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Friday, January 30, 2009

Move over spiders, now there's something SCARIER

So I'm watching the Daily Show (as per usual).
And in his opening Jon Stewart makes a reference to something called an "upper decker."
I had no idea what it was. But it did get a laugh, so I went to the trusty internet and found (careful not for the faint of heart) this.

I had no idea this existed. I am so shocked. The thought that someone would do that, is going to keep me awake at night. 
"Weapon of terror" is right. 

And to think you sometimes hear that if there is ever an earthquake, it's safe to drink the water from the tank. 

I don't know what's worse the fact that they went there, or the fact that hiding the used toilet paper is part of it.

Now I have to figure out how to First Alert my toilet.


Julie said...

Oh my!

Nick said...

And here I thought it was a baseball term. I never knew until now just how nasty our "national pastime" is.

Jennifer said...

Hmm... urban dictionary is blocked where I'm at, so I can only imagine what you're talking about. Maybe I'm better off not knowing...

Lisa-Maladylis said...

eeeeewwwww !!

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether to feel enlightened or just skeeved big time

round eyed dog said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jodi said...

That is just wrong on so many levels. Yuck!

That people actually thought to do this scares me you know?

Desmond said...

hahaha dude, plz put this picture for explain this act ^^


French kiss :)

Summer said...

I want to meet the person that thought of this term "upper deck" for this stunt!! I think this is hillarious! Thanks for sharing, I'll be sure to pass this info on. *laughs*

llquadro said...

:0 yikes!!!!
i always thought it was the upper berth on a passenger train..... or the top deck of a ship......
i feel i have really learned something valuable here today..... :p

myanrellick said...

Ah, the upper decker. Also known as Brown Capping!

Ali said...

...and this is why i'm in love with Jon Stewart. he knows shit like this.

Son of Red said...

Can you ask Mr. Stewart where he stands on the Cleveland Steamer?

CJ said...

now i know what to give my friend for his birthday in a few weeks. On a side note, nice interview with "the Odi" this week :)

hbodesign said...

Hey Jorge! This is completely disgusting, but proof that you do indeed learn something new every day!

kfcworker said...

ok that's just nasty but still had a good chuckle out if it, maybe we should all warn our toilets!! :-)

maven said...

Now that Stewart and company has no more Bush to bash (thank goodness)...they sure tend to do a lot of potty humor. So gross!

Tasha Who? said...

Urban Dictionary for the win as always!

Bachamer International said...

Ok, gross!

But - at least I'll know what he's talking about when I watch the Daily Show tonight online!

Yuck! What messed up individuals come up with that ... uhm ... crap???

Hoku said...

What is disturbing to me, is how some people seem to be able to drop a load on command. If I even wanted to do an upper decker, I would have to come back another day! Maybe the ability to poo on command goes along with deranged mental states? LOL

Rob said...

If ever there was a reason to superglue your toilet cistern shut, this is it! :-S

Movie Star Wife said...

Ew, Ew, Eeeeeewwwww!

Movie Star Wife said...

Actually I thought an upper decker was one of those two-story buses.

john (not lennon) said...

@ 'Movie star wife' that's a "Double Decker" - oh dear, i think i've just invented the next step :)

Anonymous said...

I imagine that this is awkward to do.

redelf said...

Oh God!!! I better make sure my two sons NEVER EVER hear about this or It will NEVER be safe to use the toilet here!!!!!

My name is Jodie. said...

I like the post with Nunu better. Yikes!

Yane said...

eeeeewwwww !![2]


Unknown said...

that is the shits!

poggy said...

... and I'm suddenly very grateful that my toilet tank is embedded in the wall o__O;;

KoRoBaRo said...

WoW! This the 1st time I have visited this site....and now I have learnt what an upper decker is...NiCe...by the way...I have a theory about the phantom t.p. Is there a shower curtain in the room? Anyway...this site is HiLaRiouS!! Very glad to have found it.

katie! (: said...

hahahaha you crack me up!
i just heard your interview with ODI.
it as greaat!

Anonymous said...

Hi there

How could you go from something so adorable, Nunu, to crap?

don't care for gross stuff Jorge,sorry.

mabochda said...

now that's just gross

melissa said...


Maya99 said...

I've heard of "dry docking" before. This is a new one for me. At any rate, I'm off to pile marbles, Jenga, and, if available, a gen-u-ine spitting cobra on top of my toilet tank.

Please Type Legibly said...

OK, so I saw that show as well and wondered what that meant. That'll teach me about that whole curiosity thing.....EWWWWW

Randy said...

LoL - this is why I put a cabinet over my toilet, so there's not enough space to do something like that!

By the way, this is my first comment here - found your blog through a normal day of random web browsing. Cool stuff you've got here, look forward to reading regularly! :-)

ArtforLife42 said...

Hello Jorge!
or Mr. Garcia. I feel bad about calling you Jorge without actually "knowing" you. But, I was so excited when I found your blog!
You are definitely one of my faves,
You have some of the best lines :)
I spent, well too long to report, awhile, reading all of your posts, it was a lot of fun. You have a great sense of humor that made me bust up more than once! (which is weird when you're alone)
So, just wanted to say hi, and let you know you've got another reader of this amazingly random and fun blog. :)

Jason Paul Tolmie said...

We have a chocolate bar here in the UK called a Double Decker, which got me thinking what a Double Upper Decker would look like! Not just the aftermath, but just trying to imagine what two people (let alone one) would look like setting this WOMD (Weapon Of MESS Destruction) up in the first place...squatting over the upper tank (presumably with arms around each other to avoid falling off). Imagine walking in on that!!!!

Jason Paul Tolmie said...

Btw, I won't be eating any more Double Deckers again! Thanks Jon Stewart;)

Anonymous said...

I like your humour, for you to post these things cracks me up...

Nice interview with the ODI team...

Have you heard of a UK comic called Viz? (humour not for kids) Your 'upper decker' reminded me of Profanisaurus, a character from the comic.


Jay said...

eewww, something else to be afraid of

Christy O said...

I am truly disturbed... thankfully the wild party days are in the past... I can't imagine this happening at one of my little mommy get-togethers!

MissBeaHaven said...

I just want to know one thing... How many just went and did the Upper decker? Put me in the NAY pile. Jorge, you make me laugh until I crap you are better than ex-lax.

Beth Aguilera said...

My husband used to manage a Starbucks and there was more that one upper decker situation. It's disgusting and impossible to clean up. Ick.

electrictree said...

I think it is a fantastic show of how wonderful my friends are that I had never heard of this concept...Thanks so much for adding another thing to the list of "Why I want to be a hermit."

Gwen said...

That scared me a little bit.

Derek Brink said...

No. Spiders are still scarier. In fact, I read through a BUNCH of the comments before clicking the link because I was afraid there might be a picture of a spider in the article.

Poop, I can deal with.

Anonymous said...

that is just gross.....eeewwwww !

Unknown said...

What's disturbin is the fact that it has been named in a daily show...

Katronia said...

Jorge -- This is just beyond disgusting!!! omg! Who thinks this crap up?? ( no pun intended!)

Capcom said...

Maybe you can get those safety clips that keep babies from getting into the cabinets and put them on the tank? :-p

lostinphilly said...

Ewwwwwww! That's gross and disgusting! Let's go back to looking at pictures of awesomely adorable NuNu. I know alot of us are obsessed with poop, but that is just horrible! And this is coming from a mother of 3 kids who have given me my share of disgustingly gross messes to clean up.

ValMo said...

I wonder who the first person was to do this and if they called it that on the spot, or if this was something that well thought out.

Dani said...

I've known about upper decking for years. I can't possibly be the only one unless the people I know actually invented it...

METTTAL said...

I know someone else on this thread mentioned it, but I believe the dry dock to be worse.


Unknown said...

i've come to know this terrible act as "upper tanking." i like upper decker more, though, makes me think of it as some sort of competitive scattalogical sport.

i've also heard of an affronted party guest "dumping and burying" in the host's potted plant. the logistics of that are at once depressing and disturbing.

Unknown said...

er impressive and disturbing that is.

it seems that deep down i might be depressed at the amount of space in my brain dedicated to defecatory acts...

Vonnie said...

I HAVE heard of that before. ANd, the person who told me has done it to someone. Hence why I keep knick-knacks on my toilet lid, it's a deterrent.

Rachie said...

Ew, boys are so gross! (And you KNOW it was a boy who came up with that...)

Michelle said...

Well, that is just freakin' gross. I can't wait to tell my girls at work about this one. LOL

Kristi_ said...

Always topical and informative!

I have never been happy that my toilet was installed with my counter running over the top. There is only a 4 inch clearance to slide out the lid for work but no where near enough room for a bum to slide up there. THANK GOD!

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