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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Does this hotel room travel through time?

Because not one of their CDs came out after the year 2000.


Unknown said...

Did they have any Geronimo Jackson?

Adriana Barreiros said...

This place looks crummy! What the heck were you doing there? (none-of-my-business question, I know)

Emily said...

At least they weren't cassettes.

Hérika e Ariano said...

Hi Jorge!

Only good music =)

Put more photos!

Stay with God!

Hérika and Ariano.


Could've been worse--they could've been 8-tracks... :)

Randy said...

Personally... I would be worried about whatever it was that chewed on that cabinet.....

Anonymous said...

ditto what Randy said.

Paul Spooner said...

Preservation Hall Jazz Band...I bet that ROCKS!

Avinash said...

Just because their music is old doesn't mean you have to eat their furniture, Jorge...

Sonja said...

on the bright side they weren't 8 tracks!

Morriskats said...

Reminds me of one of our local radio stations- My husband and I moved away in 1993 and moved back in 2007. The radio station did not seem to get any new music while we were gone.

Dana Zee said...

One of the slots is missing a CD. It must've been something good!

Kezwan said...

HIIII mr.garcia pls klick on my profil and you will see the foto of me and YOu on munich plsss :)
nice time

JimPel said...

Seriously dude,

What the hell ate that CD tray/Holder. It looks rather scary. Maybe it time warped back to the Dinosaur age as well...

are those Velociraptor teeth marks I see?

Well I did hear that they enjoy Sting.

splord said...

Oh, man, I wondered what had happened to my old CDs, and now I know. They're in a hotel in Munich.

marlamuppets said...

at least they have Sting.

and i didn't know hotels provided cds. weird.

Tammy said...

Hotels offer cd's in your room-that's crazy.
Is it like a mini-bar or something?
Im glad you made it out without the "animal" eating you too.

J-Zombie said...

mañana vere el capitulo 100 de lost,lo estoy deseando,preveo un final de temporada alucinante,saludos jorge y sigue asi,eres un actorazo

Fanimaniac said...

It wasn't a dinosaur that chewed on the CD holder -- it was a polar bear! :) (or a boar. or the smoke monster?)

Sheila Bennett said...

What? Have never seen CDs provided in a hotel room. What kind of a place are you staying in?

surr said...

if you see a cranky guy in a leather jacket or a goofy grinny guy in a suit let us know mmkay? (you may or may not get (sorry)* that but at least 10 people that read your blog will. LOL)

*yes i sub-parenthesized.

em for mighty said...

is there music after the '80s? other than nirvana?

Clare said...

Cds? What are they? Hmm.. I think I remember them being sold in shops.... before dvds... :)

Movie Star Wife said...

I have that Sting CD. In many ways I am stuck in the 80's.

bgprodarts said...

Those aren't CDs. They are coasters for your drinks. Yes, and what ate the coaster holder anyway.

JohnLeMay said...

It's all you really need.

Lynne said...

longtime lurker, first time poster (I think) -

I'll see you a hotel room with 8-year-old CDs and I'll raise you a Bed & Breakfast with a beautiful loft library full of issues of Country Living magazine from the mid-90s - and that's it. It was like being at my Nana's house, without the love and oatmeal cookies.

Cassandra said...

Admit it--it's not really a hotel, it's a youth hostel! And even with the old CDs and rat-chewed furniture, yours looks like one of the swankier youth hostels!

Phrank said...

the real question is, did they at least provide you with a CD player?

Melli said...

Where was that? Hopefully not in Munich. Embarrassing. :D

Jules said...

Dharma did it!

~Karen~ said...

Not "travel" through time...Just stuck back in time.
HAPPY 100!!!!!!


Kat said...

Vacation places that have stuff like that always amaze me. I mean, I'm always surprised no one ever walks away with it. That all those years, its just been there. We stayed at a cottage at a lake once that had the most amazing collection of tacky paperback books.

redelf said...

Its my mom's CD stand!!!!!

lostinphilly said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Jorge!! Hope you had an awesome one.

l said...

I just wanted to tell you
that finding this blog was one of the greatest things in my life

haha, I just named all my art for my school's art show quotes from Benjamin Linus

great 100th episode

OurWanderingAdventures said...

Hmmm..maybe it like a retro Music themed room??

Rebecca said...

At least it wasn't on cassette! ;)

Jen said...

Is it bad that I own the first three of those?

JohnLeMay said...

So does the 100th episode relate to the 100th day of Obama? I had to ask it.

Derek Brink said...

You stay in hotels that PROVIDE CDs?!? Where can I find those?

Rachel said...

hmmmm maybe ellioise (the time travelling(sort of) rat)was there.
would explain the hole and the out of date cd's

Red Stapler said...

Happy belated birthday!

I really enjoy your blog. :)

Captain Mustapha said...

The stuff that came out after 2000 is on a flash memory drive in the nightstand drawer.

feelisgood said...

Happy belated birthday!
Greetings from Ukraine!

Christina Bauer said...

Well, if there's a Geronimo Jackson one, I'd start worrying...

Eugen Caitaz said...

Accidentally, not Squinty Jones ate this shelf?
She probably likes listen music,her likes the Sting?

The Nicholsons said...

That's pretty cool that a hotel leaves CDs and people don't steal them! Go Germany. You should fill that empty slot with a David Hasselhoff CD before you check out.

Betseeee said...

Yeah, the sad thing is I'd probably listen to all of them and be perfectly happy.

Webkidjulie said...

How freaky would it have been if there were cds from artists whose music was play during LOST flash backs?

Alisha Rene' said...

Sorry about the crappy hotel room man. We over at the "SSPBD" all wish you a VERY Happy Birthday :) See ya on the other side of the island...........

Maya99 said...

My husband's CD rack travels through dumpsters: Jamie "The Heights" Walters, Enuff Z'nuff, the collected works of Hanson, Saigon Kick.

Wednes said...


Did they also have a dial-up connection?

Seriously though, The Beatles are timeless. It could have been much worse. Ace of Base anyone?

Terry said...

Can you say Classic. Watch out for waht ever is bitting the furniture

whiterabbita said...

Cool! And it's cool that in the post before this, there are 108 comments! I hope nobody will add an other comment there! hihi

Miztification said...

For some reason I just thought of the movie 1408 (shudders).

James Hernandez said...


All the good music ended in the late 90's. 1890's if your into classical!

ValMo said...

Oh man. I guess I am an old lady in a 26-year-old body. That's all the kind of stuff I listen to. "kind of" stuff, not just plain "stuff".

Anonymous said...

Very Good. And the Michael Jackson CD? The eternal king of pop!
One suggestion:Tell to the director of Lost to honor Michael.
The characters may return in the Thriller year:)
Congratulations,just good music!

Anonymous said...

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