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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy St. Pat's

I (obviously) wanted to write this yesterday, but I fell asleep on the couch. Which consequently, is why I'm awake at 5am on a day off. Hope you all had a fun and safe day/weekend/both depending on when you celebrated. And I hope you broke out the Pogues and Waterboys cds or MP3s to give them another spin. I had me the standard St. Patrick's Day lunch:
I discovered something fishy by the way. See this bottle of Guinness Extra Stout? 
Notice that on the neck it says, "Imported?" Now notice along the bottom of the label it says, "St. James Gate Dublin?" That's in Ireland right? So we're supposed to assume this came from Ireland. But if you read the fine print, you'll discover that it's actually imported from CANADA. 
They aren't making any claims that are untrue. It is imported. And they can really put any place names on the label. There are no words like "from" on the front so no one is technically lying here.

Not only that but I also discovered my "picante sauce" came from New York City. NEW YORK!


Erica said...

Top o' the mornin' to you!

(note: are you aware that the proper response to this is "and the rest of the dayto you"?)

Guinness label makers are a tricky bunch, indeed.

danesparza said...


Git a rope ...

Danny said...


guinness hasnt been brewed locally in ireland since the 30's, when the guinness brand reloacted to london. after a merger with an exporter, they've changed their name to diageo, who kills many of the originally irish hopes and dreams of a local alcoholic driven economy.

ah, well.

cheers from VA


James Hernandez said...


I just want to let you know that we Canadians are very conversant, when sober, with beer. So we act as the importer for many fine foreign beers. Heck I will even suggest that if you check you script on LOST it might even say Made in Canada! :-0

Unknown said...

^ Danny you are extremely wrong,
Guinness is indeed still brewed here in the emerald isle,
Bobby IN Ireland

ps that look like a bad head on that pint Jorge, Buy can, those bottles are for the old timers, the cans have a special built in widget that explodes when opened and releasing the perfect head and the perfect pint !! trust me I've had many !!

Unknown said...

also sorry, guinness extra is mostly brewed for the south Africans, they love it, its stronger and heavier then the normal guinness draught or my favourite draught cans...yummy!!

redelf said...

We had a quiet St.Pat's Day. My family is Irish and so we did the typical Irish thing. lol Expect I was drink Kahula!

Just be glad it was Canada and not China!

oh pook said...

I did indeed take a walk on "the sunnyside of the street"
but did not force cabbage on my hybrid children *sticktongueoutguy*

Had a Smithwick's (which I heard was bought out by Guiness)... sad

Please Type Legibly said...

Happy (belated) St. Patty's Day back at ya, Jorge!

I never noticed the "Canada" on the Guiness bottle - and I like Guiness, though my guy says girls aren't supposed to (did anyone else know about this rule?) LOL

Bethany James Leigh Shady said...

which is exactly why we need to take a trip to ireland this summer so you can taste authentic guinness while gazing at dublin from above!

Hoku said...

I had to work all night so no pints, sob! I did, however, have a plate much like yours. So must have one of my coworkers, since there were loud noises and smells wafting my way all night! I was fighting back with Febreeze and used most of the can! LMAO

Matthew said...


You missed quite a St Pattys Day show in NYC this weekend. I saw the Pogues play Roseland on Sunday.Only 3 songs in before Shane took a stage dive into the band nad had to be helped up. Played many of the favorites. I believe I saw you a year or two ago at the show in NYC. Check out www.skapunkphotos.com for the photos from the show.

Good luck the rest of the way on the show.


sawyerrules said...

Hello Jorge, I'm a Sawyer's fan and Lost's too and I'm a bit worried cause this season I'm getting bored with the show, maybe cause the last three episodes Sawyer wasn't in it :) maybe cause the plot is getting so complicated and dark, no much of the answers, more new caracters (I don't like them) Give us a hope of a better Lost in the future,please.

Sorry if my english is not very good. Good luck!

Larkin said...

That's very upsetting about the Guinness. And like you said, the worst part is that nobody was actually lying, just deceiving.

asterion said...

Hola Jorge, sabes español? espero que si. Te cuento que por Lima-Peru tu personaje en Lost es de los mas queridos. Saludos!!!

1970s Abraham Lincoln said...

Dude, I have no idea what's on that plate. It concerns me, to say the least.

Avinash said...

Happy St Pat's mate!! To tell the truth I'm pretty drizzzzzunk right now!!! Guiness in Ireland is heaven, mate, I swear!!!
Definitely have it over there - it'[s bloody BRIIIILLIANT

Lucas Castro said...

Oh MY God!!!Perfect Post Jorge!!!

See you...I want to know you !!!

...My english is very bad..I'm from Brazil...The country underdeveloped !!! haushaushaus

kornikabrosalvaje said...

Hello Jorge , I´m Spanish, and my english is a shit, but I´m very Happy for read your posts, i admire your work, continue doing that friend Hello from Spain

ju k said...

i know what you mean. the best cashew nuts here in brazil are imported. not that they're grown abroad, they are grown here, exported somewhere over the rainbow, repacked in a fancy way, and exported again to the very place where they were first produced!!!!they arrive here ridiculously expensive, after having wasted a lot of resources...I usually eat the not-so-great nuts, which are kept here because they are not considered good enough to take a round-trip...yeah, most of the times the world doesn't make any sense. What's next? polar bears in a tropical island? ;P

elainemarieg said...

Corned beef and cabbage - yum! My mom taught me to make the best clove syrupy glaze to pour over it all.

bertas said...

Hm I love me some Guinness...but it has to be said it never tasted quite as good as in Dublin... my friend dragged me to his local, after the Wales - Ireland game and to this day it was one of the most fun night I had in ages... :)
I did manage to get 5 lads to take their shirt off much to the amusement of the locals in the pub, but that was towards the end of the evening :) These Irish people, up for anything :)

Dave Sylvester said...

Aye, Top O' Mañana to ya!

BenSpark said...

There is nothing like the Guinness from Ireland itself. I went there in 2001 and can still remember the taste. Although now when I have Guinness here well, I can still remember the taste. Makes me wish I had taken the blue pill.

I just discovered your blog, added it to my feed reader, you write some pretty funny stuff man. And also really love your work on Lost.

If you ever get bored please drop by my blog at benspark.com

Anonymous said...

that reminds me of the "irish" butter I gave samples of last week (I work in Costco giving samples LOL) If you look at the fine print it clearly is from the United States. Deceptive basards LOL

What was worse was having to hear that "happy cows come from California" and that "I only buy California cheese/milk/butter!" all day long!

emilyo said...

What the... I'm from Canada and we pay "premium import" price for Guinness. I'm a bit upset by that now. Of course, we also pay a premium price for Alexander Keith's which IS a Canadian beer... I don't get it.

Jen said...

Just dropping by to say SHANE MCGOWAN


Miss Scarlett said...

New York City?!?

D S said...

seriously, go with the vegetables man. That plate of sloppy meat makes me ill, seriously.

Nicole said...

Yeah I'm from Ireland... Guinness in a can/bottle is not Guinness!

And whoever said Guinness hasn't been "brewed in Ireland since the 30's"....... uhhh yes, it has. And still is.

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