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Friday, May 9, 2008

No one ever says

I mention "garden" a lot.

I do. 

By the way I stepped in poop working in my garden this morning.


Michael Schoolik said...

In order to avoid stepping in the poop in your garden, let others trample on it before you. I always give my kids first go in it first!.... just kidding.

boomz said...

must be poop day!

have a good weekend and enjoy your break from work!

Rachel Snyder said...

Well, you've certainly been prolific lately :) This post reminds me of my mom's house; she always has a beautiful flower garden this time of year, as well as a golden retriever who tends to leave rather large piles in the backyard.

Anonymous said...

Hope you weren't bare foot! I stepped in some fresh stuff barefooot and that feeling (and smell!) is SOOOO nasty!

Anonymous said...

I almost got poop on my head yesterday... Ive got a birds nest above my front door, and I was standing in the doorway talking to my kids in the garden - and the damn birds dropped some poop from the nest.

chunky_lover68 said...

dude you do say garden alot. hibiscus this, hydrangea that, enough's enough. actually a green thumb is an admirable trait. hope all grows well, duce an all.

redelf said...

I have two dogs...poop is part of the garden.

Sproggie said...

I have six dogs. It's a bloggable thing if I step in garden rather than poop!

As a brit of course I think there can never be too much toilet humour!!


Topanga said...

Nunu, I presume. Lucky she's just a little dog.

I once stepped in dog poop in my bare feet. I didn't even know it until I was up on a stool in my grandparent's kitchen helping my grandfather do the dishes. I smelled something suspicious and then began to feel a certain sliminess between my toes. I looked at my foot and ran out of the house. I suppose my grandfather thought I'd made the stink myself! How embarrassing!!

Once when I was a kid I was riding my bike and a bird poop landed on my lower lip. I had my mouth open at the time and some of it splashed inside! I thought I would die from the grossness of it all. I was miles from home and had no water.. no nothing to rinse my mouth out with. It's a hideously disgusting memory! Dog poop on the foot is completely benign compared to bird poop in the mouth.

Here's my last poop comment... I promise. When I was little my brother use to drag me out to the backyard where our beagles' poop was. He use to try to make me step in the poop by grabbing my shoulders and pushing me around. You know those old western movies where the gunslinger would shoot at the ground around some geek's feet to make him "dance"? Well, in essence, that's what my brother was making me doing around the poop. I learned some pretty fancy foot-work to avoid stepping in in back then. I wonder what Bruno, the judge from "Dancing With The Stars" would have said about my Poopy Paso Doble.

James Hernandez said...


I warned you about those yard bombs! Now you can say your a member of the 'stick of the month club'! You figure it out!

Miss Scarlett said...

Yeah? Well last year I stepped on something that POPPED.
No big deal. Just a plum off the tree right?
Dead. Rat.

Did I mention I was wearing flip flops?

Sometimes dogs are so much better than cats.

Anonymous said...

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