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Sunday, January 4, 2009


So I narrated Peter and the Wolf for the Honolulu Symphony.
It was a lot of fun. 
I had my own parking space.
Not to be confused with this one. 
This is where Andreas Delfs parks. 
He was the conductor. Really nice guy.
I also had a dressing room. 
And when I went to the closet, I found my jacket and pants with an added item. 
Is this something that the stylist wants me to wear. 
How do I wear it? 
My buddy Matt tried to help me out.
I don't think I can pull this off. 

So I went without. 


maven said...

I don't get that scarf thing either! Looks like you and your buddy gave it a gallant try.

You must have had fun with the narration. Can it be heard anywhere?

kcd said...

dude! congrats - that is so cool - i bet you did great. i'm a violinist and i could play p& and the wolf in my sleep. . . but it's still a good piece. who's your favorite? i think mine is the duck.

a couple of friends of mine play in the symphony. i agree with you. . what was UP with teh scarf?

p s you are TALL, dude, and very handsome!

your friend in ca, kcd

ps do you play any instruments?

Dolphin Boy said...

Mahalo for all that you do outside of your LOST commitments and withing our local community!

I guess you "scarfed" down Peter & the Wolf!!

New Yorker wannabes said...

It was a lovely scarf though :-)

did someone record you so we can listen to your narration? That would be nice :-)

take care Jorge

IslandPearl said...

I was wondering if you were going to post about this...

You were terrific...with or without the Pavoratti rag.

We were there on Saturday night (2 rows behind Dog Chapman and family...who KNEW??)

Thoroughly enjoyed the evening and your performance.


Barracuda said...

congrats man
great performance

Anonymous said...

I am green with envy - about everything (except the scarf!)

Tasha Who? said...

That is a pretty scarf, but I'd think that would have had been a tad bit distracting when everyone else's clothing was dark.

I love "Peter and the Wolf"... our orchestra played it here not too long ago, sans narration.

Please Type Legibly said...

Ummm, yeah....lose the scarf. But the jacket was nice. Glad you had fun.

Robbi said...

Sounds like a great time was had...

Loved the scarf!
Hope you had fun!

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

no mention of the dog/shark/headless turtle story?

awww, boo.

Der Merzmensch said...


You know, in my childhood in Moscow I visited some times "Peter and Wolf" in Moscow Conservatory (ok, in Russian :-)). I loved this combination of music and language. It's great you are also reading it now (even if in English) - and I wish I were there and could hear your voice.

P.S. Also I want to listen Terry reading letters.

AllBlueZoo said...

I was so mad I couldn't make it to that performance! I had already taken my boys to A Christmas Carol at Tenney Theater and Peter Pan at Diamond Head Theater and figured there would be a mutiny if I put them through any more "culture"!

I imagine is was an amazing evening and I hope to catch a similar one in the future!

Oh, and thanks for being such an active part of the island life...seems like you are always popping up in different events like this and I think it is wonderful!

Miztification said...

I wish I could have heard your narration of Peter and the Wolf too. If there are plans to record it or it can be heard anywhere, please definitely let us know.

lostinphilly said...

It must have been alot of fun. But the scarf just didn't belong; you did the right thing by ditching it! Peace!

redelf said...

I thought you looked dashing with the scarf thingie! Very opera singer dude.

I would have loved to seen and heard the performance!

Jodi said...

I would have went without too.

Justin Shady said...

Dude, that's an aviator scarf. It was for you to wear as you flew out on the plane they were giving you out back. Sadly, you left early, so they gave it to the Maestro. And by "Maestro" I mean "Mark Metcalf."

ValMo said...

What? That scarf was super-classy.
That is very cool that you did that. I always liked listening to that as a kid.

Capcom said...

Awesome, congrats on the experience and getting chosen! Well, you are on your way to maestro stature, rest assured. :-)

The scarf looks good! Tres chic.

noah and sammi said...

you had my kids excited the whole time. we were lucky enough to sit in the front row too- so between all the loud instruments & the cool guy from lost-
it was a hit. thanks so much. you were great.

Karin said...

Where's the pic of DOG??

Dr Mum said...

It might have worked if you wore your buddy's hat aswell....

LLG70 said...

Hope you got paid. The orchestra hasn't been paid in months >:o A friend of mine just left there because of it.
An orchestra I play in is doing P&W next season. Wish we could afford you :)

Becky said...

ROFLMAO! I think you looked kind of dashing in the last pic with the scarf. I also wish I could hear this somewhere. I loooove Peter and the Wolf. Oh, the music! It brings me back to my childhood!

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