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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Uh Boss? You're starting to scare me

Hey when did Disney get  into the produce business? I showed up at my grocery store to find Enchanted on the bags of apples and then the Toy Story bunch too. 
Is this really necessary? Does the mouse need his hand in EVERY pocket? 
"Coming soon from the corporation that brought you apples: Wall-E the story of a cute little robot who finds love. Don't miss the scene where he adorably eats an apple." 


Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

they're poisonous! it's part of the wicked queen's plot!

Anonymous said...

You should worry when Snow White turns up on the apples!

Avinash said...

Was Bugs Bunny on the carrots and Popeye on the spinach too? What is the world coming to when they need Buzz Lightyear to sell apples...

TheUnity (Siv) said...

Wow...Disney really is taking over..

Shocking...yet they do deserve credit for the much acclaimed 'Lost'! Hehe, they didn't go wrong there :D

Brokenblogger said...

I know it feels weird but what Disney wants is to make kids to eat fruit. that's it. It's nice by them. Why are we always thinking the worst thing?

redelf said...

I agree with Bethany!

Course if they were Star Wars apples grown with the power of the dark side, I would be all over them. Mauauahahahahaa!!!

chefmom said...

You've got to be kidding?! And seriously, is there REALLY a "Disney Garden"? They are taking over the world!

Unknown said...

Hola Jorge. This is your cousin Rodrigo! How can I get your e-mail? Could you please send me yours to rgarciaw@gmail.com? Sorry for using your blog.

Honeybell said...

LOL - The title for this post is hilarious. I'm waiting for my Disney Vodka. Which drunk character should they put on the label?

Unknown said...

But I'm sure these apples are superhappyfun and tell you that you're SPECIAL! =)

Please Type Legibly said...

I don't think Disney wants kids to eat fruit so much as they want to get their foot into another market, Brokenblogger. But enough already, Disney! You're starting to creep me out!

Abby said...

love your blogs, Jorge! I can't read them while in class b/c it is too hard to stifle my laughs.

anyway, Disney, in fact, has one of the largest and beautiful botanical gardens in the world. something tells me thoug, they don't grow fruits and veggies for mass market at DisneyWorld!

James Hernandez said...


I see humor in having the company that created Snow White selling apples. How about they market:

Deer Meat under the name Bambi

Seafood " " " "Little Mermaid

Duck Meat " " " Duck Tales

Geez the list could be endless.

Topanga said...

If cartoon characters on the bag gets kids to eat fruit then I'm all for it.

Sean Yoda Rouse said...

From 2005:
Jim Hill Media: Disney's Up to Something Fishy

Is it sync'd yet? said...

Made me want a bag of Fuji's right now.

I also find it funny that you broke your tooth on a unpopped popcorn. I did the same thing and to this day my wife will yell when she hears me cracking those little tasty nuggets with my back chompers. I can't help it the best one are the one that are half-popped.

I would however like to recommend the best microwave popcorn on the planet. I know, I have sampled every single one that I have ever seen. It is a sickness.

The winner is:

Orville Redenbacher's Tender White

Hands down best microwave popcorn ever made. Period.


M. Iserable said...

Let me know when they start having you peddle Hurley-O's... sounds disturbing, but I bet they would be a big hit!!

Larkin said...

Haha. I saw those in my grocery store the other day... Kinda makes you worry, eh? You can also buy frozen hamburger patties shaped like mickey's head. Not sure how I feel about that either.

I work at Disney World, and if you buy those ice cream sandwiches in the parks, they ring up as "Mickey Sandwiches." Yikes!

twisby said...

i dunno, the kids i babysit for would probably be twice as likely to eat an apple if it came from a bag with cartoons on it... although, that's also sort of scary to think about.

D S said...

Disney licensed Donald Duck frozen juices for like 50 years man, where are you?

D S said...

Brokenblogger is correct.

Disney severed its relationship with McDonalds Happy Meal promotions because they wanted to get out of high-fat food and equate their movies in the minds of parents with high-quality fresh food.

I read about it in businessweek.

Shadow Thompson said...

Reminds me of a joke I heard once.

UH... um.... I forgot. I must not have been eating my wheaties with The current hottest sports star on the box!!!

Hope you don't loose your teeth after fixing them. I hear dentists like to do things to keep you coming back!!

Like planting little baby cavities that will grow up to be big pains of the face.

My goodness I need to get a life....

groovymom said...

Funny on so many levels! Loved the poison / Snow White comments!!!

ZealousCease said...

Yeah, I work in the produce department at our commissary, and the Military Produce Group was sending us Disney tangerines (they had cost less than the other tangerines.), but everytime we would get a few cases in, half of them would be bad. Yuck! Do you have any idea how BAD rotten tangerines smell?

Miss Scarlett said...

Wow. Advertising to mass markets reaches a new low. The link to the Little Mermaid fish snacks. Speechless.

Bethany that is too funny!

Almost as funny as your post title Jorge!

Edu said...

Yep. In Argentina I have seen those too.
But I do prefere Dharma apples!

kats said...

I was at this Disney Expo thing last month (because I... er... work for a company that makes some Disney stuff) and there was a booth with Disney bananas, which were actually regular bananas with a Disney sticker on them. That was one of the weirdest things ever.

the nobody said...

disneyland does have a farm. but i cant imagine it to be very big... it kind of backs up to the freeway.

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