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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Why did I take a picture of this utility truck?

Well it had a particularly interesting bumper sticker.
Now why would the electric company want me to know this?
I feel it might have something to do with that picture between the "your" and "baby." What is that? A bottle of bleach? I don't understand.

I mean I get not abandoning your baby. I just don't get the context. 


Unknown said...

Unfortunately, many babies are abandoned in containers every year... So my bet would be it has to do with that.

Kelipso said...

Yeah, kind of a weird bumper sticker. I googled it though, and this is the first link I found.


I guess the image is a baby in a hand inside a house? I'm thinking its one of those safe-house programs so mothers don't leave their babies in dumpsters and such :(

Still kinda weird on a utility truck...

Captain Mustapha said...

  Many electrical workers were moved at the end of Season 4 Episode 10 when Sawyer found the baby apparently abandoned in the jungle.

SAWYER (running through woods with baby): Claire.. Claire... Claire!!

Apex Zombie said...

I guess the company is really against wolves raising children? And that bleach container is actually a silver bullet, because you'll have to shoot your feral kid once it comes back as a werewolf.

I think it's a valuable message.

Barracuda said...

was not better a sticker with the word "respect the safe distance"

non era meglio un adesivo con la scritta " rispetta la distanza di sicurezza"

New Yorker wannabes said...

Now that is one sad sticker...

It is such a small sticker for such an important message...

take care

Mara said...

jejeje, people do strange things... :) Happy New Year Jorge :)

cherrypickermark said...

After some quick Googling I determined that is the standard symbol for the "Safely Surrendered Baby (SSB) Law".

Why is it on the back of this utility truck? In LA newborns can
safely be given to a hospital emergency room or fire station, their logo is "no shame, no blame, no names"... I guess this is just part of the city's marketing plan to get the word out.


evielilly said...

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Please Type Legibly said...

WOW...I guess I'm just never going to get it. In an age of almost unlimited birth control options, why oh why are people still having unwanted children? For that matter, don't a lot of states have laws now where a girl can hand over her baby to a hospital within a certain amount of time after the birth with no liability? For Heaven's sakes...as a mom, this boggles the mind.

Jodi said...

Maybe the guy who drove the truck had something happen in his/her personal life and is an advocate now?

Kelley said...

maybe Hawaiians habitually abandon their bleached babies??

redelf said...

It reminds me of those plates people have on their cars..you know the personal ones were you can never figure out what the lettering stands for? You know like FKRT? What the hell is that?? So you spend your time driving behind them not paying attention while you try to figure out their licence plate and then you hit them in the rear....

Ani said...

Wow! Can't believe its u, lol
I'm not a huge fan of Lost, honestly, I just watched the first season and I felt pretty identified with ur obsessive compulsive disorder with numbers :$
anyways, Lost must have been one of the best series ever, I just got to see it lol

Tasha Who? said...

My initial thought was a failed attempt at an Engrish.com joke.

I had a friend post a similar message, from the bumper sticker to not understanding the context.

Perhaps it's a marketing stand for the utility company or the city. It's potentially scary to know what kind of statistics would go into having to spread the word like that.

Derek Brink said...

I'm guessing that the person who drives the truck put it on there. I've got a friend who does heat/air repair and drives his company truck, but it's basically "his" truck and he can put whatever stickers he wants on there as long as it's not profane and doesn't cover the company name. Probably the guy's an advocate of whatever program that is on the sticker.

D S said...

And yet, when I read it, the first thing I think about in this context is Lost's Baby Aaron.

Jeremiah said...

All right, so it's a PSA. It's still a totally bizzare hoot. Happy 2009, Jorge.

M. Iserable said...

Too funny. One time I opened up a cinnamon bun that I got at a gas station, and inside the wrapper there was an ad that said "NEVER SHAKE A BABY!" I guess they have to put in these ads where they can.

ValMo said...

I really don't know what to say. I think I've seen other "cause" stickers on trucks like that before...Or at least on semi-trucks. I wonder how often the guy gets asked about it.

Paper Dolls For Boys said...

Maybe the driver has some deep issue he or she is working out. Could be worse, it could read, "Don't abort your baby!" Those really piss me off.

Adriann said...

if it was a DWP truck which is city owned then all city worker trucks and such have them on there since it is state funded by LAC prop 10 www.first5la.org (i use to work for those fuckers) anyhow they all have it on their cars to araise awareness. Hope you dont smoke that is where all your tax money is going to. to slackers who cant do shit! but put bumper stickers on a electrical truck haha

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