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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I've been wormin'

So in my efforts to be greener I started composting. I bought a bin and bunch of these guys.
It's fun and gross at the same time. See, I fill the tray with a bunch of food scraps. 
I really packed it on this time because I was heading to my parents' house for ten days. 
(Boy I hope the worms like cheese popcorn.)
Then I cover it all with paper from my shredder. 
This is how I recycle my old scripts and fan mail. So if you want to know what's coming up in LOST, you might want to ask the worms. 
I also cover it with newspaper sometimes. 
I'm always looking for stuff to feed the worms, because they're not the only ones eating there. There are other stragglers who have shown up in the bin as well. 
Sometimes I pick these guys out. But one time I did, and then I saw the dog chewing on something outside. Not sure what it was, but she has been know to try to eat cat poop so why NOT stinky worms? 


Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

ewwww! that second pic looks exactly like the chanko nabe at work!

Hoku said...

I daresay some obsessed Lost fan would stick his hand in there to try to piece the scripts back together! EWWWWW Not me!!! Bet it smells great too! ;)

Unknown said...

Check out Ed Begley Jr's book "Living Like Ed" he's got some great tips for composting - and green tips for all over your house besides.

I'm trying to talk my husband into a compost bin...I'll wear him down soon enough.

Rory said...

Are they from the Waikiki Worm Lady?

Georgia Hardstark said...

You've somehow managed to make a really gross post into something kinda charming. Well done!

AllBlueZoo said...

What is that you use as your container? Anything special. This would be GREAT for my PreK class as something to do for Earth Day....hmmmm. Thanks for the idea!

Kati said...

Hi Jorge, I love what you wrote today. How is life going? I hope well, I was wondering if you would wright me back, I would love to be just friends. It would mean a lot to be friends with a favorite character of mine on Lost.(only get to watch it ever year because we do not have cable) I ask you to please think about it. I know you have many friends, and I would really like to be one of them, so hope you have a good day.


PS: Here is the adress to my blog please give your answer in a comment.


redelf said...

I need to do that. My son Harri would absolutely adore having a a bucket full of gross worms and other bugs.

Tasha Who? said...

Plain and simple: EW.

Kaileigh Blue said...

You're not supposed to put Meat or Dairy in a compost bin :O I can grow bad bacteria and stuff.

But those grubs.. hah probably not the exact same thing but my dog loved to eat those. When she was younger she' wander around the yard with her head cocked sideways, then stop and start digging like a nut and find one.

Please Type Legibly said...

Yup, no meat or dairy, and you might include yard clippings too. Stir it up every now and again to aerate and periodically give it a beer - as in put a beer in your 20 gallon sprayer and spray it down. The beer will activate enzymes which will help everything break down faster. I composted for awhile - my garden LOVED it. Good luck with it!

Britt said...

So if I wrote you a mushy fan letter, you would compost it and use it to grow your tomatoes? That just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside... Jorge Garcia consuming my words...

Robbi said...

Great Post!!
Alittle gross looking but great..
I have a huge compost for our garden,..
It works out well.

Abby said...

composting is the way to go!! one week till the premier...can't wait dude!

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

When I was little, we had a dog that would go into the cat's litter box and eat their poop. Must've been Nunu's relative.

By the way, that pic of you holding the sandwich? I thought it was Photoshopped, but after tonight's sneak peak, I guess I was wrong. So, you know, pretend I never made the comment in that post. (You probably have no clue what I'm talking about, but that's OK.)

mama t said...

I want to invite you and Beth out to Waianae this Sunday. I help to put on a Reggae Garden Day on an organic farm i work on. Ai'Pohaku. We connect Roots with Roots. It is always awesome...we Potluck and have lunch after we work in the farm...we also pound poi...this is an excellent Pono invitation to experience a roots cutural day...Reggae music plays live all day 12-5 Waianae Intermediate School...in the way back of the school. I know you and beth would have a great day. Jah Love!

curegurl23 said...

hey jorge,
(or anyone that reads this actually)
how would i contact jorge garcia about getting a signed photo?

Barracuda said...


Sue Wacvet said...

One of my dogs would be happy eating nothing but cat poop. I don't let her but she gets some anyway. I guess it's very common.

Red said...

Oh oh oh! I'm moving from an apt to a house tomorrow. I've always wanted to compost. I have some investigating to do. Thanks!

Ehsan said...

Hi Jorge,
It's awesome to find out you actually have a blog. I'm an Iranian and have started reading today. I'm really looking forward to meeting you in person one day and being friends with you in person. Until then, I'll keep reading. Thanks for writing.

3goodrats said...

That's awesome! I'm about to build a worm compost bin myself. I'm using instructions from a book called The Urban Homestead. It sounds easy enough, but we'll see how it actually goes. Good luck with yours!

Chuck Power said...

Finally, a Lost script ends up where it belongs!
The only thing that stinks more than that compost is your stupid show.

Just kidding dude. You rock. I hope I didn't get anyone's blood pressure too high.
6 Days 10 hours. can't wait.

autumn said...

we once had a huge compost bin...tall as me (5'4) and I always wondered what was in the bottom....on day my dog knocked in over and found out...not so pretty. Like the littler version with cute grubs!

whiterabbita said...

To say the truth I preferred a lot the post about your sweetie dog! hehe

Sticks and Stones said...

Jorge is that you?? This is Heather from Sticks and Stones blog!! Are you in or around San Diego right now?? You SHOULD COME to our Lost Premiere night!! haha I used to live in kailua, hawaii and went to school with a girl that used to work on the set Amanda Finn, you probs might not know here but whatever. LOST rules, your the most good vibes character on there, we love you, SAN DIEGO LOVE YOU teehee, have a great week!!!

New Yorker wannabes said...

amazing how many things we learn from your blog Jorge!

Well in some cultures (don't ask me where do not remember) they actually fry warms and eat them cause it is believed that they are nutritional so...


take care now

Roberta said...

Yuck yuck!!! Let me tell you that this is really disgusting... Anyway, loved this post!!! You're amazing! ...and I support composting and recycling, we all should do it!!!

Btw, I'll never write to you if that's how your fans' letters end up!!! ;)
Just kidding, the important thing is that before throwing them into that bin you read them!!!!

Hugs :D

Topanga said...

Our area has a municipal composting center. We dump our organics in a big green bin on wheels and every two weeks a truck comes around and dumps it out and takes it away. We're also allowed only one green bag of non-recyclable trash every two weeks. Everything else has to find a place in one of the recycling bags. The garbage cops are strict. If they see a tiny piece of paper in a bag that is reserved for plastics they'll tag it and not take it.

Laura Caçoeiro said...

Much as puke up later, I was able to put my hand in that earthworms to now the secrets of Lost.

Kiss from Portugal

Stacy Disarrayed said...

LOST scripts! You should sell those on ebay or something! :)
For charity? :)

Melissa Markham said...

Ewwww.... hope they don't get blown away in the weather you are having/have had. I read another blog from Hawaii and she was talking about a storm coming and schools being closed...

Cefenix said...

"It's gone, dude. Bloop!" Great line, Jorge. Really looking forward to seeing you in the new season. Email me sometime. yeti1560 AT bigfoot DOT com. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Yea, Jorge, my darlin' Sloopy, who has no gone on to huntin' rabbits in Heaven with my dad, used to love to "get into" the cat's litter box...

Dr Mum said...

In Oz we have an elongated barrel shaped composter which is on a stand and it is free to spin around. This mixes up the older and newer contents
and gets the bacterial/insect action going.

Unknown said...

I love worm composting! We even have the same bin, the can-o-worms. Currently mine is in hibernation because my partner led a household revolt against worm composting and BSFL.

That weird little guy you took the pic of is a black soldier fly larvae (BSFL). The flies are harmless but multiply really, really fast and it's impossible to get all the eggs out, so you're stuck with them unless you start all over totally clean with new worms. They tend to get in when you compost old plant potting soil, b/c their eggs are in there, but the adult flies are attracted to decay and will fly in and lay eggs if you leave the lid off. The good news is the larvae can eat tons and tons of material, way faster than worms. The bad news is when you have a whole bunch of them in there and the whole surface of your bin is gently heaving, it is a little scary.

This is my first time on your blog (found you from Kate Harding's) and she's right. Not only are you cute as hell as Hurley, you are fun to read.

Sean Craven said...

Dude, I feel kinda weird about this -- seems as though I'm pimping in your playground -- but that bit where you think your dog might be eating stuff from the worm farm?

We had that happen at our house and the results were spectacular. I put the story up on my site a while ago. If you're interested, here's the address. If my posting this isn't cool, I'm sorry -- but it was too much for me to resist.


Sean Craven said...

Those silky worms are maggot larva.

Meow said...

If you love going green and have already starting composting I say read The Square Foot Gardner... I dont garden but this book made me want to... it had a whole chapter about composting.... It was Brilliant!

Wicked Gardener said...

I look for info on worm composting and what do I find? The great blog of a great actor on the greatest show of all time! My life has happily come full circle.

(If he knows you are doing it, maybe my husband will finally let me get a worm bin . . . )

EeeJay said...

I got my boyfriend some worms and a bin for Christmas . . . we built our own, though, out of a couple of Rubbermaid bins that we drilled holes in (found the instructions online: http://newfarm.rodaleinstitute.org/features/0804/wormbin/index.shtml). It's a lot cheaper than buying a bin. Filled with peat moss. And yes, it is a GREAT project for little kids - some fifteen years ago, that was a year-long class science project for my fifth grade class.

bucketgirl said...

I love it! I have a worm bin too, and there are a lot more critters in there than just worms, which I found surprising at first, for some reason. I hear the only thing that you must kill on site is the centipedes. My next step is to get chickens so they can eat the worms, so I can turn shredded junk mail and kitchen waste into eggs!

Becky said...

I tried vermicomposting and my worms all died. I did everything right, so I didn't feel like buying worms and starting over. Those suckers are expensive!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree that they're black soldier fly larvae. I used to vermicompost, too (until I neglected my poor worms), and ended up with tons of those little suckers in there with the worms. They do a great job of composting, but I like the worms better, so I always tried to pick out the soldier flies. Hey, it's protein for Nunu, right?

Kate and Crew said...

Ugh - I love worm composting for the green aspect, but thanks to too many Discover Show specials with worms eating people from the inside out, I've developed a bit of Scoleciphobia - my fancy SAT word of the day for fear of worms.

jasmine said...

Just found your blog, Awesome! I have a vermicompost bin in my house and it's filled with red wigglers and they eat and eat and eat.. and my plants love it! I also sometimes add crushed egg shells... my friend who runs the vermicompost business says the worms have a gizzrd like stomach and it helps them digest food faster... and also be conscious of the type of ink on the paper you are shredding.
Clearly you don't need an indoor bin, but mine is mostly used for the plants and as a good topic of discussion when I give friends the tour of the new house... "Wanna play with my worms?" I say... so far no one over the age of 12 has say yes. Love the Blog and the show.

Janina Görrissen said...

Hey, how cool is that? You grow your own vegetables, prefer to buy locally and organic, have a crystal desodorant, a worm bin... Me too, so of course now I'm officially convinced about you being a cool guy! ;D

Did the worms honestly eat the cheese popcorn? I'd expect them to have trouble with the cheese... XD
Mine prefer sweet, juicy stuff like leftovers from strawberries or other sweet fruit.

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pudderhon said...

Our Daucshund (sp?) eats any and all poo it comes acrossed. GROSS.