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Monday, January 5, 2009

The back one tells me it's a boy, but the front one?

Is this a miniature cow?
No it' my mom's cocker spaniel.
He's blind and deaf which can sometimes lead to moments of entertainment. 
(More on that later)
But he's a little gross to pet because he has some fatty tumor on his chest. 
But what can you do, he's old. Gotta love 'im.


Audra said...

that's precious

Topanga said...

Awww.. we had an old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever that was 12 when she died. She was almost completely deaf and only had one eye. Old dogs have bad breath, bad habits, their faces don't bounce back after sleeping on them funny and they get that weird bow-legged look but it's hard not to love them.

Julie said...

My dog Sam was about 15 when he passed away. He was deaf almost completely blind and had a hard time balancing. Our cat was really mean and would startle him so he'd fall over. Sam was the best.

Kaileigh Blue said...

You think that's bad? Cockers are prone to those.

My dog looks like a bull dog because of hers. They're so big her legs are displaced but we can't do anything about it. They wanted us to send her to Auburn University. Like we can afford that :|

But she's still happy even if she's missing a great deal of her teeth. We just don't take her out anymore. She still tears after the cat in the back yard.

D S said...

Rocking the southern california style stairs.

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

awww, poor zodiac.

Lynn Faruque said...

Awwwwww~~~I just love dogs. Have you seen Marley and Me yet?

Poor baby, Scout will be old someday. It's gonna bite when he is gone but I hope that is many years away.

Hoku said...

I used to have a dog that loved chasing my cat. When the dog got old she became blind and the cat figured it out. She would get close until the dog smelled her and the cat would run under the kitchen table, dog in pursuit. Then when the dog practically knocked herself out colliding into the chair/table legs, the cat would stop, smirk, and groom herself as if saying "I nevah do nothing!" LOL

redelf said...

I had an old blind cat like that.

Jodi said...

You are now the third person that mentioned a cocker spaniel being deaf and blind. I wonder if that is common with the breed. (I mean besides getting old)

Tasha Who? said...

And I'll be the fourth: I had a friend with a cocker spaniel with the same afflictions once she was about 13. Didn't stop her one bit. But I have to agree, i couldn't help finding myself chucking a little when she ran into something.

Looks like this dog here is doing the Regan MacNeil head spin in fast forward.

dj said...

Awww, poor lovie!! He must be a sweetie!

My dog is 12 and he is starting to get cataracts in his eyes. :(

Please Type Legibly said...

My dog Bear is almost 12. He has cataracts and bad hip dysplasia on both sides. But he put my oldest son to bed. EVERY night. I've told that dog he has to live forever - lol. Cute post.

Barracuda said...

il mio primo cane era un Coker
e passata tanto tempo...
ma mi manca ancora

Anonymous said...

pat the top! pat the top!

Edith said...

That is one tall Cocker Spaniel.

My Cocker Spaniel also has a fatty tumor on her belly. I just pet the top. I think the worst thing about the fatty tumor is that it is called a fatty tumor.

ValMo said...

I had to laugh at the title of this entry.
Poor dog.

Unknown said...

kinda looks like "smokey" heading up the stairs for a nap on mommies bed!!

Unknown said...

The fatty tumors are the worst. My half-Lab/half-Cocker Spaniel had fatty tumors, and I felt so sorry for him.

But you love 'em anyway cuz they're old and loyal.

Momma Offy said...

they are called Lipomas and he should have it removed. Cockers get many types of cancer and it's safest to get all neoplasias removed and tested if/when the vet recommends.
old Cockers should be getting yearly dentals now too, so they can usually just take care of both at the same time to reduce anesthesia time making it a perfectly safe procedure even for dogs with chronic conditions.
sorry to sound like a know-it-all, I'm a Vet Tech. :)

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