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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Manly Man Shows

Man do I love shows featuring men doing mean jobs. As I write this I'm watching Ax Men the latest in these shows where I see "green horns" that are a thousand time tougher than I'll ever be. (Thank goodness for showbiz.) One of the sickest loggers in this show is Jay Browning who lost his hand at the THUMB...
The show keeps threatening that someone is going to die or something. So in way it's like LOST.These men are fearless in the woods. The chop and cut with the sickest precision and they can walk across a fallen tree like it's nothing. 
I on the other hand am not so confident striding through the trees.
Yeah. Climbing up to take that picture was the easy part.
Not depicted was me crouching down on my hands and knees to get down. 

Deadliest Catch comes back in about two weeks. It's the original and still my favorite. I've already set my DVR to record the reruns that are going to be leading me up to the premiere. 

And man when is Ice Road Truckers coming back?!


Steve said...

Yeah, he's pretty tough. I couldn't run a chainsaw w/ one hand and a claw.

Can't wait for Deadliest Catch, saw the commercial for it the other day, always enjoyable.

I need to catch s1 of ice road truckers, never watched it but heard really good things about it.

Jinx said...

Survivorman FTW!

Please Type Legibly said...

Geez, I'm missing "Ax Men" already? Shows how much TV I've been watching lately. I do love "Deadliest Catch", "Man vs. Wild" and "Survivorman", though.

Your "Ax Men" story reminds me of my great-grandmother, who lost the top of three fingers in a corn husking machine and still managed to do some of the loveliest embroidery and quilting I've ever seen. Tough? You betcha. In a "Steel Magnolias" kind of way.

KEQW said...

I've read that the new season of "Ice Road Truckers" begins on Tuesday, April 3rd. I can't wait!!

TheUnity (Siv) said...

Hehe, wow!

The rock is amazingly shaped! =P

And what can I say, I love those manly type shows too! Hehe, haven't heard of Ax Men but Deadliest Catch is amazing!

Anyway, theres a new show out here in England, it was made in America. Heard of Storm Chasers? You gotta watch it, it's amazing!

twisby said...

"So it's sort of like LOST"

... hahahahahahaha. Remember when they threatened someone would die, and showed pictures of Jin and Sawyer and Claire, and then it was just stupid Karl? We were all, "ABC, you dramatic little bitch-- and listen, taking three tylenol and scratching yourself with a plastic knife isn't going to make us feel sorry for you this time," and then we had to wait 6 weeks for a new episode. Remember?

Miss Scarlett said...

Thank goodness for Steve's comment - I was trying to understand how you lose your hand at the thumb...

Deadliest Catch stresses me out and all I'm really thinking is, if people just stopped fishing we probably have enough tinned tuna to go for a few decades the world over. Have you ever seen those aisles in Costco? And then those guys could just go home.

The whole point of the show whizzes right past me. And I can't watch Ax Men because I hate loggers. It's irrational but true.

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

i still can't believe it took eight hours to convince you to finally jump down. i can't believe you held your pee for that long.

Heather (a.k.a. Bella) said...


I love to hike, and once my boyfriend and I hiked up to a water fall in Olympic National Park. The hike up was OK, but going down, the trail was narrow, slippery and super steep. I tripped and fell, and the only thing keeping me from falling over the edge was that my 6'4" boyfriend grabbed me and pulled me back ontop of him.


Topanga said...

This is how Ax Men in Nova Scotia deal with trees. No need for unnecessary cutting tools here. We just knock trees over with our amazing Canadian savate!

James Hernandez said...


Your comments almost brought tears to my eyes, almost! Oh yes who is afraid of death? I love being Canadian, hate living in Tally where there is no snow to challenge my driving skills (read: I'm blind as a bat so in snowy conditions I drive wonderfully).

Shiro said...

That place is look more like the forest of Blair Witch proyect XD

Honeybell said...

Yay! You know I've been waiting with baited breath for the phallus.

I love Deadliest Catch . . . and I have to mention my undying love and adoration for the narrator, Mike Rowe. He also hosts Dirty Jobs, another favorite. (just don't tell Mr. Honeybell about the love/adoring part, ok?)

StarbucksIsMyCrack said...

"Ax Men" is awesome. Can be gruesome at times lol but that's cool. Can't wait for "Deadliest Catch" to start back up though, it's definitely my favorite among "Ice Road Truckers", "Lobster Men", and "Ax Men".

By the way, here's a hilarious blog you should check out: www.midgetmanofsteel.blogspot.com

I laughed til' I damn near pissed myself lol.

Anonymous said...

Ice Road Truckers is one of my faves for sure! I will have to check out Ax Men

Kris said...

Isn't the Discovery Channel awesome? I love Dirty Jobs and When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth.

redelf said...

WOOT!!! Deadly Catch!! I love that show!!

Have you seen Living with the Mek? I love that one too. I could never run around in the jungles without a bra. lol

Dirtiest Jobs is pretty good too.

Z said...

Deadliest Catch is hardcore. Sucks you can't really bet on the outcome anymore now that it's based on quotas.

Jess said...

All of those shows are pretty much amazing. I am so about the Ax men. I love his hardcore, like, mechanical hand.

Karen said...

I <3 ice road truckers...Alex is def my fav..hopefully he'll be back. I love how he laughs at his own jokes!

Radioactive Tori said...

Ice Road truckers was my favorite! My son watched it with us and always hoped he'd see them fall in. He's only 4, so he has time to get the hang of empathy and not wishing bad things to happen to other people, right?

Geoff Gentry (aka xforce11) said...

Watching old eps of Deadliest Catch on Disc. I like Ax Men too. I would bet on June for Ice Road Truckers

Unknown said...

My husband loves Ice Road Truckers. Oh, the drama... But my great-grandfather was a logger. He lost his legs up in northern Wisconsin.

Sonia said...

Oh man! I love Ice road truckers!! alex was my favorite!! love his laugh ! :) I can't wait for the new season to begin! Maybe this season Hugh will get his ass kicked! TEAM ALEX! hahaha

Becky said...

Oh my gosh- are all men the same? MY hubby is obsessed with the same shows!


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