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Friday, January 2, 2009

It's good to be home


MissClaraItzel said...

yeah, it's always good to be home. your doggie is super cute =D

New Yorker wannabes said...


home sweet home

my home is my castle

and...ah well that is all I have!

happy new year Jorge! Health, love, peace and all the nice things in this world!

Love and kisses from Greece
thank you for everything

henchook said...

No place like home!

Gotta say your legs look pretty puffed in that photo.

Your doggy really is cute in a chihuahua kind of way (having a big (friendly!) dog, we jokingly refer to dogs of that demeanor as "appetizers"), love you on the show, and your blog is amusing/entertaining/interesting.

Barracuda said...

sewwet sleep

Miztification said...

Happy New Year, Jorge!

Please Type Legibly said...

This is one of those times a picture says a thousand words. :o) Happy New Year, Jorge, Beth and Nunu!

Dr. Fortyseven said...

Hrm. That's an unusual growth, there. :U

Jodi said...

Isn't that the best thing in the world? My cat does that to me too. Actually he falls asleep on the arch of my foot.

You can tell how much Nunu loves you. Too sweet!

redelf said...

Awwww! That is so sweet. My dauchsand likes to lay like that too, or off the arm of the chair.

Roberta said...

My cat does that too!!! And when it's cold he also tries to get under the blankets at night!!!

...Jodi, my cat's black and white too!!!

maven said...

Do you take Nunu with you guys when you travel to LA?

Happy New Year!

Movie Star Wife said...

Happy New Year!!!

That's what I gotta do--put my feet up after a long day. Ahhhhhh.

Laura Caçoeiro said...

I always heard that the best of a trips was to get home!

Melissa Markham said...

There's no place like home!

Baggins said...

Jorge, I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR from France!

I have a question for you : are you coming in Paris on April 25th for Festival Jules Verne?

I'd love to see you ^^


maría galina ♥ said...

Jorge, i hope you had a very nice christmas and a rreally happy new year. Wish you all the best, you're awsome on Lost, i'm counting the days for the fifth to start!
Anyway, greetings from Argentina!

Unknown said...

now that's just one of the sweetest pictures i've ever seen :)

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