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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mystery Revealed!

I've often walked by the Salt Pork in the super market. And I've looked at the package and wondered what the heck it was. The only time I had actually heard of salt pork is in that "chowder chowder" song from Carousel. (That's right the musical I ain't afraid to say it.)
Then I saw Jamie Oliver use it to add flavor to brussel sprouts so I bought some out of curiosity. What was it? What part of the pig does it come from? Well I discovered immediately that it was a hunk of pork belly. Pork belly is something I recognize because I hear it all of the time when they talk about stock trading. I always guessed it was a figure of speech used by traders. You know like bull markets. 
And pork bellies. 
And I knew it was Anthony Bourdain's favorite part of a pig... to eat. It might be yours too because this is apparently where Americans get their bacon. I find this a little bit shocking because the whole reason I know that salt pork comes from the pig's belly is because mine had a NIPPLE ON IT!
Now I don't know if you ever got an egg with blood in it. Or saw a claw in a chicken wing. Let me tell you this is a HUNDRED TIMES WORSE. 
We found it both disgusting and hilarious at the same time. So naturally, we took pictures with it.
By the way I can't agree with Bourdain.

 I much prefer snout.
 Just kidding. Enjoy your BLTs.


Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

hooray for bacon flavored nipples!

Lucas Castro said...

kkkkkk...very cool!


-JoséLucasCástro - Brazil

pj said...

Makes me glad I keep kosher. Ew. BTW Jorge, you've seen salt pork mentioned somewhere else if you've seen Lord of the Rings, and I know you have: It was even in your pal Dom's scene -- where Merry and Pippin enjoy their victory feast after the destruction of Isengard, Pippin remarks, "The salt pork is particularly good." to which Gimli replies, "Salt pork?" Mmmm...

redelf said...

Okay, I am offically adding pig belly to the list of things I could have lived my whole life without knowing about.

oh pook said...

OMG!~ Jorge

Reading your blog is something I do regularly, and I think this might be the first time I've literally Laughed Out Loud!!! You two are a riot!

btw, this comes from a St. Louisan (we BBQ these things called "pork steaks"... they come from the butt)

bertas said...

Hm I have eaten raw bacon when I was little and didnt even have teeth at the time :) Chew on that :P
But I'm curious where did you see Jamie use it for brussels sprouts? Nothing can make them more tasty ew...

twisby said...

oh my GOD!

once i worked at a japanese restaurant, and because i was the only white person there, they were constantly trying to make me eat foods that would horrify me... they didn't succeed until they fed me a soup that was full of whole tuna eyeballs. imagine a soup that's staring at you-- maybe it'd make a good appetizer next time you eat pork nipple?

Z said...

This post is awesome. I'm a firm believer in that if you eat meat, you should accept the fact you're eating a dead animal. And such fabulous illustrations!

jen said...

That is... disturbing. And yet... not enough to put me off of bacon. ;D No force in this world, I tells ya...

Magic & Goofy said...


Love your blog, but this is...

eeewwww! LOL

Hi From Seattle!

Erica said...

That is one of the most horrifying things I've ever seen!!

James Hernandez said...


If you want to discover something really gross, try walking into a pig barn. I did when helping my father and lets just say I had my eyes opened. But then again, Chicharones are awesome - my grandmother made them. Just don't "pig out" - sorry for the poor pun dude!

Liz said...

oh lordy. i read this WHILE eating a BLT.

Desmond said...

Hmmm, bon appetit :D

Is it sync'd yet? said...

Am I the only one that really wanted that nipple to be pierced?!


Plumeria Web Design said...

Ewww....so gross!

Hoku said...

OMG it was bad enough seeing the pig nipple, but the look on your face in the next photo sent me out of my chair to grab a tissue! Yes I was laughing so hard I had tears pouring down my face! My stomach sore now....

Keep it up! I love your blog!

JT said...

Dude, I just spit out bacon bits all over my work computer. You got me while I was eating a heavely dressed salad.

Apex Zombie said...

Deep fried pork nipple is a delicacy over here. Deep fry them in some peanut oil, and when they come out, sprinkle them with a mix of salt and smoked paprika. Mmm mmmmm. Delish.

totally joking btw

CP said...

I agree with Magic & Goofy- eeewww!

Honeybell said...

'hooray for bacon flavored nipples!'

Bethany Leigh Shady has me laughing too hard to say anything.

Larkin said...

This entry made me laugh. I don't like my food to have nipples.

Just Julie said...

OH HAHAHAHAHAHA! That nipple shot is GREAT!

My friend just pointed out your blog today, and I'm so excited! You rock Jorge!

I blogged about you :)


jeg118 said...

ok, i just threw up in my mouth

p.s jorge, take a "peek" <-- (nipple reference, eww) at ma blog

kornikabrosalvaje said...


Unknown said...

Oh these pictures are hilarious!!!!
I have never heard of such a "treat" LOL

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

O....M....G. I can't remember being more horrified in recent times. Except when Anthony Bourdain ate raw seal flesh on the floor of some family's house, blood all over the place like some massacre had just occurred.

But... oh, my... there was a nipple attached. This may beat out bloody, raw seal carcass.

This is why I don't eat meat. ;)

Seriously... so gross.

maven said...

EEEWWWW...totally gross and soooo funny!

Tiki Chris said...

Pork flavoured titties? Wow.

Anonymous said...

I prefer my pork belly nipple free, thanks!

Nasty, but Andrew Zimmern has eaten worse! Nothing like watching him eat whole guinea pigs when you have 2 for pets :-(

Topanga said...


Unknown said...


I usually don't comment, but felt this post was worthy of such an event.

You're now in an elite club--how many people can say they've had a pig's nipple in their mouth???

On second thought, how many people would want to say that....

Thanks for the hilarious post. I need to go check my salt pork for nipples now...

Ack said...

I am DYING over here!!!

HAHAHA *barfs*

Bianca said...

i can just see someone's granny googling "pork, Jamie Oliver, recipe" and ending up looking at your pig nipples! Hilarious AND disturbing...

Flá Romani... said...



Avinash said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Avinash said...

I guess you and Rosie O'Donnell's lesbian partner have something in common. You've both had a bit of pig nipple in your mouthes.

Capcom said...

I think that you should rename this blog, "Hurley's Believe It Or Not!" :o)

drgonzoswife said...

Reason #347 why I am going vegetarian. LMAO.

Unknown said...

I had a nightmare last night involving you biting that pig nipple, like in your picture.

No lie.

It was really scary and don't ever do it again. ):

Kris said...

I always thought salted pork was like beef jerky. Now I know better.

Sue Wacvet said...

Bellies don't have nipples. Chests have nipples. So this is proof-positive that pigs have chests.

Sue Wacvet said...

Wow! I was comment #42. That's my favorite number in the world!! (And one of the Lost numbers.)

sneakydave said...

Pork nipple. That was one of the most foul pictures I've ever seen! Fully justifies my decision to go Veggie a couple of months back! WAS kinda funny though!

mamba said...

fourth photo is very...erotic!


kats said...

I come to México for work all the time ("come" because I'm writing from taco country) and once they offered me something cald chincharrón. It looked like stirofoam and tasted like bacon flavored chips, so I ate a bunch. Until I found out that they are actually made of fried pork belly. GROSS!

(forgive my mispellings, I'm Brazilian and both my English and my Spanish kinf od suck...)

Becky said...

Oh that was just great! I have tears, Jorge! Ah- you're a bourdain fan as well? I must point out, that I don't think his idea of pork belly is salt pork! Salt pork is good for flavoring greens- like collards!

Unknown said...

pork belly and pork shoulder (also called "Boston butt" or just "pork butt") are my favorite pig cuts. delicious and very flavorful if you cook them right.

if you're ever in Manhattan's East Village, check out Momofuku Noodle Bar on First Ave. Chef David Chang and his crew do wonders with pork. This recipe is pretty easy to try at home:


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