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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ew! Who farted?

You know who lady. Don't act like you don't.


<3 Shawna said...

Hahaha. Where on earth did you find this?

Oh, and can't wait for the premier tonight!!!

Todd said...

LoL, Made my day!! Big night tonight. Can't wait to get home and watch.

Dolphin Boy said...

Dude.....too funny. Was it Bethany?
I'm sure tonite won't stink!

Daniel Fahl said...

Greetings from Sweden.
Lol, I wonder how many comments you will get about the premier tonight Jorge.

Just to try to help abit:

Could all the people that reads this comment rethink about posting "I'm drooling infront of my TV waiting for LOST to come on". Which I dont really mind if you write. But Jorge might. He might need a break from lost from time to time.
But I shouldnt say anything I'm a fan myself and have waited a long time for this season. But I'm pretty sure thats not what comments that are appropiate for this blog.
Thanks for your time reading this Comment.

// Daniel.

Anonymous said...

Yay... season 5 starts tonight.. (which is already NOW here...) but since the show doesnt run in Denmark (cant you do anything about that, LOL) I cant watch it till tomorrow :o( BTW the pic is funny.

CJ said...

whoever smelt it dealt it anyone?

Unknown said...

Is that... a piece of art? There are no words.

Okay, biggest night of the year tonight - I didn't think it would ever come.

Just listened to a radio interview with you on Deminski & Doyle and wanted to thank you for being so fantastic with the public and your fans - I'm sure sometimes it gets old answering the same questions over and over and stuff, but we appreciate it soooo much.

Hoku said...

Only you would think of a caption like that! Funny!

Can't wait till tonight, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning...

Sucks that we in Hawaii have to wait 5 hours longer than the east coast to see the season premiere :(

mama t said...

excuse me...it was me

Lynne said...

Ha...you crack me up!

Tasha Who? said...

A hundred dollars says she had those under her armpits prior.

New Yorker wannabes said...

Damn...if only I had this picture to show it to my students yesterday when...the same 'incident' happened in class! It would be really funny :-)

The only thing is that with 10 year olds...you always know who it is :-)

Thank you Jorge. This was fun...

Take care now
peace and love

Boyhowdy said...

I believe the hula dancer's pose symbolizes a mountain (or is it a'ina a.k.a. land?)...but your interpretation makes the painting much more interesting.

Kevin said...

Hehehe! That was funny. :D

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

She who smelt it!

Hastie54 said...

I know this isnt the best place but its the only way i know to leave you a message! just wanna say im a huge fan and i get called Hurley all the time by random strangers on the street and by my mates cause i looke EXACTLY like you. Its awesome!

Its actually a life ambition to get my photo with You! So mon over to Scotland for a Bit! YAS!

Crank said...

Fart Art! You should copyright that.

Jules said...

Where can I get that... necklace???

redelf said...

Don't you ever wonder if the person who painted that really looked at it??

Sticks and Stones said...

i figure you have your own premiere party tonight. didnt even think of that....if you dont, and you are somehow in or around san diego, stop by the whistlestop bar, wed love to have you. nice picture in front of the Moks, im a kailuian www.myspace.com/sandiegohouseparties

kris said...

hahaha "fart art"
can't wait for tonight's episode!!!

Chase Squires said...

Heh heh heh!

Alec said...

Great art occasionally goes over my head.

Movie Star Wife said...

Jorge--some of your best acting tonight! Dude! (yeah, I actually use the word "dude")

Chris said...

The highlight of tonight's two hours of Lost was you tossing that burrito. Just awesome. :)

Robbi said...

Great Photo!!

thought it smelled in here!LOL!!

LOST!!!! WOW!!!!!

You are Great!!!

Bender R said...

A very touching scene there when you came clean with your mom tonight. Excellent job.

I'm glad you're finally doing more post-Island than being the mental patient zombie.

Cheryl said...

and the emmy goes to Jorge Garcia for excellence in his craft - great job on tonight's episode! loved it!

Capcom said...

Too funny!

Anyway, just watched the premier and you were super awesome in it! You sure can quiver a good lip in the sad scenes. *sniff*


Kim said...

I was thinking the EXACT same thing as my cat strolled by while I was pulling up the blog. Weird

Anonymous said...

Amazing job on tonight's episode! Made me tear up a little!

So glad LOST is back!

Ashley said...

Best line of the night:


Rebecca said...

Love you! Love your show! SO glad LOST is back! My head is spinning and hurting in only a way LOST can hurt it. Loved the hot pocket attack on Ben, Libby says hi made me go "awww" and there was a line you had that made me LOL and love having you back on but my mind is all twisted now.

LOST goodness aside you are hilarious & I love lurking on your blog to see what awaits!

mMm said...

Bravo on tonight's premier! You grow more impressive both individually and as a cast with each episode. Tonight's was a stunner - congrats.

hf;oeiaief said...

tonight's two episodes were great. You were brilliant. SO many great scenes and hilarious scenes with Hurley. I especially loved the whole story Hurley told his mom. too funny. Possible best quote!

LOSTINNJ said...

I've never commented on your blog before. I just wanted to say that yes, tonights episodes were awesome but your scenes and acting were incredible; funny, touching, believable. Clearly you gave it your all. I won't go on and on, but congratulations on an excellent start to the new season...you must be very proud

Woodeene said...

Excellent, excellent work in these episodes. You hit all the right notes in your scenes.

Barracuda said...

lol so cool...ahahh

Angel said...

I am loving your photos and comments. By the way great job last night! I really enjoyed it. So excited for the new season!!!!!

Lorax said...

Awww, Jorge, you crack me up.

I hope you see this: http://www.avclub.com/articles/because-you-left-the-lie,22949/

If The Onion loves you, you are about as cool as a person can possibly be!

Paperbak Writer said...

Good premiere last night Garcia. My wife and I were thoroughly entertained.

Nice touch having Anna Lucia pull Hurley over. Good to see her spunky self again, if only for that small bit o'time.

FFJewbacca said...

Not only was Hurley the best character last night (some of your finest work on the show yet) I demand that the Academy create a special Emmy for best appearance by a t-shirt in a drama and give it to the "I (heart) Shi-Tzus" t-shirt. And then promptly retire it.

The Emmy and the shirt.

Lee Anne said...

OMG! You were so the best part of the show last night! It is always so much fun watching your scenes. Awesome job!

Laura Caçoeiro said...

What you invent!:)

Unknown said...

Whoever smelt it dealt it....
But whoever denied it, supplied it :)

Annie said...

I heart shitzus...

I just wanted to say that the look Hurley gave Ben after he ran out of the house was SO perfect. The 2nd half of the premiere was awesome :)

Scoutpost said...

So good to have LOST back again. You did a great job last night!! Awesome episodes.

LOL on the (f)art.

Brianna T said...

This artist clearly missed their calling doing advertisements for Kleenex.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work in the premier- the complexity of the thoughts and emotions that went across your face was unbelievable to see. Such intensity- amazing. I was intrigued to see Hurley making choices for himself, and deciding to trust himself- for better or for worse. Altho- you know- your scary look is really kinda scary.

Anonymous said...

I heart shitzus...???
Could they have not gotten you a shirt that said:
I heart Chihuahuas.
It would be so cool if you could somehow mention NuNu's name on the show.
Maybe that could have been your code name.
Either way you did a great job last night!

Honeybell said...

Because I'm too lazy to actually send a letter--

Fantastic work yet again. The chemistry between you and the other actors is amazing, I especially love watching you in scenes with Lillian Hurst and Michael Emerson.

It could have been easy for the writers to cast Hurley only in a comic relief capacity. I'm so pleased that hasn't happened. Placing Hurley as one of the central characters is one of the things that keeps me coming back. Clearly you are a very talented actor.

HOWEVER. That totally should have been a I "heart" My NuNu shirt.

nomad said...

hey man GRAT JOB on the opening season show. i thought you did a fantastic job when you spilled your guts to your mom about the island. you told the last four years on the island in like 3 min,lol. really nice job,really enjoy watching ya act. peace dude

whiterabbita said...

Here's an other greeting! Yes! You were awsome in the first two eps! And I loved your shih-tzu shirt! Your mother (in Lost) spoke the best line (What is a dead Pakistan is doing on my couch? - or something like that)!

round eyed dog said...

Hey man, you probably get sick of people commenting on your blog about Lost. One nerd to another (sorry for the assumption) but I have to ask, do you like Battlestar Galactica?

Unknown said...

I just have to add my comment to the others.

Yay! Lost is back! Great performance. I, too, wished it would have been an "I heart chihuahuas" shirt. And I just love the character of your mother. She has some awesome lines. My favorite is still "Jesus is not a weapon" but the dead Pakistani comment was right up there.

Keep up the good work.

L.A.woman said...

Hahaha! Actually, when I first saw the image I thought she was blowing her nose!

Dolphin Boy said...

Dude....Nice work last night! How was it working with Michelle Rodriquez again? and nice "stab" by writers with "Anna's" line to "Hurley"..."make sure you don't get arrested"! I laughed!

Next week will be awesome!

Rebecca said...

I remembered my favorite lines you said on last night's epi - "Maybe if you ate more comfort food you wouldn't shoot so many people" (or something to that affect) & "bloop!" OH I LOL'd!!

Cefenix said...

"I (heart) shih tzus" I love that t-shirt...did they let you keep that one?

Jodi said...

Hysterical Jorge!!!

Just wanted you to know - brilliant acting last night - especially the part where Hurley tells his Mom the complete rundown of the truth about what happened on the island.

Almost peed my pants when Hurley threw the Hot Pocket at Ben and how he'd rather get arrested for killing "4 guys or 3" instead of going with Ben.

Freakin awesome!

PS..I think wardrobe should have made you wear a I Heart My Chihuahua as an little inside joke! It could have been an ode to Nunu...hehehehe

Kira said...


Sorry, I had to post that. Last night's premiere was great. I just found your blog a couple weeks ago and have been checking it every week. Its nice to see an actor who seems grounded and "normal"! Good luck with everything!!!

Anonymous said...


Congratulations for the beginning of the 5 season!!

You appear a lot in the 2 episodes!!

The best scene:
When you tell your mother the true. She think that it was a joke!!



If you can, please answer me!

Thanks ;)

Boyhowdy said...

Is Mrs. Hawking the mother of Daniel Farraday?

Don't answer that!!!

maven said...

Just wanted to let you know that I thought you did a fantastic job in the premiere episodes of Season 5! The scene with Hurley's mother was awesome. It's how I feel when trying to explain the show to people who have never seen it. Impossible! At least Hurley's mother accepted what he said! Great work and looking forward to a continued wild ride!

Melissa Markham said...

LOL! I knew I smelled something when I stopped by this site:)

The kids and I were glued to the tv Wednesday night! Most excellent! In fact as I type this, the kids are watching it again! Love the moment between Hurley and mom! And between Hurley and Ben (though I am not sure you made the right choice;)

Thanks for being such a down to earth guy and for being part of such an awesome show!

spidey said...

Your acting was superb on Wednesay's show. You did such a great job. I loved every minute of your screen time. Bravo!

IslandPearl said...

I've always blamed it on the dog.

Great work in the opening eps, by the way. Doin my happy Lost is Back dance here.

Benjamin. said...

I was sooooo relieved when hurley finally told what really happened. I felt like I was in his position on the show, and that it was such a relief he finally let it out!

Loved the shirt!

Also liked Sawyers "Open up! It's the ghost of Christmas Future!"

Oh and thanks for the interview at lostpedia. My question was answered!


jess said...

Been reading the archives, thought you'd like this: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/23/world/europe/23crapstone.html

Perhaps a road map for future traveling?

Malea said...

I found this blog through the MSN interview. Your blog is going to be evan more insanely popular than I'm sure it is. {Freaky Fan gush alert}: YOU ARE AN AWESOME ACTOR!

I love that the first post I see on your blog is this picture with your hilarious tag on it. Goes to prove to us silly people who think that the Island is a real place, that you are the what makes your character to great and easy to relate.

APE. said...

LOVED last night's episode!! Its SO SO rare to have such an amazing show on TV and LOST is def. one of them..congrats!! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time...AMAZING!

Rick Mangler said...

DUDE! You are awesome. Im already dreading missing all of you after the show goes away and its not until next year. Ive never been more hooked on a show than Lost. Keep throwing hot pockets, too funny man :)

Anonymous said...

oh that is just too funny!! Hey Jorge, loved the premiere!! When the lady that plays Hurley's mom (she's priceless) said, "why is there a dead Pakistani on my couch?" I 'bout hit the floor! And as usual Cheech Marin was wonderful. You, my friend, go without sayin'! Huggs, brother!

Cat said...

I really wish I knew how (where) to send you a letter.

Chiara said...

please, watch this song for john locke!

Tuk said...


redelf said...

Just wanted to drop another line just to say how fantastic you were in the season opening the Lost!!!
I swear I want to adopt you! Your character remains me so much of my oldest son. lol Great job!

katie! (: said...

just read your msn thing on msn. hahaha!
the premire was amazing!
cant wait till next wednesday!

katie! (: said...

just read your msn thing on msn. hahaha!
the premire was amazing!
cant wait till next wednesday!

Lambchop said...

This woman has not broken wind (she is a *woman*, after all), she is clearly sniffing her fingers a la Mary Catherine Gallagher. What does it smell like darling? Like a party!

Jen said...

It really is artsy fartsy! I've never seen such a good example...

MissBeaHaven said...

I had never read a blog until today when this picture caught my eyes and I laughed until I P--ed. Then I sent the last hour reading all of the blog postings and enjoying it. Thank you, Masterful One.

Jules said...

Bring on more Hurley scenes! Excellent execution of your character!!! Thank you for making my night.

Carrie G said...

Ok, so my husband and I just stumbled upon your blog. Seriously, you are hilarious. We were looking at your Ireland pics and read what you said about the guy taking your picture at the stone Circle and we couldn't stop laughing.

What's really great is that reading your blog...you are completely a great, down to earth, awesome guy.

We are new to LOST. A friend said, "No really, you have to watch it." And now we're up to date and hooked...

It is refreshing and awesome to see that you are just a chill guy who would come to OUR pumpkin carving parties!

Nice to meet you...thanks for letting us into your life!! :)

Rabbit B. said...


Thought you might find it funny.

Unknown said...

hey dud!!!
i m a girl from Iran who loves your character in Lost,i wish i could lived in that island with those people in real world.how intersting it could be!!

nomad said...

Boop! hehe.

Tiffany Noélli said...

Hi Jorge! Arrasou na estréia de Lost... eu já estava com saudades de você! Eu amo seu personagem Hurley... É um grande prazer também para mim, entrar aqui em seu Blog! É muito divertido e original! Beijossssssss do Brasil!!! =)

Lynn Faruque said...

Hey you!! I've been working and just have got the chance to sit and tell you I LOVED the premier episode this year. Hurley is so cute. Sawyer and Sayid were looking pretty hot there, too.

And true to the show and probably WHY I am such a die-hard addict, even though it answered some questions, it just created that many more!!

Gotta love it!!


Jason Paul Tolmie said...

And I'm willing to bet that her farts smell absolutely divine:) I only ever really like to smell my own farts, but how bad can this interesting looking ladies bottom burps be? Look, it seems even Big Bird (from Sesame Street) likes them...He's standing behind her having a rather sneaky sniff;)

Luv ya Jorge...You make Lost...er, Lost?


Bostan said...

the premier was great!
But it is so funny that you found art like this.

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