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Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Least Favorite Bread in Moloka'i

On our hike to "Phallic Rock" (I'll save that story for later) I met a local woman who told us we had to try two things before we left Moloka'i:
We had to drink a "Mocha Mama" (check)
And try Moloka'i Bread.  
Moloka'i Bread I believed refered to the sweet bread from Kanemitsu's Bakery. 
(Later I heard about a thing they call "Molokai Hot Bread" which is also at the bakery and may have been what she meant.)
We drove to Kaunakakai and went into the bakery. There were tons of blue bags of bread on the counter. All of which had names on them. These were pre-orders. I got the feeling that coming here on Easter may have been a mistake. But what could we do? We were going home today. 
But I didn't know how heart-breaking it would be to be standing behind the person who got the LAST LOAF OF SWEET BREAD! 

I was in shock. 

I just had to leave. Getting anything other than the bread I had my heart set on would be "chasing." 
So we decided to drive as far away as we could. It would have been so much easier if they had run out an hour ago. Even fifteen minutes ago. But the lady in front of us? I started running through everything that slowed me down that day by just a minute. "Maybe if I didn't make that U-turn to park..." 

So we ended up driving all the way to Halawa Valley. Which was spectacular and got our minds off of things. 
Well what really got our minds off of it was fearing for our lives. The road to Halawa is quite precarious and becomes only one lane at the scariest parts. But then it was time to head back to the airport to make our flight. (Or so we thought, little did we know that our flight was going to be delayed for over an hour.) 
We passed through Kaunakakai one last time and we just HAD to try something from that bakery. So my girlfriend went in and bought the last bag of bread they had. 
This bag, it was sandwich rolls basically, was the last item in the whole bakery. The "lemon filled" in the Kanemitsu "donut box." And well...
Look I'm not going to review a bakery based on their hot dog buns. And now that I know they serve it hot at night, I guess I'm going have to plan another trip. 


Avinash said...

Maybe if you didn't write the blog about the apples then you would have done everything earlier yesterday and then gone to sleep earlier and then woken up earlier and then heard about the bread earlier and then have got to the shop earlier?


elainemarieg said...

You are a very interesting person Jorge. I mean it.

www.kate06.skyblog.com said...

Hey Jorge!

Wow the view is just beautiful!
It's a shame for the bread =S
You should come in Alsace, France, where I live they do very good bread! Like the French Baguette or specialities of my area ( like the Kougelhopf which is an Alsacien dessert, I can tell you it's delicious!)

Bye, Eva

Honeybell said...

You get me going with "Phallic Rock" and then withhold the goods? What's with that? Halawa Valley though? Gorgeous. So I forgive you.

Michelle said...

Hey Jorge,
I serve it up hot at night too. ;)

Topanga said...

There's a Mennonite bakery in here in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia that has the world's best baked goods. I wish I didn't live 3 hours away from it.

Beautiful valley. I can't wait to hear about Phallic Rock. Did you get to sit on it? Pictures please!!

groovymom said...

At least you'll always have that amazing view to remember. Hopefully the taste of poor-substitute-hot dog buns will fade!

Miss M said...

I spent ten days at Pu'u o'Hoku on Molokai. It's an amazing place. can't wait to read about your trip to Phallic Rock. I'm willing to bet it involves everyone turning into giggling teenagers. And you do know about the sea monster at the bottom of the Halawa falls right?

Kathi said...

Halawa Valley is absolutely breathtaking- thanks for sharing the photo! I really do have to start saving up my pennies so I can visit Hawaii one day...sigh.

On the subject of bread though; nothing beats the taste of warm salt-rising bread from upstate NY. Yum!

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

i still think we should have offerred that guy in the airport 40 bucks for one of his loaves.

Gevalher said...

JORGE you rock!

I'm happy to discover your blog. I will be coming back often.

Greetings from La Paz, Bolivia

(One inconditional LOST fan!)

James Hernandez said...


The photo of the Halawa valley was spectacular. Sorry you missed out on the pan dulce!

sassa1971 said...

Hello Jorge,

I could not believe I would ever find a blog of you here, but I guess I am lucky. I am a fun of Lost and especially of the character you play.
I think you are very cool and I really like your style.
Wish there was a way to meet with you someday. Whenever you feel like visiting Greece let me know.
Also I enjoy reading your personal stories and I am looking forward to seeing the next episode of Lost.

Stay cool Dude:-)


Ack said...

It's like Jerry Seinfeld's Marble Rye!!

I'm glad you had a gorgeous view despite the lack of gorgeous bread. I'm in New Jersey, where it is rainy and cold, and when I can't get the baked goods I'm after I have some nice industrial power plants to look at.

Shadow Thompson said...

spectacular view!!! does it come with a beer and a bowl of chili too?

Jenny said...

Hey Jorge, I randomly came across your blog. I was just reading along and then realized you were Hurley from Lost. I just wanted to say I've been watching since Season 1 and your one of my favorite characters.

I saw you were finally able to experience winter in Wisconsin. I live in Columbus which is just about a hour northwest of Milwaukee. I've always lived in Wisconsin so I guess I take the snow for granted, but it was fun reading about your experience. I'm glad you had a good time!

maven said...

That pic of the Halawa Valley is awesome!

Maybe being behind the person who bought the last load of bread can be coincidence or fate. I guess you can't "course correct"! LOL

redelf said...

Fate, Bread and Easter?

jen said...

"Well what really got our minds off of it was fearing for our lives."

That was awesome. ;D

ROSA said...

Sorry, sorry, i've not been reading you for a some weeks... work-travels...
Now, i'm here again!
And i have to say that "I love this apple bags!!"... here, in Catalunya, there are no bags like there!!

Shiro said...

Wooow! The Halawa Valley looks like a giant vagina!

moc815 said...

There is this brand of Hawaiian Sweet Bread called Kings.


Maybe it will do?

Miss Scarlett said...

The view is amazing.

And....I'm glad Shiro said it and not me!

Sonia said...

yeah... when I had the sweet bread on the big island I experienced one of my biggest culinary orgasms in my young life! oh it was sublime!

Sorry you didn't get any sweet bread this time BUT at least you got to see that GORGEOUS valley! HOLY COW that is beautiful!

beachHIgal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
beachHIgal said...

i'm so excited for the season finale of LOST tomorrow night!! i'm a BIG fan!!
sorry that you missed out on the molokai hot bread. i went last summer and the 11 pm hot bread run was something to remember. you should definitely go back for the experience...the bread is yummy too!
here are some pix of the bakery to give you an idea of the fun (not spam, i promise!!):

Suzy said...

Yeah, too bad you didn't hit the bakery after 10pm. you have to walk down the back alley, and then knock on a scary back door. almost feels like a drug deal ;) you also get to choose toppings, like cream cheese, raspberry jam, cinnamon & butter. all the better to eat when its hot & fresh!

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