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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dear Amanda Ruppe,

You wrote me a letter in 2005. 
It kinda fell through the cracks and ended up in a drawer.
I just found it again and want to answer it now.
But you forgot to put any return address on the envelope or in the letter.

So in case you're reading this. Write again. 
Use this address instead:
Jorge Garcia
Grass Skirt Productions
510 18th Ave
Honolulu, HI 96816

And I hope Snowy isn't still annoying you when he gets hungry. 



TheUnity (Siv) said...

Dude, you sure are a nice fella! It's just great to see you keeping in touch with your fanbase.

And thanks for giving us the new address..I hope to write to you soon. :)


Bianca said...

Jorge, do you receive a lot of fanmail every week? It always blows my mind when I see how many hits my blog gets and I only give access to family and friends! Am just curious how many people still take time and write fan letters anymore now that the internet and blogs like yours make it so easy to contact people. I used to write letters often when I was a kid but I think I average once per year now and even that is the generic Christmas letter!

Well even though I've never sent you an actual card or letter, please accept this as my virtual message to let you know I appreciate your work and blog (and Beth's blog too!). Thank you both for the enjoying reads.

Carolate said...

You're the kind of guy that I admire.

Please don't change, man. And keep answering the fan mail. Maybe one day, you'll receive a letter from me.

Rachel Snyder said...

You do realize that posts like this will lead to even bigger envelopes than the one you posted a couple of weeks ago, don't you? :) Like the other posters have said (and as many more will say in the next several hours), that is really considerate of you to answer all your mail. Reading your blog has made Hurley even more entertaining, knowing that the actor who portrays him is a mensch. (That's New Yorkish for a good guy.)

shell--x said...

hey Jorge!

just wanted to say i think you are such a top bloke for taking the time out to answer your fan mail!

I'm from England and wanted to know if you could tell me what I'd need to include if I was to write you a letter.


Michelle x

redelf said...

you know...that reminds me of a story here in which a woman who had lost her wallet in 1973 got it returned last month.

Topanga said...

Jorge Garcia = really decent human being.


Cool Dad said...

reminds me of the Simpsons where Ringo Starr finally wrote back to Marge's fan letter after about 30 years, thus restoring her inspiration to paint!

i've watched too much Simpsons.

Please Type Legibly said...

Awww.....that was truly lovely. Jorge, you're really the best. :o)

MIM Tango said...

So i came upon your blog because there was a picture of "you" (a look-alike) in Buenos Aires and it was posted on one of the tango blogs i read. I ended up reading the entirety of your blog in one sitting yesterday... at work :) I love it! Love the randomness and the humor! Also love "the show! Thought i'd write to say this and also say that "Jorge" has become my husband's Spanish name (his name is Jani - pronounced Yawn-ee). We're heading to Buenos Aires for half a year in the fall to dance and learn tango. So we started taking Spanish lessons in January and i gave my husband a Spanish name. :)


shokufeh said...

I confess - I (mostly) stopped watching Lost a couple of years ago. It was due to a few factors - having a baby, leaving Honolulu, and the shift on the show toward strangeness and away from the personal back stories I so enjoyed. But, I have to say, coming across your blog recently, and posts like these, make me want to start watching again. Because you seem as nice in real life as the character of Hurley.

Anonymous said...

You're wonderful, I'll send you a letter and I'll even enclose a prepaid return envelope-cause I'm such a nice gal! :D

Anonymous said...

I think that Ive said it before, but Ill be happy to say it again - you are such a nice guy.. !!!!!

James Hernandez said...


Wow that was a very cool thing to do! However, something concerns me! Yesterday we had a dog in panties, and today it's Grass Skirt Productions. Hmmmm the Sherlock Holmes/Sigmund Freud in me is looking for the connections/psychological implications!!

Kristy said...


Sue Wacvet said...

You think you got a lot of fan mail before?! Now we ALL have your address! Bwaahahahaha!

elainemarieg said...

Are you the sweetest man on earth or what! (Besides my husband)

nirese said...

Maybe you could "google" her. ;)

Crys said...

Jorge! You are so money. I spent the last hour reading your blogs. :D

Anonymous said...


Might I just say----YOU ARE FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

Believe it or not, I had never seen Lost until this season. When season 4 was about to begin, I heard people talking about it and decided WTH, I'll check out the first couple of episodes on ABC.com and see what everyone is talking about. I watched it completely through!!!!! Love the show, and you!!

As I write this, I'm counting down just mere hours (finally) to the season finale. I can hardly stand waiting, I'm so excited.

Anyway, to see that you just posted that to Amanda shows me that I like you even more than I already did!!!

You rock! And keep up the great work!!

Anonymous said...

I now think you are even more of a great guy, if possible!!!

Love you, and the show, Jorge!!!!!!!!

Keep on keeping on!!!

PS....Only a few more hours until the finale----I can hardly wait!!! Slowest. day. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zumbarte said...

Los aficionados de España a Perdidos (Lost) estamos deseando ver el final de la 4ª temporada.

Lástima que no hagas el blog en castellano para que podamos entenderlo.

¡Eres nuestro personaje favorito!!!

Lynn Faruque said...

I just finished watching~~~~oh my God, I LOVE this show!!

Jorge, my babe~~~this one was so intense.

Huge abrazzos y besos!!!



mb said...

tell us what you thought about last night's episode now that the season is over. please!!

Nervioso said...

lol you're such a nice guy.

Unknown said...

Hi there.I know this was years ago but I just wanted to let you know that this is Amanda. Yes,THE Amanda. I wrote to you again two years ago and finally got an autograph picture from you and I am so happy and also surprised that this is still up. Thank you so much for going out of your way to put post up for me. I truly appreciate it. You are awesome Jorge. :)

Unknown said...

I got it. :D

Unknown said...

I got it. :D

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