m brazilian!


Anonymous said...

Hello Jorge, its my first time here and I loved it.

I'm from Brazil, where you are loving by everybody.

Please, send me a e-mail to:


I am your FAN, so continue doing what you are being in LOST series.


Fábio Bethiol.

Purificado said...

Hi Jorge...

I was reading the comments!
You are realy loved in Brazil man.
I'm brazilian too, but live in Bolivia.
Here everybody loves you too.

Take care.

Louise said...

Hey!! Your dog is more crazy than mine!! I CAN´T BELIEVE IT!! LOL
Congratulations about Hurley! he is very funny! Makes me laugh!
Must be so interesting to film in the middle of the jungle! I can´t imagine it!
Hello from a fan from Brasil!!
Bye bye!!

Tsukuyomi said...

I'm from Stuffed Animal Protection Society. Nunu might be causing damages to protected stuffed animals. Think about them, Nunu.

Happy Octopus Day, BTW!!

Cassandra said...

OMG--that is adorable!

Elysian said...

Feliz dia del pulpo! *throws confetti* ^_^

monique said...

who knew!

monique said...

who knew!

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

Oh, Nunu -- you have many issues to work out. Poor you.

She's so adorable, with those giant ears and that body that's so small it's almost invisible.

mabochda said...

be glad it wasn't a box of crackers! my daughter left a box of crackers on the floor by her bed. the dog thought he had a prize :) needless to say we had a tug of war with the box. i won but had to get out the vacuum cleaner

Kate said...

The funniest thing is to listen to this video but not watch it. The audio cracks my sh*t up!

~Karen~ said...

Is there a parade for Octopus Day?!

Fabio Hofnik said...

Jorge, i'm Fabio from Brazil, we are organizing the 2nd edition of our Lost Big Event here called Dharma Day that was attended by more that 100 Lost fans (you can see the pictures from the 1st edition here (http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/dharmaday/?page=6) and we really wanted to know if you can make to us a little 'hello brazil' video that we can show it at the 2nd edition that takes place in a couple of months. Just 'hello brazilian Lost fans, Jorge Garcia here saying hi!" simple and adorable!

Thank you, waiting you words.
Fabio (hofnik@gmail.com

Chris said...

Dogs will do anything for attention. hahaha

Christina Bauer said...

Gosh, your dog will attack anything! Well, Happy Octopus Day, Jorge!

Kathi said...

Oh man, I'm so jealous again. Your dog's totally got your back if an octopus decides to comes pay you a visit! When an octopus comes creeping in my house, my dog offers him a drink and a nice fluffy pillow.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Happy Octopus Day to you, too. I know my dog would enjoy that holiday, but maybe more if it were squirrel day. You have a really cute dog! :)

makarrao said...

há há!
happy dog
and poor octopus!

Greek said...

Hey man, I´m sending greetings from a greek who lives in Brazil (thats weird).

I don´t know how I got your blog, but man, you are a cool dude!
Happy to see how an actor is normal like everybody and have a happy octupus day (I don´t know what the hell is, but anyway!)
keep up the good work!


Mari said...

Hi, Jorge!!
I´m a big fan. I like Lost (and you) very much

You´re a great actor!!

Reading your blog, I realized how simple and funny you are.

Marina (from Brazil)

Ralph- said...

Dude, Nunu sounds like a Taun-Taun!

Abby said...

Your dog is adorable!

Karin said...

I am going to miss Nunu so much. :( She rocks.

Tiffany Noélli said...

Su Cachorro es lindo y hermoso!!! siempre poner sus videos! Yo quiero...
1000 besos desde brazil!!!





arashk said...

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Susana said...

wow, you really don't know about octopus until you eat "Octopus a feria" in Galicia, Spain.
If you come and visit us, don't doubt about eat it!

New Leaf said...


I enjoy your work in Lost. I'm sure you hear that at least a hundred times a day; is it getting old yet?

You have a cool blog... thanks for sharing the love and humor.

Upon further reflection, I'm probably only talking to the other few hundred people who comment here aren't I. *laugh*

Oh, and Happy Octopus day. What's next? Mollusk Of The Year? O.o

Cinnamon said...

The words of my five year old "Awwww, he's cute. Can I have him?"

Unknown said...

my cat do the same

Greetings from Chile

Deborah Godin said...

As a big Red Wings fan, I can tell you this was hard to watch!

Nataly said...

hahaha it's so funny))))I like your dog))

Lovisas said...

omg, I just love your dog :D

Sarah said...

SOoooo cute! And your chihuahua makes grunty-noises just like mine does! Mr. Big has a "moo-moo", though. Moo-moo is a pink cow.

Cat said...

hahahaha! Love the growling! It makes me think of Wicket the Ewok if he was trying to say his lines with a hangover!

Matt Sloan said...

Dude, that is actually adorable. Happy Octopus Day!

Anonymous said...

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