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Friday, January 16, 2009

My Parents Can Only Eat This Bread When I Visit

Because I'm the only one with strength enough to slice it. I tried to see if the electric knife could cut through it. Even that was no match for this loaf. It's a shame there is no room in their kitchen for a band saw. 


Jodi said...

Oh my God..doesn't it hurt your teeth to eat it though if it takes that much effort to cut it with a knife?

That is like our family and soppressata. OH MY GOD! Jorge if you never tried it, try it - it is so good. It is an Italian hard salami (shaped like pepperoni but wider) but like that bread of yours, you have to cut it with a really strong blade and arm. But worth it.

That bread sounds very interesting. I have to keep my eye out for it.

~Karen~ said...

Are you sure you can eat this?
Can it be digested?
I'm a little scared of it. It's not "bread" color.
It seems more like a weapon. lol

Courtney said...

This sounds like it could overtake fruitcakes in the bad-food-gifts-department...

Unknown said...

It looks purple. Does it do weird things to your insides - with all of that... fiber?


Sue Wacvet said...

Ummmm. Schmeckt gut!

OnceBitten said...

Holey Moley that's a dense bread.

Looks like it'll deliver a better cleansing than Raisin Bran, Taco Bell or even exlax!!

Do you spread anything on it? Butter, cream cheese, Pepto?

Dave said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dave said...

Looks like a loaf of Colon-Blo (remember the SNL skit, anyone?) lol


maven said...

How is it possible to chew it, let alone digest it? And if you're the only one with enough strength to slice it, to they keep it around waiting for you to come into town?

Anonymous said...

OMG.. thats the bread we eat in Denmark.. we only have white bread for breakfast, but this bread we eat for lunch.... I didnt think you would get it anywhere else in the world. And apparently it should be good for you stomach because of all the fibers.

What I dont get, is why yours is so hard to slice - cant you buy it already sliced ?? Here its nice and soft (almost like white bread).

Anonymous said...

I forgot to tell, that it tastes great with fish or any kind of sliced meat on.... or even jam or chocolate - yes we have these very thin slices of chokolate to put on bread, LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Gorge,
this bread comes from Germany!
There are a lot of variations of "Vollkornbrot" or "Schwarzbrot" with whole grain kernels or oats in them and not all come only from Bavaria.
Vollkornbrot is not really the same as Schwarzbrot, but over time it is mixed together.
The bread itself is usually rather fluffy than hard. So if the bread is hard is is because of a lack of water. Try to refresh it by putting it in a moistened freezer bag; shut the bag and wait. The bread should not be so hard anymore. Same effect you have with oats, put them in liquor and they get soft soaking up the liquor. In those Vollkornbroten (plural) there is a high part of grains in, which also needs liquor to get fluffy!
I think it is a problem with imported bread. Because of long distance delivery the bread is not as fresh as if you would buy it directly from the bakery, but there is a sense behind, so it is a kind of rest of coming through hard times; for example long winter times and later war times. The original form of Schwarzbrot (Black Bread)is the 'Pumpernickel'-Schwarzbrot, made to conserve bread, but it has a hight part of sugar. Sugar is know for the best effect for preserve, see jams.
By the effect of extraction water by natural effluvium the bread is extremely good for use over a long time. It cannot get mold-infested so easily.

The modern forms, especially Vollkorn, full grain, have some (chemical)ingredients, which ruin the effect for keeping the bread over a long period, but serve the customers' taste! It is all about health and wellness, even with bread forms.

Barracuda said...

Very good!
I love so much bread that comes from Germany!

Angela from
Trieste Italy

New Yorker wannabes said...

I love this kind of bread! I think I used to eat it when i was in the UK. Interesting that it comes from Germany :-)

greetings from Greece

Tasha Who? said...

I had a friend from Norway who brought over Vollkorn and Brunost (brown cheese). Luckily mine was soft... and tasty!

nomad said...

the japanese ginzue knife can cut through metal pipe. so get that to cut the bread,lol.

Topanga said...

Looks like it would be great with pastrami and swiss cheese. I eat something similar to that here only it comes pre-sliced. When bread is that dense they can cut it to be only 1/4 inch thick, about half the thickness of regular bread. But oh so yummy.

redelf said...

Holy crap!!! My oldest son Zack would love that!

Ehsan said...

Am a fan of trying different kinds of bread, but can hardly imagine what it must be like to eat such a hard one.
How does it really taste?

Roberta said...

To tell you the truth...that looks good to me!!!! Is it really that hard?!?! Try to do as sawyer840 suggested... and then let us know whether it worked or not!!! ;)

ValMo said...

Speed bumps. That bread has speed bumps.

Philipp M. said...

Hehe ^^ I'm from Switzerland... but I hope you don't think we eat stuff like that every day in the "alpine" region (as it reads on the bread's packaging)... yes maybe sometimes i eat whole grain bread but NEVER something like this xD

Unknown said...

good old Vollkornbrot from germany :-)
We like it....


Unknown said...

Mmmmmh, delicious German Vollkornbrot !
I missed it when I was back in California...thank good Whole Foods offers Wasa Knackebrot :O) !!!

WatsonCrick said...

OMG!! Where did you get it??? I am from Germany currently living in Mississippi and I miss that type of bread so much. They only loaf of breads they have here are so soft they can be squeezed to fit in a match box..unghh. Until now I was able to buy bread similar to yours at Worldmarket but now they are closing down all the shops around here. Closest one will be FOUR hours away in Natchez, TN... I am considering the drive...so desperate...Love that stuff.. Nat

Rose G Knight said...

Do you have to dip the bread into something to soften it first?! The effort from chewing the bread will make one full i reckon.

Unknown said...

I also totally believe the powertools should be kept in the kitchen. Just on general principles, though - I haven't seen the bread before.

(Also, I kind of thought you would like this story: http://thebloggess.com/?p=635)

Line said...

If they can´t cut it..hoe do they eat it without losing their teeth?

Lori said...

hard tack

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