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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dear Fans,

You know I appreciate you.

And I couldn't possibly expect you to have seen everything I've been in. In fact some things I'd rather you not see.

But if you're going to lie about it, know what you are talking about.

"I was very impressed with you in all those films: Fanboys, Deck the halls..."
-Yeah I wasn't in Fanboys. I was scheduled to do it, but with the rain we had during the shooting of Season two of Lost, I couldn't get out of production to go shoot it.

"I also think you are great in Lost, Becker, and Seymour's Last Rule, just to name a few."
-So close. But you had to add Seymour's Last Rule, a movie that although I have attached myself to it, has yet to go into production. 

You don't have to convince me that you're a fan. The fact that you wrote me is enough. I'll send everyone an autograph, from the people who send me long letters to the guy who writes, "please send me a picture" on a torn half sheet of paper. (No joke.)


Your Humble Reviewer said...

I loved it when you were in the Grateful Dead.

redelf said...


I will be honest, I only know you from Lost. :grin: Still a big fan though.

pcambra said...

Man, your appearance in The Godfather, part III, was totally undervalued!!

Crystalia said...

Awwww Jorge, we love you too! Happy new year to you, Beth and Nunu!

One kind of surreal moment while I was visiting my mom's.... She just got the game show network, so we were watching it almost every day, and a little known show called "Russian Roulette" came on. I was shocked to see you! I gotta say I was rooting for you the whole time though.. :)

Anonymous said...

No lies, Jorge...my 'roommates' (they are 11 & 12) LOVE you....in that way you can love someone you don't know...you know?....can't wait for the new season of Lost!

Anonymous said...

OH, P.S. I wanted to say I love you too....seems weird....but you get the idea.....Big fan...and I want Hurley to find some love!

sassa1971 said...

Hello Jorge,

Yes I only know you from lost too dude!
Since you mentioned though about autograph, how can someone get one from you?
Is there an address where can we send post?

Many thanks buddy,

Your LOST fun from Greece....Dimitris

Derek Brink said...

You were awesome on Amos and Andy and the Colgate Comedy Hour.

PoNCh said...

I loved Nunu as Lassie and Rintintin too!

Brianna T said...

You were amazing in Mean Girls.

The Real Deal said...

"The fact that you wrote me is enough. I'll send everyone an autograph, from the people who send me long letters to the guy who writes, "please send me a picture" on a torn half sheet of paper. (No joke.)"

To quote Hurley: "Dude, that's awesome."

Audra said...

LOL that's awesome.

Roberta said...

LOL! This is really funny!!! :D

I only know you from Lost but I hope to see you in a lot of other shows and films...


Jodi said...

We SO appreciate you Jorge!! People like to look all knowledgeable and they really don't know anything..probably going by imdb.com or something.LOL!

I have seen you on Lost and on one episode of Becker..the one where someone's grandmother dies and it turns out grandma was doing like everyone in the nursing home...LOL! I never watched Becker before...I was channel surfing and saw you and stopped and watched that episode.

ValMo said...

I only know you from Lost and I appreciate your work!

New Yorker wannabes said...


Sorry to post this here but...Δημήτρη δεν έχεις e-mail στο blog σου :-)

The address for lost fans and our Jorge:

Jorge Garcia
Lost Production Office
Hawaii film studio
510 18th Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96816

If it is wrong please correct it...

Jorge you truly are amazing with your fan mail.

I think I speak on behalf of us all when I say...THANK YOU!

take care now

Ms. Cherryspoon said...

lol you we're good in Becker, though.

Cat said...


I was going to say kinda what everyone else said. The end.

(p.s. I'm thinking I want to take a nap.)

Claire said...

Oh my God, this is the best blog post ever. *dies with laughter*

Claire - fan from Malta (an island in Europe!) :)

mMm said...

Lost Scmost. Mostly i just love you for your fabulous hair. ;)

(Okay, i really love you on Lost. But you still have great hair. I have total hair envy.)

~Karen~ said...

We all love ya!
And, I'll ALWAYS cherish the autograph you sent to me. You even made it out to "Shortcake".

James Hernandez said...


You know who you're fans are!

Unknown said...

I know you originally from Lost, but I love u to the point that i went to see a movie that I wouldn't have if u weren't in it : Deck the Halls!! was always waitin 4 u to appear on screen, twas cute though, u were great..even though not enough of urself.
well now, u just asked not to justify and proove that we're a fan. I guess i just did, does it make me a bad fan ?lol. i love u jorge!

Electric Monk said...

I thought you were amazing starring opposite Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca.

Rod said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rod said...

Figured I'd finally say something.

My wife and I both eeked with glee when we saw you in "Curb Your Enthusiasm".

Rock on dude and have a great 2009!

Maybe you will see me in "Public Enemies"! I'll be a shadow in a 1933 Graham.

Roberta said...

Forgot to comment this:

In fact some things I'd rather you not see.

LMAO Jorge!!!!!!!! You know you shot yourself in the foot with this one, don't you?!?!?!


kris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Julie said...

You're on Lost?!?! jk :)

Although I must say I got into Curb your Enthusiasm last winter and was very surprised to see you on that one episode where Larry is trying to buy drugs, lol. It was hilarious. :)

Venus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Venus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kris said...

I'm so happy that I just found your blog, I'm a big fan!


Whittaker Woman said...

That is great! I am a fan! But only know you from Lost. I don't want to think of you other than Hurley! H

Jim said...

I really loved you as 'Henry Gale' in 'Transformers'.

Venus said...

Thirth time good time...I saw my posting 3 times at your blog and when I deleted it 2 times, the thirth posting disappeared...magic.

Me too, the first time I saw you was in Lost and I hope to see you again in other productions because you'r a great actor.

Ralph- said...

my mother in law got me an autograph by Luke Wilson on a half torn piece of paper. You'll have to check it out!


asombroso... estás en una de las series mas importantes de la television y con gente DEL MUNDO que te adora... hay gansos con 2 minutos de fama que se creen dios y, viejo, lo tuyo es maravilloso, la fama no te cambio, imagino que eras así antes de ser actor... soy fan de la serie, tu personaje es grandioso y lo unico que puedo decir es que no cambies nunca. Gente como vos es la que uno quiere como amigo y que gobierne el mundo!!... mi esposa y yo te deseamos el mejor de los exitos, tanto en lo profesional como en lo personal.
Desde Argentina, Julio y Vero

Paperbak Writer said...

You were AMAZING in Star Wars! No one could have done a better Lando Calrissian.

Dawn said...

I won't lie I haven't seen you in any movies but I do remember you as Hector from Becker. I remember Jake gave you the book/magazine stand, right? When lost first came on and my husband was like "You have to watch this show" I was like, "Hey, that's the guy from Becker". Big Fan! I thought you were very funny on Becker and you're brilliant on Lost. No Lie, everyone knows, Hurley is my favorite!

Lynn Faruque said...

Whoa, dude~~~no they didn't. lol

Beso~~~pass it on to Nunu. :-)

myanrellick said...

I love you in Rocky II!

I bet playing Apollo Creed was a lot of fun!

Captain Mustapha said...

The one time I saw Maggie Grace, I said "Hey! I liked your funny YouTube video." She seemed to lose her balance and almost fell over backwards.

Lorax said...

Jorge, we love you! This is by far the best celebrity blog ever. Most celebrity blogs are only worth reading for the trainwreck factor, but you are truly awesome AND entertaining.

It's easy to entertain with wreckiness, but tough to do it on sheer awesomeness. You rule, dude. I speak for the state of Maryland when I say that we love you over here!

Honeybell said...

So. You're saying you weren't in Titanic. Or Three's Company. Or that dinner theater in Kansas City.

Shoot. Just pitch the letter with my handwriting, okay?

James said...

Other than LOST (of course) my favorite Jorge Garcia sighting was on the game show Russian Roulette. I totally wanted you to win, dude!

Yane said...

just relax guy! don´t mind with little things!

a biiiiiig hug!


Yane said...

(excuse my english if i wrote worng...i´m just learning!)


Justin Shady said...

Wait... are you the guy in the Harry Potter movies?

Please Type Legibly said...

No, Justin, I think you're thinking about "Twilight".....

But seriously people, he is as good as his word...I wrote Jorge a couple of years ago when my son was approached by a studio exec to work. My son is a "Lost" fan (as am I), and I knew he would listen to what Jorge had to say. Jorge did send me a message and I made sure Marcus saw it. He ultimately decided not to go into acting, but he appreciated the fact that Jorge would bother to return an email. And Jorge gained one appreciative mom for caring enough about a kid to do that. Thanks again, Jorge.

Please Type Legibly said...

PS - in the interests of clarity, this was when Jorge had his MySpace page still. I don't have his "real" email.

Tasha Who? said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tasha Who? said...

Fanboys??? Really?
(I actually want to see that).

I actually meant to watch more Curb Your Enthusiasm, but I had to give up my cable for a while... So my "introduction" certainly has been LOST. Aside from being a big fan in general, my only claim to fan fame is a drinking game revolving around everytime you said "Dude".

And of course, it helps that your blog is quite entertaining. It's become a daily.

Gwen said...

Weren't you in pineapple express? no, wait, that was just the storm video you posted. sorry. I get confused.

ps: We did love you in Becker!

Red said...

I'm sorry I only know you from Lost.

As a fellow blogger I know it takes a a certain type of person to put yourself out there. For you as an actor first assumptions are made of you. I love to check in on your blog and see that you are just like the rest of us and you have an interesting job to boot. Thanks!

GS said...

I also knew about you from Lost. I just wanna let you know that I was proud to hear that you are, in certain way, related to Chile.

Saludos desde Santiago de Chile, compadre!

Are you talking seriously when you say you can send a signed picture???!!

AC said...

I'm just here for Nunu. I'm sure you're wonderful too.

Camille said...

I wrote you a 2 page letter and got your autograph! thank you so so so much! But i didnt lie... all ive seen you in was lost. lol

ig said...

Now I know!! ...former President of Russia, right?

[You rock, dude. And the best part is that you are... human! Pretty original nowadays]

Jill and Marks said...

So, my husband and I were at the video store and I saw your picture on the cover of a movie called the Good Humor Man. I was like "Oh! We have to get that!" That was some dark stuff, but a pretty awesome movie. You were great in it (and I'm really not making it up!)

Bethany said...

Jorge do you twitter? You would be an amazing twitterer.

Anyway! This blog cracked me up. At least cross-reference imdb with wikipedia or something! Haha.

Erik Wargo said...

Your work in those Jack In The Box commercials are the reason I became an actor!!!

jpike001 said...

As much as this might be true for most... not all of us are juvenile fans who act like we like you just because you are popular. And calling out only a couple of your fans insults the rest of us. I know you like to play the image that you are just like any other regular person. And you are pretty much like any other regular person. But for those who understand this, your comment is a bit insulting...

Brendan said...

Hi Jorge,

This is probably my first and only comment here, but I just did want to say I'm thankful for your work. I've only seen you in LOST and Curb (I hope you're a big enough seinfeld fan to really appreciate who you were working alongside there ;p), and just loved you in both.

I'm also thankful for the open-ness of this blog you run here. I don't check it too often, but it's really nice to see someone in the 'biz connect to his fans on this level.

All the best and continued success,

Barracuda said...

sei una brava persona
un grande uomo
un bacio

mama t said...

Aloha Jorge,
I was at Down to earth and ran in to you and your girlfriend. I first though, "Hmmm, that guy looks familiar" then I thought, "He looks like my brother" then I has an "Aha!" ..."Thats Hurley" and now I know you're Jorge...and oh soooo cool!
take care and Jah love and Itenual Blessings!
p.s My husband and I never saw any pumkins like the ones you and Beth niced up...preeetty, preeeetty dang cool!

Anonymous said...


I had never heard of you before a week ago then my wife and I bought the four seasons of Lost, sat down and watched the four seasons in a week, we both became instant fans of not only the show but yourself. Being that we live in Australia we cannot wait until the season 5 is released. Good luck to you mate I wish you all the best. Thank you for being such a great entertainer.


Anonymous said...

I'm from a 2 channel town! I haven't seen you in anything : (

Miztification said...


I definitely appreciate you too. I've only seen your work on Lost, you tickled me with the comment "some things I'd rather you not see."

I'd love to see the Curb Your Enthusiasm ep. My sister's boyfriend just got us into that show.

Another Marylander, Hey there Meg!

. said...

Why are you so awesome?
I always thought Hurley was rad, but you're even cooler and funnier.
Also, can you one day teach me how to make pumpkin lanterns? In exchange I will sew you new pants.


Laura Caçoeiro said...

I just saw a video of you parody The Fast and Furious . Was funny. :)

LG Mercer said...

You were in Lost?

Nikki Stafford said...

LOL! I don't know what I love more: your post or the comments here. This thread was awesome. :)

As was your legendary performance in Casablanca.

P. said...

you should put it in your resume.
no? bad idea?


Markiemark1112 said...

What kind of camera do you use for your photos on your blog?

D S said...

People who ask for autographs for themselves are, by definition, not cool.

People need to buy you things and send you things.

You have given us your work in Lost at no direct cost to ourselves. You don't owe US, we owe YOU.

D S said...

And Becker...

yeah I tivo'd all those and I mean, really, ALL 13 of those because there was a year where it was running 3 times a day.

you weren't given the opportunity by the structure of the show and dialogue to really stand out or shine. Of the supporting cast that season or those seasons, Alex was given the better lines.

So when people talk about you on Becker, I have to ask, "What scene really worked?"

And if they really knew the show the response is usually, "uh, Jorge and Alex walk in, sit at the counter, and um... One liners commence."

So, you know, I can handle people saying they loved you on CYE, since your character was more unique, but I've had several conversations with people who start with Becker and they're just making that up 'cuz you weren't given a chance in that show.

EAA said...

Jorge felicitaciones por ser tan simpatico y humilde, no se encuentran actores asi frecuentemente felicitaciones!!!!

jessehardesty said...

I primarily remember you from Becker, which I miss a lot.

But I hope you're forever remember as lovable Hurley from LOST. :D

mirwin101 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mirwin101 said...

Let me try this again...

Jorge! I really loved you in the Hardee's commercial! :-)


Topanga said...

You are a genuine guy. Thanks for being one of the decent ones. :-)

Melissa Markham said...


You are my son's favorite character on LOST. I would love to give him an autographed photo of you, but have no idea of how to go about writing to you. Can you direct me to a website with a mail address?

Two more weeks...we can't wait!

Unknown said...

So can you e-mail me your address to ask for an autograph Jorge?

Please :-)

and I really did like you in Little Athens and Becker as well


Unknown said...

... probably should post my e-mail:


Meg said...

Is this address to request an autograph? Or is there a super-secret blogfan one?


Bubblewench said...

don't normally comment but read regular.. I love your blog cause even though you've hit fame, it really shows you as a cool, down to earth regular guy.

Thanks for being you!

Der Merzmensch said...

Dear Jorges,

the fact you're writing this cool blog is great enough to read you :-)

Even if I haven't saw LOST (and I mean it really), I like your stories and I like your writing style.

But knowing, you're a part (and a major part) of LOST, makes me just to wait impatiently for your new postings in this blog. Even if it has nothing to do with LOST.

Thank you.

Capcom said...

Tsk, tsk, maybe some not-so-smart fans are just overly zealous flatterers and mean well enough?


Tasha Who? said...

Oh my land... that Hardee's commercial almost made me drop my laptop! Hilarious!

Tasha Who? said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Char said...

I'm a fan, and I loved you in that one thing where you played that one guy who did that thing where everyone was all like,"Whoa! I can't believe he did that thing!"

That was so awesome. You should do another thing like that one thing sometime soon!

Unknown said...

This post ranks right up there with Beth's "Nice try dummies" post. I just can't imagine some of the things you must deal with on a regular basis being so recognizable.

And that Hardee's commercial was funny! You should think about doing a musical sometime (that's if you haven't already; I don't obsessively track your career). Did you do your own stunts? *LOL*

Angel said...

I know you from lost and have to say Hurley is my favorite Character in the show. You are a great actor and I really enjoy reading your posts. Its neat to see how down to earth you are. And to have a little glimpse into your everyday life is really neat! Keep up the great work! And wow and autograph! What a great thing to have. I wish I could have one but I dont know where to write or email to get me on the list. Any ideas?

A Woman of No Importance said...

Well, Hurley is my favorite character on LOST, which brought me to your blog. When I got Wii Fit, I even made a Hurley Wii Me! Then I tried to do one for all the LOST characters but gave up after I saw a lot of people had done it better.

kittenry said...

i think we all remember with fondness that episode of 'extras' wherein the female co-star keeps insisting that she loved samuel jackson in 'the matrix'.

kittenry said...

i think we all remember with fondness that episode of 'extras' wherein the female co-star keeps insisting that she loved samuel jackson in 'the matrix'.

Cathy said...

We have been watching the re-runs on Sci-Fi channel and we are counting down the days until the season starts, January 21, 2009. We started watching the show because of it's creator and we continue to watch because of the cast members. You have been our favorite from the beginning! The humble multi millionaire (oxymoron). Once Lost has completed it's run in 2010 what will you do?

Cathy said...

We have been watching the re-runs on Sci-Fi channel and we are counting down the days until the season starts, January 21, 2009. We started watching the show because of it's creator and we continue to watch because of the cast members. You have been our favorite from the beginning! The humble multi millionaire (oxymoron). Once Lost has completed it's run in 2010 what will you do?

BeckeyZ said...

Just found your blog...love it! I did see you in something else once and I said "oh wow! Hurley!"....then when your scene was over my husband changed the channel and left the room. He does that ALL THE TIME!!!

Love you dude....counting the days.

BeckeyZ said...

Just found your blog...love it! I did see you in something else once and I said "oh wow! Hurley!"....then when your scene was over my husband changed the channel and left the room. He does that ALL THE TIME!!!

Love you dude....counting the days.

Unknown said...

Hi Jorge,
Just found your blog. Love it! Thanks for all of your great work on Lost.

MissBeaHaven said...

You got me at Becker, kept me with Lost, and moved me with your blog. Keep up all the great works.

suziemac said...

I would really like an autographed picture. Where do I send you a letter?
and, seriously, I have never asked anyone for an autograph before! You rock! I have only seen you in Lost so far, but I am sure we'll be seing you in all kinds of award winning movies soon.
Are you as sweet as Hurley? Well, you're cute anyway.

suziemac said...

I would really like an autographed picture. Where do I send you a letter?
and, seriously, I have never asked anyone for an autograph before! You rock! I have only seen you in Lost so far, but I am sure we'll be seing you in all kinds of award winning movies soon.
Are you as sweet as Hurley? Well, you're cute anyway.

nope said...

you were awesome in mean girls!

Momma Leen said...

You were awesome in "Ahsenic and Old Lace". Hope you are well. I don't need your autograph again, but interestingly, my husband is a HUGE fan. Continued Success to you in '09!

Adusha said...

Hi Jorge!
I love Lost so much ♥♥♥ I wanna meet everyone from it.Please write me e-mail sharlly73@azet.sk thank you I love you...
Your fan from Slovakia.

Brits said...

Ummm...you don't have to send me an autograph. But if you want to comment on my blog, that would pretty much rock my world. :)


Momof4 said...

Really? You write back all your fan mail? I need to make an effort at getting a letter out to you then. (I have 4 kids age 6 and under. Anything is a feat.) DH has a mini-Lost shrine with those 6" figurines that talk, at his office. An official, framed Jorge Garcia autograph would round out the collection. :-)

Vitek said...

Jorge, your character Hurley is designed by you! Hurley gives series humor!)

Vikki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vikki said...

Hello, Jorge!
It even disbelieves me, that I can write you! Because I live in Russia, and you in America! And yet you are a celebrity, and I am an ordinary girl! Honestly to say, I saw you first time in a serial LOST, you play a very good hero! I know English badly, therefore can write not quite correctly! I would very like with you to associate, but I know that I will not get an answer, because for you and so a lot of admirers! My report will simply be mislaid! I will be very glad, if you will read my report even! Thank you for to, that I was able you it is simple to write!

E-mail vikkiflash88@gmail.ru or flesh-91@list.ru

Vladlen said...

Hello... My mother love you very much! :) Would you give autograph for her?

P.S. Mother's name Vlada.

Julie Angarone said...

Wow - really- you'll send EVERYONE an autograph? I LOVE you! I've never known you to be in anything but LOST, but you are the BEST character- I felt so bad for you when Libby died!

Please send me an autograph! Julie Angarone 105 McCormick Hall, Princeton University, Princeton NJ 08544

I'm on facebook and I looked you up to be my friend - but I guess you are only taking fans, not friends!

Юрик) said...

Greetings)) I, as well as simply I wish to leave many millions (if to be exact nearby 25) the mite on this to "a wall of comments" ^^ Horhe, be assured: You, however as well as other protagonists LOST - one of the most popular actors in Russia for the present youth only also does that looks foreign serials :) in general, I will not load conversation (I do not know, whether there is in English such expression as "to load conversation"... эм... Well. It means - to bother with chatter... Only is softer)), to you still the others comments to read))) good luck, Jura.
P.S. It becomes boring (that hardly ^^) -write to me)
Omsk, the Russian Federation.

An e-mail tilorn92@bk.ru

Интересно, ты переведешь то, что я написал по-русски?) Если все-таки переведешь, то знай - ты один из самый позитивных героев LOST'a!!! Юхууу!)) Пока-пока!

Юрик) said...

Oh... I've done a mistake in U'r name((( Jorge!!! Sorrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy(
I thought I'm good in Eng))

Ryan K said...

Dear Jorge,

I have only seen you in LOST. However I did buy a used copy of The Good Humor Man for $2.99 at Blockbuster because you were on the cover (and also because James Ransone was on the cover, but mostly because of you...see, I just had to look up that his name is James Ransone, whereas I knew your name when I bought it). I have not watched it yet, but I plan to soon.


Lizi said...

Its nice that I can get to know a little about you and not just Hurley :)

I just know you from Lost. I'm a big fan! I'll keep reading you. You are welcome to see my blogs, but they are in Spanish.


Jenea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jenea said...

Hi!!!!!! Herley, upss, George!!!!!! 
Today me and my sister looked how you and your friends from LOST say Hi in Russian language on the first channel, and I want to say that my sister really liked how you said!!!!!- very funny and with great Russian accent!!!! And so positive emotions !!!!!!!!!!!!
Please, say Hi! To all your friends from LOST from the Jenia Caitaz!-that’s my name!
And I want if you can, send me to my electronic mail your autograph! Just make skanner copy and send!!!
My mail : caitaz_jenea@mail.ru or caitaz_jenea@gmail.ru

If you receive my letter please make me know, or just answer…
If you will make this, I will instigate my friends to look LOST season 5 
Adios Amigo!!!!!!!!! ALLOHA!!!!

Jenea said...

My mail: liubovilost2@gmail.com

Spooky said...

Hurley is great, but I really have to vote for Curb your Enthusiasm! Can you please please give us some good spoilers for the next season? Does Larry David travel through time?

Sorry, I had to be dumb, but yeah man. Cool season on Lost, and Hurley's still the only really likable character left. Thanks for everything.

Jenea said...

Hi !!!!!
I am very iterested - that kind of music you listen !!???

Anonymous said...



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