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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Allow me to move this over...

 So you can better check out my bulge. 
Great ad Ralph.
 I'm also impressed with how you got the sun to shine on it so strategically too.


Jodi said...

Gives whole new meaning to product placement.

Tasha Who? said...

Yet, as a statistically heterosexual female, I'm still not impressed.

Gwen said...

Me either.

Movie Star Wife said...

If I were a guy, I don't know that I would be very comfortable looking at that while I shop.

A.G.Wooding said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
A.G.Wooding said...

"You mean if I buy boxers like those, I'll get a bulge like that...I'll pass then."

Hoku said...

Looks like that model waxed or shaved his legs LOL Wish my legs looked that good!!!!

JC said...

Hi Buddy... my name is Jaime Cabrera, and i'm Chilean... i'm a real fan of you, i so like Hurley.. is the friendly and sympathetic character who never misses a series...

I have a question for you..I hope that you don't feel uncomfortable.

Do you are Chilean or Northamerican?....

Is the question that all Chile is now making..

kittenry said...

happy world history changing forever day, jorge.

one of the brilliant things about LOST in its historical context was the season three pivotal moment when ben tells jack that 'your fellow americans have re-elected george bush' and now season five is due to start only a day after our fellow americans elected barack obama.

all wishes of good-will to all the cast and crew and much success upon the dawning of this age of the world to all of us.


melvin, he who was honoured by your fan-art post a while back that had a link to this piece i made:


Please Type Legibly said...

@jodi - You get the comment of the day award.....ROFL

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

That guy's got nothing on David Beckham. Those CK ads were smokin'!

redelf said...

Maybe is a holy penis and the light is coming from it not on it??

Jules said...

I can't believe you're not impressed by the Capt. Kirk-esque lighting along that ad. Hawt!

Anonymous said...

Eh, those are always padded anyway-no sense in looking.

Can't wait for the premiere tomorrow. I know you'll rock as usual!


Chase Squires said...

We've been digging your blog, fave post was the Pork Bellies discovery, dude, that's messed up, so I show it to everyone.

We visited your "second home" Oahu this week, checked out the Others' village, found it up on the North Shore, did you know there's a spray painted marker on the pavement right in front pointing to it? Like, it took two seasons for the gang to find it? :-) Big fun all around, I blogged about my "discovery" here,


Keep blogging, best to Nunu.


Anonymous said...

Wow... just wow...

In honor of the wonderful show you are on coming back to TV tomorrow... here's a fan video for you! My friend and I made for our friends in the spirit of LOST in 8:15.



Can't wait til tomorrow!

Jono said...

I don't think that's the sun, Jorge.
I think those boxer briefs are just THAT florescent.

Pick me up a pair or two, next time you're there. I want to look like Casper when I'm not wearing pants! =)

Alice said...

It does look like a halo, it reminded me of this pic of the "divine dog"


Ehsan said...

he's wearing boxers and a T-shirt. What is he moving over then? This photo is a hoax guys.

GeryKo said...

today LOST!!!!!
i can´t wait more!

FinoBlogger said...

Hi Jorge!!

21th January... TODAY IS THE DAY!!


I'm completetly sure that I will enjoy with the premiere...

"Previously on Lost..."

See U!

Josephine Ocean said...

Hello Jorge!

I am so exited to see you in the New Season of LOST already today!!!!! :)

I am also glad to read you blog so much!!! You are the best!


Unknown said...

Hello Jorge, my english sucks but, I must try to tell you something...
I've a drawer friend and he caricaturized you (and others from cast of LOST), if you want to see it you can enter to his web...


cheers from Argentina...

in Spanish:

Hola Jorge, mi ingles apesta, pero tengo que tratar para decirte algo...
Tengo un amigo dibujante que te caricaturizo (y a otros del elenco de LOST), si lo queres ver podes entrar a su web:


Exitos desde Argentina


Unknown said...

Any plans for a viewing party tonight with friends or cast members? Or do you hate watching yourself?

Harold Zach Goldford said...

HAPPY BARACK OBAMA INAUGURATION DAY! We now have our first Hawaiian President

Believe it still said...

Obviously, the ad worked or we wouldn't all be talking about it so it's genius marketing!

That being said...I now have no interest in purchasing their product..

Jairo Velasco said...

Hi Jorge!! No se si hablas español pero supongo que sí. Decirte que you are the best y que soy un gran fan tuyo. Colega! Saludos desde España.
From Spain.

Spider Monk said...

Now THAT's an ad to be placed next to Hurley text.

Lyn said...


I just found your blog and I love it! I love how simple yet interesting it is and how cute you are :)

Thanks for sharing a little bit of yourself here. I'll be back.

floridarob said...

I think your the coolest actor
you come across so naturally
would love to spend the rest of my days with you

ValMo said...

Strategically. Placed. Tube socks. That's all I have to say.

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