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Saturday, May 17, 2008

I'm sorry

Mr. Cab Driver in San Jose.

I'm sorry my tabouleh leaked from the bag onto the back seat of your cab. Especially after you were so nice to take a detour and wait for us as we ordered our gyros to go. I really should have tipped you extra or something, after my girlfriend noticed it, to help ease the pain and dismay, but I didn't have smaller bills. (How was I supposed to know that the ATM was only going to give me fifties?) And I'm sorry I was too embarassed about it to even look back at you after I got out of the car because I knew I was leaving you with a dirty car.

And here you thought I was a nice guy because you overheard me cancelling the taxi I ordered because we jumped into yours. I'm not. I'm a jerk who messes cabs and stiffs the drivers.

So in case you run into me again. I owe you a beer.


Jen said...

On the bright side, of all the things people leak in the back seats of taxis, tabouleh is probably the least vile.

Just tryin' to help...

randyman said...

Jorge, I'm sure you're forgiven - you are a true mensch.

And Jen's comment is dead on.

Gwen said...

Just think of the story he's going to have to tell!
btw, I loved the crackers in the crack box on Thursdays epi!

Topanga said...

Awwww. I hope he reads this blog because that was really nice.

Avinash said...

The last time I leaked something in the back of someone's car I got a £1000 fine and a 12-week restraining order.

Anonymous said...

If it helps at all, I once "leaked" something much worse in the backseat of a cap... I was REALLY REALLY drunk - and I threw up.... and before that - I did the exact same thing on a bus. A few years later I found myself almost as drunk on a London underground train - doing the same thing over again.
Guess my point must be - dont get into a vehicle of any kind at all, if you are really drunk 'cause it stinks, LOL.

Rhea said...

I'm not sure an apology sent out randomly into the blogosphere is going to cut it! lol Just kidding. I'm sure the cab driver has dealt with worse...much worse, and I shudder to think of it.

redelf said...

That is very cool of you to say your sorry.

TJmann said...

You're a bad-ass dude! .. Bet ya rip the labels off mattresses too!

ROSA said...

Where is my beer?

Rowie68 said...

Don't feel so bad, kiddo. I did the exact same thing once, except it was in Montreal and it was souvlaki hot sauce. El yuck-o!
You would have been proud of me today... I did lots of planting and gardening! And some of the flowers were purple! :P

Sierra Kat said...

Jorge this is super sweet! You're such a nice guy :D

I agree with everyone else, the backseat of that cab has probably seen MUCH worse.

Unknown said...

What is tabouleh?? never heard of it.... its a kind of food or something?? i think its better leak some food instead of vomit or poop. :)
see ya

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

it just breaks my heart

Josep said...

Hi Jorge. I'm from Barcelona. Do you speak spanish too? whatever i'm pleased to write a words to an actor as you. My brother, wife and i are fans of Lost. Are you a positive and pleasing people like your character in lost?
I hope I can see you in other works in tv or cinema. Good luck Jorge

Please Type Legibly said...

Awww.....did you get a cab number that you could track? Buying the guy a beer would probably make his day. But whether or not you actually track him down, I like your honesty.

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

I forwarded this to my step-dad, who owns and operates his own cab.

Consider yourself forgiven, on behalf of the cabbies of the world. ;)

Anonymous said...

mmm gyros LOL

That cabbie has a great story to tell now! Look for it on your google alerts ;-)

curegurl23 said...

Did you happen go to Falafel drive in?

My husband and i went to supercon to hear you on the panel. Even if it wasn't really organized, it was nice to have it in a smaller setting.

You're such a down to earth and nice guy :)

celiine M. said...

Sacred Jorgé!! You will always make for me laugh!!

celiine M. said...

Sacred Jorgé!! You will always make for me laugh!!

celiine M. said...

Sacred Jorgé!! You will always make for me laugh!!

James Hernandez said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
James Hernandez said...


If you really want to make up for what happened you have to buy him a Canadian beer. None of that watered down American beer.

Tami said...

You are so sweet. Don't worry you are fine with the cab. Just buy him a beer next time and you will be fine.

I am so glad I found your blog. I am new at this blog thing (I only have a caringbridge site. Same concept... I think LOL... but I LOVE you on Lost. How fun that you share with the fans! Keep up the good work, your wonderful on LOST!!! and enjoy your vacation!

Yovanna said...

But the important question is...how was the gyro? MmmMmmmMmmmm..Up in Marin County (city of Novato) they have the annual Greek festival on May 24-25 at the Greek orthodox church. Talk about awesome gyros and Greek food, dancing, desserts to die for! Good stuff!! It's one big party. Dang good! You need to check it out for some good food!

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