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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Weekend at SuperCon

Man the stuff I saw. The people I met.
The Predator was there.

And the Alien. 

They came on different days because they were the same guy. Which is good because they would be forced to fight. And like I said THEY WERE THE SAME GUY. By the way the Alien costume made him faint. Did I mention it was hot this weekend?
Saw Spidey. 

And Speedy.

And speaking of "speedy" I met the Flash, John Wesley Shipp. 
Man he's fast.


New Yorker wannabes said...

Hey I loved flash!! We had that show in Greece (years ago) and it was fun!

Thanks for posting his picture! It is fun seeing him after all this time :-)

Marianna ;-)

redelf said...

Watch out!!! Your girlfriend looks like she is going to hit on the Predator!! Girls like those masked types.

Squeal!! Spiderman looks cuter in person!!!

Avinash said...

Your girlfriend is hot. Of course, anyone would look hot while standing next to a freaky alien creature. Oh, and Predator as well.

Joking =D

Daryl said...

Love your costume .. kidding .. Flash is hot!


Ruthio said...

lovin' it! Are you gonna keep us up to date over the summer? It would make my life just that little bit sweeter!

heather said...

all right, the flash diptych made me laugh out loud.

as someone who's done a lot of costumed-character work, good on you for not punching either alien OR predator in the head. unless you did, and it's just not pictured. :)

Cool Dad said...

I loved the Flash, too. And Spider-Man looks great for his age!

Topanga said...

I blinked and he was gone!!!

I think I'm married to Spiderman. Sometimes during commercial breaks my husband turns to me, does that spidey web thing with his hand at me and sings:
"Spiderman, Spiderman,
Does whatever a spider can
Spins a web, any size,
Catches thieves just like flies
Look Out!
Here comes the Spiderman."

I have explanation for it other than that it seems most probable that he is the REAL Spiderman.

Please Type Legibly said...

Of all the heroes you met, Spiderman may well be the coolest. Shades are the new mask, people....LOL

Nice pics. I liked the first one with you and your girlfriend -very cute.

P. Delahanty said...

On May 17th, Wil Wheaton texted a message to his Twitter account:
"Dude. I'm across the aisle from the MST3K guys. Jorge Garcia just snuck past the table for a picture with Tom Servo and Crow. Surreal."

Figured you might be amused by the mention.

Annemarie said...

Seriously, if we met on the street you would fit perfectly in to our group of friends. I would tell you that you are "one of us". Then I'd watch you scream and run away...
I love to read your blog, it is like hanging out with aforementioned friends.

Unknown said...

Wow!! Flash was my hero during the 90's in Chile!!!

Greetings for you Jorge!

kats said...

I'm not all that into cartoons, but a couple of years ago I did a volunteer job at the Comic Con in San Diego (actually, it was when they were launching your collectible figures) and I saw Lou Ferrigno. Which is silly, I know, but I used have a crush on Hulk when I was a kid, so for me it was huge. So sad to see he's a real person ;)

Kaileigh Blue said...

Man I want to go to a con so bad, but I live in the middle of nowhere as far as con activity goes.

Looks like such a good time.

Elabeth said...

Wow, it looks like you had a good time :) I'm totally jealous you met The Flash.

D S said...

At first I said, Man, your reaction shot is priceless, but then I remembered you're a professional actor.

Candurria said...

Hey!!! How are you doing!! I am Candelaria, from Buenos Aires, Argentina!

I wanted to tell you that there is an emails chain circulating that says that you are living here LOL and that you take the bus everymorning, there are some pics!! Moreover, a journal has posted those photos in their web page!! If you want to take a look at it:

I think they are very similar, what do you think??

Hurleey you roooooooooock!!

Love from argentina, Cande =)

Free translation into Spanish:

hola soy candelaria, desde buenos aires, argentina!

Queria contarte que hay una cadena de emails circulando que dice que vivis aca!! jajaja y tambien lo sacaron en una pagina web, mira:


es muy parecido a vos, no???

Sos un genio!!! beossosoos! Cande

JFC Official said...

I went to the Comic-con in Manchester, England on February 12th 2006 and met you. Me and my friend, ironically also called Jess, were (and still are) totally star-struck. You're amazing, even more so in real life.

How cute is Spidey?! He seems to have shrank since the last time I saw him though, lol.

Jess xxx

Unknown said...

Hugo!!, look this argentine newspaper, are you the person on the photo?.
sorry my poor english.

Candurria said...

Franciscooo fijate que ya lo habia posteado yo ;) y no es el, es uno muy parecido a el!

Rachel Snyder said...

Haha, that Spidey seems a bit younger than the one who had a crush on Kirsten Dunst. Did he know who you were?

James Hernandez said...


As a guy who went to law school for three years..... I can't say SuperCon with a straight face! :)

Freckles said...

I LMAO with the Flash pictures jaja !!!

Thanks for the Super Con pics, I hope you had a great time ;)

M. said...

Great post...I remember The flash a cool series and movie, well done back then...

Hey Jorge check this out it´s your double back here i Argentina...

Maybe the island make that to you...send a double to a far away country...:P

Here´s the link...enjoy


It´s in spanish...lo siento amigos :P

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

awwww, speed.

were you too sad to post the scarecrow pics?

Jen said...

That looks like so much fun!

That Spidey sure is cute. We don't get much Spiderman around here, since my son decided a couple of years ago that he *is* Superman. For a few months we even had to call him that all the time. Like, "Superman, get in here and flush the toilet!" and "Superman, where are your pants?"

He's back to his birthname now, but his love for Superman still overshadows all over superheroes...

Eduardo Céspedes Ardiles said...

The pics with flash... jajaja, so funny

greyeyegoddess said...

Hey Jorge! I was looking to see if my blog posted somewhere...and found yours.


Carolate said...


The pics w/Flash are great, man.

Spidey is too cute. But I love the pics with Alien and Predator.

Anonymous said...

Predators don't just fight Aliens at con - they also fight my wife as Selene from Underworld.

Miss Scarlett said...

Love that last pic!!

Spidey definitely steals the show.

Plumeria Web Design said...

Maybe Blizzard needs to get you to come for Blizzcon :) World of Warcraft FTW!

Gevalher said...

Me encantó tu cara al ver que Flash is gone!

As always you make me laugh so hard, happy to stop here again.

Capcom said...

Wow, John Wesley Shipp still looks great! And you look good with everyone there too! :-)

Crow said...

Wow! You got to hang out with Spidey AND Speed Racer? Man, you're my hero! :)

stefanie. said...

Oh, it's Dawson's Dad!

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