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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Look at this

See how comfortable she looks? You would never guess that she pooped on this blanket not two months ago.


Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

i still wonder if it was me she was showing her disdain for or the beatles

Amie R. said...

You have a Beatles blanket! that's awesome. XD

maven said...

Love the tongue!

christa said...

come on jorge. they lick their butts, like they mind sleeping in poo.

ps: welcome back!

Anonymous said...

she looks all tuckered out, with her little tongue sticking out :-)

oh pook said...

Ha ha ha!!! I'm such a dork! I couldn't tell that was a Beatles blanket. I just thought the sunshine was a weird shape!

Welcome back, Jorge. You entertain my whole family!

How are those seedlings?

redelf said...

lol AWWWW!!!!

My puppy use to poo in his kennel...and now runs in there when I say go to bed. Dogs are weird.

chefmom said...

I love the little tongue sticking out!!

Please Type Legibly said...

The tongue is cute, but the ears do it for me.....she's growing up fast, Jorge - very cute pic.

Boomer and his mom Carol said...

I like his tongue sticking out.

elainemarieg said...

You have a cute baby! Glad you're back!

Honeybell said...

She's so sweet!

the girl with pointy sticks said...

Clearly the little beastie is up to something.

Isabel said...

Please tell me she at least pooped on Ringo and not Paul.

Topanga said...

At least she didn't eat it!

She didn't, did she? Because our old dog use to do that.

Topanga said...

Wait a minute! Is that Paul McCartney? Did she poop on Paul??

James Hernandez said...


That’s awesome! It reminds me of my German Sheppard when I was a teenager. She used to crawl up on a couch and sleep with her paws up in the air. I used to push her off, but one day she started to growl menacingly when I approached. Strange how it became her couch and not mine.

Irishcoda said...

Aw she's just so wuffable you can't be mad at her right?

Britt said...

My one-year-old son has the same unconditional love for the things he's pooped on (i.e. me).

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...

As long as she doesn't poop on you...

Colleen Oakes said...

I love the tongue...dogs are so great that way.

boarexpert said...

Well hopefully you cleaned it since then so all is dandy?! ;D I wonder (assuming they're all on there) whether she chose a particular Beatle on which to make her mark?!

Gamejohn64 said...

Hello Jorge García,

In Spanish / Chileno:

Hola, soy Chileno, se que eres de padre chileno, quisas sepas hablar español, o algo... bueno, te dejo mis saludos y acá de cuando saliste en Lost como Chileno, el orgullo crecio en TV, de que una serie gringa nos tomara en cuenta, hasta incluso salio un comercial de una cerveza con esto del chileno en Lost.

bueno saludos desde Chile, IX Región, Villarrica :)

Zoom Radio said...


Saludos de3sde Chile...
Un abrazo y felicitaciones


scatterbrain said...

ahah awesome! She looks delighted!

ju k said...

very "animal planet" the two last posts:)so how's your garden?

Capcom said...

How cute!!! :-D

Hmm, I thought that animals were too smart to poop where they sleep?!

mabochda said...

aahhhh, we have a little dog like that. he has to sleep with his nose covered or either wrapped up in a blanket

●๋• Mery •●๋ Sabri ●๋• Guada •●๋ Chacho ●๋• Sauro •●๋ Pedro ●๋• said...

Jorge: you are the best!!! really!!! I met you in Lost, and I really like your work as Hurley...sorry for my english but I´m from argentina...
kisses!!!! and best wishes for you!


Mery...(from buenos aires Argentina)

Miss Scarlett said...

Super cute little pup!

And they say they have super noses...

Anonymous said...

Saw you next to our studio in Burbank early last week, rather unexpected. Things sound rather well with you, its great you're down to earth with fan-crazy Losties as well as with yourself.

Some people will always think they're above everybody else. Keep up the great work.

bertas said...

Oh that dog is just adorable... :)

jen said...

Cutest. Picture. Ever.

Although man, poo'ing on McCartney? That's just wrong.

Macarena Concha A. said...

hola, vivo en Chile y me encanta la serie. Saludos!

Lissa101 said...


I hope you had a nice day back today.

Have a great week!

crushed_pink said...

Hey. You rock. That litty doggie is so cute!! BTW, your root beer and butter hamburger experience looked fun:)

Tiffany Noélli said...

Oi Jorgeeeeeeee! Sua cachorrinha é super linda e fofa... Deixa seu blog ainda mais alegre! Beijossssssssssss =)

Max Coronel said...

That´s some ugly (but cute) little dog!

Unknown said...

LOL I think that has to be the cutest state of a dog or cat, when they are sleeping with their tongues sticking out! CUTE!

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