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Monday, March 17, 2008


I have played a few video games in my day. And I do enjoy the scary ones. But nothing in "The Suffering" or "Doom III" has scared me more than Hurley from "Via Domus."
The best part was running into the engine and it blowing up. (But it's a shame it didn't suck me in before it exploded.)


Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

WOW! That's unreal. What's it like to be a video game character?

So, are you gonna give us an honest review of the game? ;) I might get it for the PC.

jcnemecek said...

Ha! I'm in the middle of this game right now.

I'm curious what you think about the voice acting in the game...

Ali said...

someone told me not to buy it if I'm a fan of the show at all, and that's it's fairly disappointing since they only used the cast for the trailer. are they wrong about how bad it is?

Chris said...

That has to be completely surreal... ha!

oh pook said...

That makes you look frightening!

You should have had it as a link with a warning for sensitive viewers to not click *sticktongueoutguy*

Desmond said...
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Desmond said...

I found all the characters well in true :P .

Another nice drawing of you, it's old but always good ^^'

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

HAHA, how nice ! I'd like to be a video game character :P

ps: and your videogame version is not that bad, only the hair, that looks very weird ! hahahaha


Ugo Strange said...
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Bethany James Leigh Shady said...
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sirenavarada said...

hola... no se porque a veces soy incredula si encuentro algun blog de un artista... siento que no es el, pero imaginandome que en verdad eres tu, te quiero felicitar y decirte que me encanta la serie y el personaje que haces en lost...

aparte se ve que en verdad eres una excelente persona...

mil besos olga

maven said...

I just finished playing the game on PS3, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! There were no big reveals to the show, but it definitely had that LOST-y look and feel.

I must say, most of the characters essence were captured in the game, including Hurley. But it must be so weird to see yourself in a video game! And your character was very helpful to Elliot!

Amy said...

That's a bit creepy, but pretty cool to be a video game character!

have you seen the youtube "commercial" for lost addicts?

redelf said...

OoOoOoOooOOoO that brings up that whole question of which one is the real you?

lol I would not be happy to run into myself in a video game...weird.

chefmom said...

HOw cool to see yourself on a video game! But, the only similarity is the hair! It's like they shrunk your facial features! You are WAY better looking then that!!

James Hernandez said...


Just think you are part of the cyberworld. Now no crime goes punished. So go ahead and give Claire, Juliet or Kate a pinch on the backside. :-) Just don't tell them I told you too!

ju k said...

relax, Jorge, he looks nothing like you (ok,ok, maybe a little):)

Please Type Legibly said...

Well Jorge, you know you've made it when the video game gods blow you up in an engine... ;o) Is this the part where I say congratulations? I guess? LOL Thanks for sharing...as always, I enjoyed reading.

twisby said...

AWESOME. You're a big star now-- you should get a .com and charge admission for your entertaining thoughts :)

Cefenix said...

Jorge, please email me at msdean AT windstream DOT net. Or leave a comment on my blog at http://www.cefenix.blogspot.com Would really like to ask you a question. Thanks very much.

FanDad and Lostfan Kiddo.

djflood said...

Now as soon as you are a character on The Simpsons, you will have truly "made it".

Ugo Strange said...

Yo, awesome ! I might pick up Via Domus. Looks good. Hey, I hate to sound like I'm beggin' and all that dude, but I'm wondering if you can help me working something out for a podcast of mine. Just askin'.

You can check it out @

It isn't Lost oriented but *shrugs* I don't know. Take it easy dude.

bertas said...

Hm thats a bit freakish looking if I might say so :)
Although I wouldnt mind giving it a go... so really Jorge will you give us a review or what? :)

Pruna said...

Que lástima no saber inglés.

Te sigo y me río un montón con tu personaje, que a veces es también muy tierno.

Un saludo desde España

EFFEnberg said...

Hello man,

You're the best, dude. I'm following you since the first Lost's episode. I'm spanish and I'm living in Barcelona. I hope that you will have too much luck in all things of your life.
Sorry for my english, Jorge.
Cuídate muchacho, and a lot of thanks for Lost.

Sign: Fernando, para servirle, amigo ;)

JT said...

Jorge, you are seriously a hero of mine bro. Keep enjoying what life gives you and I'm looking forward to the second part of this season

ROSA said...

I passed the game in four hours! It's a fraud of Microsoft!
Jorge... be serious, man!

Me said...

LOL, Jorge.

That must be VERY surreal to see your image on a video game.

Anonymous said...

video game Hurley looks a little pinched...

Bo Wisneski said...

I did the same thing with the engine and was really disappointed I couldn't get sucked in.

Gwen said...

Hey, at least you got the coolest looking action figure!

Anonymous said...

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