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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

C'mon Disney, The Cows Too?!!


Avinash said...

After reading this I tried to put a Mickey Mouse hat on a bull. I am now paralysed from the hip down.

Topanga said...

Disney makes the very best milk. Their cows live at the happiest place in the world. The milk is magical. If everyone were to buy and drink Disney milk our kids would be smarter and we would surely have world peace.

(This message brought to you by a Disney shareholder ;-)

dcantrell said...

Is there rBGH (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bovine_somatotropin) in the magical world of Disney? :)

Pablo said...

I just found out about this, i think i´m gonna have to go kill myself now.

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

soon enough we'll be SOAKED with disney!!! woo-hoo!!!!

redelf said...

Havent you watched any of the older Disney cartoons?? The cows work for disney!!!

James Hernandez said...


Lets review for just a minute. Disney owns the cows. Disney owns the vegetables. Disney owns ABC. Disney owns you!!!!!

Bioariel said...

is that milk coming from those weird CGI cows froma few years ago?
Disney Milk... WTF?

Kelipso said...

Yaknow, I guess I can sorta kinda understand the reasoning behind putting Disney characters on fruits and veggies and stuff like that. Its supposed to entice youngsters to eat healthy. So I get that. But for Disney to actually BE the brand?! Not just a character on a carton of DairyGold, but to BE the name brand for MILK?! That's SO weird. And takes it TOO far IMO!

Please Type Legibly said...

Disney is starting to seriously creep me out. Did anyone else think (just for a second, mind you) that they heard Omen-like Latin singing while they were reading this and looking at the pics? LOL (heebie jeebie - but still laughing)

Miss Scarlett said...

Is there any corner of the market they haven't tapped?!?

I guess they wouldn't want much to do with birth control since their target group would disappear...

Hurleyrules said...

Just wait til they get to the home pregnancy tests and condoms market!

Can have goofy brand condom's with eye's ears and a tongue hangin out on the condoms and the pregnancy test can be minnie mouse if its positive and daisy if its negative =p

BIG VIC said...

Why not start up a "Disney Slaughter House?" Maybe some "Goofy Burgers" or "Mickey Asada"

Larkin said...

Disney owns the entire world. Didn't they teach you this when you agreed to work with them. When I started with Disney World, they were like "Disney owns half the world, and if you get fired, you can never work for any company Disney owns ever again for your whole life." It was kind of scary.

Marlo Brando said...

OMG. I don't want to think about where the hell they take the milk xDD

TheUnity (Siv) said...



I wonder how the world will be in another 50 years.

Disney cars, hmm..that's something to think about. :)

JFC Official said...

Hey, if it gets the children drinking more milk rather than carbonated soft drinks then it's all good. :)

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering... do you always bring you camera when you go shopping ???

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
D. Zsenak said...

Hey Jorge,
I heard through the grapevine that you were "amused at having been the subject of a question" on Jeopardy! There isn't any clip online as yet, but there may be in the near future... (Not that I did it, of course. I will have no idea how it got there, lol.)

Mary said...

That packaging doesn't even look like milk...the orange raft signals "Orange juice" in my head....milk and orange juice don't mix... no matter what walk d says.

Sabrina said...

Little Einsteins. . it makes you smarter when you drink it.

Laura Taylor said...

I know, how weird is this? They also make another cow-based product - Mickey burgers.

It seems strange to brand food with something completely unrelated. The first time my mind was blown in such a way was due to Nascar brand hotdogs.


Dolphin Boy said...

Jorge, I too take my camera to the store but shoot the Hawaii food prices at Safeway! Out of control$$ Maybe Disney will have Mickey Cheese soon? What a rat!

Not sure if you remember me, we met at Bryan & Jess' party last fall. Playin darts etc...You still train with him? Visit my blog you may like my last post!

Rachael said...

don't know if you guys have this in the states but in UK we alraedy have mickey mouse cheese, mickey shaped ham, disney turkey nurgers and disney microwave meals - they're everywere lol!!!

Rachael said...

erm that was supposed to say turkey burgers sorry

Primecasters said...

Hey Jorge,

This is the only way i knew how to contact you. I run a podcast called primecast and we thought that it be really cool if you could come on for an episode. if you can E-mail me back at 29primecast@gmail.com.

Agustín Gasbarro said...

Hi Jorge, I´m Agustin, from Argentina...
I don´t know how i came here in your blog, but i came to tell you that you are my favorite actor in Lost... simply the best! So I congratulations ¿? you for the performance you made.
And here in Argentina, all the people talks about Lost... rules very much!!!

See ya!!! take care!


Calli said...

Hey Hurley - don't know if you read your comments but I saw you one day at Safeway. I passed you getting bananas. I was blushing pretty darn badly (the source of much laughter to my family later) but you were busy with some woman buying produce. I would have said hi but you looked pretty engrossed in your shopping and I didn't know (still don't) if you're the kind of actor to just blow your fans off (by saying oh...hi while clearly looking disappointed for being greeted by a random stranger). Especially when you're with someone else. Besides, what if I'd said hi and then suddenly everyone else in Safeway recognized you and stampeded over just to shake your hand? You could have died from suffocation, pressed up against the romaine lettuce. What a shame THAT would have been!
Anyway, just so you know (and everyone else who reads this), Disneyland/world is NOT the happiest place in the world. Actually, it's...Denmark. Yes, that's right. Everyone's happy in their quaint little homes on the quaint little cobbled streets. I'm going to move there one day just to see how happy it really is...that is, after I work at Disneyland/world. I could totally pass as Ariel and I wouldn't even need a wig!
Well if you do read this, Hurley, feel free to email me at ocean.mist.32@gmail.com. I see your buddy Henry Ian Cusick a lot in Lanikai playing soccer...although I guess you're maybe not so close in reality. Can't wait to see the finale tomorrow night!

-Calli :)

chunky_lover68 said...

There taking over. beware all foodstuffs that just say Eat Me or Drink Me.

Carolate said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carolate said...

Am I the only one who thinks that Disney and Dharma seem similar...??

Ok, maybe I'm sleepless, so I'll go for a cup of milk and...


Ps: Don't drink the water (and the milk, too)

Celebrity.Fan said...

HI Jorge,
I JUST MADE A SPECIAL-FAN BLOG FOR ALL LOST ACTORS AND I'D BE PLEASED IF YOU VISITED IT. HERE IS THE LINK: http://dedication-lost.blogspot.com/ for now it is only beta version but I will develop it regularly. but You know I need to know if You like it ;) You may also write me a mail or comment a blog. crazy.maya@windowslive.com
Thanks for reading :D

Anonymous said...

Awe, Jorge - who knew you were a Backyardagins fan? :D

kats said...

Are you kidding me? This one at least has a package and some surface to work on. A couple of months ago, at a work trade show, I saw a Disney banana - which was actually a real banana with a Disney sticker on it...

Boyhowdy said...

If Disney can market liver paste ( http://www.cartoonbrew.com/disney/mickey-mouse-liver-paste ), milk's gotta be a walk in the park!

Excellent posts, Jorge...keep on publishing. I just relocated to the Islands a couple weeks ago, & attempting a local 'foodie' angle on my scattered blog. Any suggestions on good eats around O'ahu?


P.S. Looking forward to tonight's season finale.

Carolate said...

*Nikowa: They're not Backyardigans. They're Little Einsteins.


Ok, I spend so much time watching T.V. so I become a T.V junkie.

Hannah said...

It’s not real milk though, it’s got special powers. Just like all things Disney.

If you drink it you can be whisked away to the Epcot Center or go on a magic carpet ride with the Disney character of your choice.

Jodi said...

Very bizarre. Wonder what is next??

bignivanut said...

food is political. In Canada the hog and beef industry is in shambles. As for our milk, we have NO disney (thank god!).

Lynn Faruque said...

I just finished watching~~~~oh my God, I LOVE this show!!

Jorge, my babe~~~this one was so intense.

Huge abrazzos y besos!!!



Kristine said...

We must remember that Disney owns ABC... and we all know ABC accepts advertisements from such special groups as Oceanic and Dharma. There's definitely something in that milk! haha :)

And tonight's finale was amazing!!

Colleen Oakes said...

So that's what the Disney Princesses drink..... GREAT show tonight!!! It was a joy to watch your character interact this season with the different actors who play Sayid, Sawyer and Ben. Hurley and Ben should take their show on the road!

Kevin said...

That's weird. I didn't know they were marketing food. Curious.

Hey just wanted to say THANKS!!! For being a part of a great group that provides all us folks out here with great, solid entertainment. Lost is a superb bit of Television. And you're always a lot of fun to watch. Thanks for bringing Hurley to life Jorge. It's a joy to watch and I can't wait to see what y'all have in store next season!

Best wishes!

Tania said...

Well, I like Disney. It's cute and nice, and has some good stories on its back!

Although... I don't drink milk, so I don't really care if they sell it. Can somebody ask them to produce oat milk? Lol!

By the way, you and Sun were GREAT on the finale. Thank you very much for your effort and work! You made my day much better!!

Crys said...

Hey Jorge-
Whatever it takes to get kids to eat healthy, I'm fine with!!!

And the finale was the best thing ever! I laughed, I cried, I got mad... you & Sun were the best.

Dave Carrol said...

Walt's a genius.

Even from the grave

Sara said...

Ok, so since you insist on not posting right after the finale:

Jorge, you are the shit. You are consistently one of the absolute best things about Lost. Your acting suits your character beautifully (and since he was written for you, I'm not terribly surprised about that!), and your character is one of the only ones who keeps the show realistic and grounded at all times. You make me weep, you make me squeal, and last night's finale BLEW MY MIND. Brilliant, genius work. Now, time warp us ahead to January, please?

Topanga said...

Last night's show was like having a bottomless soft-served banana split in front of me. It was two hours of giddy 'oh boy' squirming on my sofa. I just want to add that making us wait until fall before we get to know what happens next is pretty damn inhuman of the network. I might just have to get an unpaid position through Octagon Recruiting to keep me busy until the new season starts.

Gwen said...

But it's reduced fat, ultra pasturized with omega 3 ... still I think they should have a Princess on the carton.

poggy said...

Jorge, I think you might be interested in this old Disney rejection letter, too:


Lol... no comment! The sad thing is, I know from female cartoonists that are former Disney employees that things haven't changed much since.

The Engineering Bureau said...

Is this milk in the supermarkets? Figures that Disney would move into "licensed" products that are marketed at independent outlets like supermarkets costing them no overhead and making them immediate money from the licensing rights while they are closing "The Disney Stores" in the malls...

Quailman said...

Hmm Omega 3? That means it's got fish in it and fishmilk's never right. Over here in the good ol' UK lots of shop sell unpasteurised milk. Straight from the udders. Or as Jin would say:

"AH! Udders! Udders!"

We're a bit simple in the English countryside...

hpr7 said...

You're a good actor!
W Lost

Unknown said...

Disney owns everything.... including our souls. You know you can sing along to atleast ONE Disney film!

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